Who’s the Best?

There seems to be some consensus that ultra ball hog Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA.
There also seems to be some sort of consensus that LeBron James, should he wind up on a team where he isn’t the only person able to score, is a lock to win at least one NBA championship trophy, maybe a string of them.

So, the question comes: Which of these freakishly tall, amazingly athletic black men is the best basketball player?

They have All-Star week 3-point shooting contests.
They have a dunk contest.
They have fan voting for who gets to play.

Why is there no 1-on-1 competition?
Score gets the ball, game to 11, call your own fouls, win by two.
Old school.
Let’s settle this shit!
Or is Kobe scared of gettin’ stomped like a red-headed white boy?


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know shit about any of these current NBA punks other than most of them would be in jail if they couldn’t play basketball.

    What I do know is that I’m hung like Wilt Chamberlain and am trying my best to beat his “scoring” record.

    • “Found dead in an alley with his cock out and a coin changer attached to his belt,” is no way to start an obituary.

  2. God dammit!

    I can’t believe this clown had a prime-time press conference to tell the world who he would bounce basketballs for. I think TSN covered it live for a whole fucking hour!

    Whup-de-fucking do! A free agent signing of a basketball players doesn’t merit an hour of coverage on the NBA channel, never mind all the stupid speculating the entire media has been doing.

    “Oh, who is he gonna sign with? Imagine New York. Oh, I just wet myself thinking he was going to sign with (fill in the name of pant wetter’s local team here)!”

    Jesus, even Jon Stewart prattled on about it with a guest.

    Free agency helped ruin sports for me. Give me the old days where a team owned your fucking ass and you were just happy to be playing a game for a living.

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