Hitchens, as noted, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a recently diagnosed case of esophageal cancer. Keeping a good thought for the speedy and full recovery of VNV’s favourite contrarian, I am pleased to post the following Google Author’s Talk, featuring the man discussing his book, God is Not Great – How Religion Poisons Everything.
Hope you have the time to sit back and pay attention.


4 Responses

  1. It took cancer an agonizing 21 years to kill my atheist father. The surgeons removed it here; it reappeared there, until finally all his organs simply gave up.
    But he never showed any fear of death and never waivered in his atheism.
    I am confident Hitch will show the same degree of courage as he faces his own demise. I have seen blog posts suggesting a long struggle with cancer will give Hitchens a chance to turn to religion, presumably out of fear.
    To such people I can only observe, Fuck You.

    • Hey, even Jesus had a “Why hast thou forsaken me?” moment, so I wouldn’t worry about it even if it happens.

      • Jesus, as I refer to the imaginary Harry Potter character of the “New Testament”, was both an oratory and conceptual also-ran when standing next to my man Hitch.
        In the present face of the claimant giving viva voce testimony, my money’s on Chris. Feel free to bring Elijah and John the Baptist along for the stomping.

  2. Hey, what did Jesus ever do to deserve getting compared to Harry Potter? Hasn’t he suffered enough? Hehe.

    Just in case you (or anybody else) missed the earlier ironic-quasi-joke’s meaning, the idea was to say that even a person who was (supposedly) the son of God -and knew it- had his doubts when facing the final curtain, even though he knew there was nothing to worry about. Jesus was such a fucking pussy! Hmm…maybe the Potter comparison isn’t so far off after all.

    Anyway, even in the microscopic chance Hitch does get his brain clouded with cancer/cancer therapy drugs and finds religion, I wouldn’t give it any more stock than if Jacko Jackson was repenting for diddling kids in his dying moments because he now knows it was wrong.

    Just your average death-rattle panic. Nothing to see here.

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