12. He’s 12. Andreas Varady


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  1. NO NO NONO NONONONONOOOO! No. That’s it, I’ve been playing guitar SINCE I was maybe twelve and twenty five years later I still suck compared to that kid!!!! Fuck – OFFF! yes yes I’ll always enjoy the little strumming shtick I can do, but sheesh! and the fact that he looks vaguely bored and thinking of something else (PS2?) while playing makes it WORSE! Fuck-you Cousin Avi for fucking with my day.

    • If it’s of any consolation, this kid looks like a porker in training. He will probably weigh 300lbs before hitting 20, get diabetes, and lose a couple of fingers, if not a hand, by age 30.

  2. 25 years, eh? You probably didn’t spend every waking minute thinking about music, then… Either that, or you’re just not as smart as this lil porker in training. Or maybe your practice regiment consists of strumming chords, rather than practicing scale patterns and learning that all modal scales (dorian, phrygian, mixolydian, etc.) are THE SAME FUCKING PATTERN. Just different root notes. And this kid is rockin’ successive half steps (anyone catch the little “flight of the bumble bee” feel in there?), which says to me, this kid has been trained. Most likely by a tutor hired by his parents. Note the 3000 dollar Les Paul draped around his neck… Maybe he likes it, maybe he doesn’t, who knows? Just keep in mind that young minds are like sponges, they absorb shit. It just depends on what’s around to absorb. Is it drugs? Sex? Music? I guarantee this kid is not thinking about PS2. Don’t get pissed because you suck, learn why. Look within, you must.

    • That’s ton and a half of pure speculation (most of which could have been avoided with twenty seconds of Googling), and a heaping tablespoon of music theory jammed in for…what?…an air of authority?
      Don’t get pissed because someone leaves a bit of snark of an obscure comment board, learn why you feel the need to vent your frustration and clam sauce it all up with phrygian scales. Now, Yoda…to your arcane tunings return you must.

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