Huffington Post

Some good politics here and there.
Good outweighed by Jenny Vaccine and Deepak Ignorance.

But now they have gone TOO far.
NOW they cut my comments when I say anything less than fawning about the content presented by the author, or the editorial principles demonstrated by the censors.

Fuck YOU, Arianna, you vapid bitch with too much money, too many powerful rimjob friends and nothing substantial or insightful to say.
Stuff your Discovery Institute Chopra up your ass right next to your don’t dare criticize.

17 Responses

  1. It seems the left is ALWAYS the biggest opponents of Free Speech.

    Tell Ariana, you know that blood boiling feeling you get when people say things you don’t agree with, that’s free speech you euro-trash “journalist”. Her site is more TMZ than Wall Street journal anyway.

    A place for “group-thinkers” to get together and pat each other on the back with “Blah,blah,blah Republicans are bad!” No intellectual discussion what so ever.

    • Intellectual discussion?
      Wall Street Journal?

      Republicans ARE bad.

    • Well, not that I look very often, but I have noticed that TMZ (and I’ m actually sorry that I know what TMZ is) comparison is not that far off the mark. I see a lot of entertainment and assorted bullshit that doesn’t belong in a serious news publication at the Huffington Post.

      Aside from that, you are a fucktard.

      Honest, intellectual, discussion is about as rare as a man with 7 dicks. Most of the media is full of celebrity bullshit and corporate infomercials. Intellectual discussion does not generate ratings or sell ad-space, so it’s done as little as humanly possible.

      Left or Right, what little serious discussion you find these days is almost all “pat yourself on the back” and preaching to the choir. The Internet has clinched that. It has allowed people to flock to the like minded and leave “balance” in the dust. (reason and facts as well)

  2. Isn’t it fun to watch the “New Media” turn into the same old media that declares what can and can’t be broadcast on it…or even who can see it? (See: my ongoing bitching about Internet geo-blocking)

    Shit, I got “suspended” from posting on the CBC website a while back just because I mentioned in a line in my profile designated for “Favourite CBC Program” that they cancelled the only two programs (outside of the current affairs department) that were remotely worth watching. On the exact same day, people were writing in the forums that Palestinians should be rounded up and sent to gas chambers, but I can’t criticize the CBC in my profile (that nobody but me will ever read) for cranking out shit.

    As for fucking Ariana Huffington, I’ll volunteer. Nowhere near as hot as 10 years ago, but I’d still hit that Gabor sister wannabee. Yeah, it’s mostly the accent.

    • …I mentioned in a line in my profile designated for “Favourite CBC Program” that they canceled the only two programs (outside of the current affairs department) that were remotely worth watching…

      I KNOW you, motherfucker.

      Beachcombers and The Littlest Hobo.


      The Friendly Giant…

      Mr. fucking Dressup…
      …and Wok with Yan!

      I know YOU, ya cunt.

      “You chop upa vegetable. Put in wok.”
      “You chop upa beef. Put in wok.”

      • Sorry Avi, but Wok with Yan and The Littlest Hobo (both the original 63-65 and 79-85 versions) were both CTV programs. They both still pop up quite frequently.

        But you should see the shit that the CBC has been running in the last few years. Some stupid bitch from an all Reality TV channel took over and ruined the place. It will make you wish they were running nothing but Mr Dressup and Friendly Giant re-runs in prime-time.

        Since we’re way off topic here, I might as well bring up an unforgettable Canadian classic that you, having grown up on the East Coast sometime in the 70’s, may appreciate.

        If you’re ever feeling nostalgic for retro-Canadian TV, this is a good place to start.
        But be careful, you could wind up like this….

        (Sorry, but the relevant scene only kicks in at the 6 minute mark.)

        • Jesus jumped up Christ on skis…the Waterville Gang! I fucking HATED that goddamn show. That shit pissed me off more than The Snuffalupagus situation. HOW does that fucking penguin manage to live underwater? WHY does the dolphin NEVER surface for air? Fucking stupid puppets.

          As for the Trailer Park boys…yep, I’m from NS, and to Bluenosers that show is not so much comedy as documentary.
          Looks and sounds like home. Some sort of Animal Planet reality TV flashback. Love the end of the clip – Ricky watching Littlest Hobo – two great tastes that taste great together.

  3. When I gently point out the woo in their science and nutrition columns, my comment never shows up. They’re very thin-skinned over at HuffPo.

    • No matter how you slice it, dropping critical comments is fucking pathetic.

      I understand troll control, but there ought to be some sort of sliding scale associated with one’s commentary.
      I ain’t no troll. And of you refuse objection on its face…
      How sad.

  4. I can’t stand Huff post,,,,I see Sarah Palins disgusting face more on Huffington Post then any where else, not to mention Glenn fucking Beck‘s come stab me in the jaw face,,,,She’s got it figured out though,,,,the discussion boards on those fools are in the thousands, and Palin keeps getting the attention she does NOT deserve, I really wish she’d die already, its getting old, ….but NO Huff has to have her ugly mug posted daily.

  5. Shit got stale a while ago…
    Glad I found a few good leads there, including VnV!

  6. What do you mean? The Trailer Park Boys IS a documentary.

    As for the Waterville Gang, I think it was created by the same guy who did The Littlest Hobo. I saw re-runs of the show in syndication as a kid. I was never quite sure what to think of it. But it sure stuck in my head. Especially that theme song.
    The show was so different, I just couldn’t stop watching it. Kind of like the Teletubbies, but that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

    The names and characters were great: spunky Dodger Dolphin (Billy Van), the very girly Angel Fish, Sharky Shark, elderly Pearl Van Oyster & Tucker Turtle, Eloise the francophone Seahorse, Schitzo the Crab with a split personality, Irish cop Sergeant Perch and Ace Seagull…Ace Seagull sounds like a bomber pilot, which is appropriate for a seagull.

    But then there’s that tuxedo wearing, accent toting, Randall Harrison Penguin the Third. A dolphin like Dodger can hold his breath a long time and can easily pop up for air between scenes, so that’s not a major stretch. Ace Seagull didn’t appear very often or for very long, so you never really wondered why or how he could converse with his head under water. But, you’re right, that damned aristocratic penguin walking around under water all the time is just bizarre!

    I investigated it once. My sources told me that Randall was a bit of a Howard Hughes “rich eccentric” type, in the way that he didn’t like life at surface level. Howard Hughes was worried about breathing in fumes, so he had his car converted into an electric car and put in an advanced air purifier. In the same way, Randall had an experimental breathing tank tucked into his tuxedo and the air supply ran through his goggles. That’s how he could do it. Mystery solved, Scooby Doo.

    The fact that he always walked and never swam is much stranger to me. Perhaps it was an “I’m rich so I don’t have to hurry” thing. Clearly, the penguin had mental health issues.

    But enough with the Canadian TV history, unless you’re going to make it a topic on its own. I don’t want to fall down the nostalgia rabbit hole and wind up like Ricky, sitting in his car drinking and watching The Little Hobo re-runs.

    • Fuck, that’s not where that post was supposed to go.

    • *message sent from dash-mounted iPad*

      • The day I get an iPad (iPad sounds like youth market orientated tampon, if you ask me.) is the day our entire civilization has officially descended into Hell.

        I would much rather have a dash-mounted machine gun. That would be way cooler and far more useful, too.

        • …and you were explaining how you DON’T want to wind up like Ricky?

          Bubbles: What the fuck is that on the dash, Ricky?

          Ricky: What does it fuckin’ look like, Bubs? It’s a machine gun. Gotta protect my pepperoni.

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