Get Well, Hitch

Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer for which he will undergo a course of chemotherapy.
As a stalwart opponent of all things religious and a towering intellectual with whom all but the most prepared must tremble at the prospect of debate, Hitchens has provided a great many hours of entertainment, and elucidation of arguments I would have made myself were I far better read.
Hitch is the sort of intellectual that, even when one disagrees with him – as I most assuredly did when he flipped over to the neocons to defend the invasion of Iraq – one must admit that the arguments he marshals in support of his conclusions are far stronger and more solidly constructed than any presented by those with whom he stands.
On other subjects, from Kissinger to Mother Teresa to Pope Ratzinger, the unrestrained venom backed by unassailable facts and an utter lack of patience for fools; the complete evisceration of those who would engage in anything resembling apologetics on behalf of such scoundrels, ranks Hitch as one of our most valuable contemporary intellectuals – a journalist who is not concerned with how those who sell a story wish it to be sold; a contrarian truly worth his weight.
Get well soon, Hitch.


7 Responses

  1. I thought we was looking a little rough on his last appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher I guess the cancer could account for that.

    While I had a hard time swallowing it, he did make the best argument for the idiocy that is the Iraq War. But I think the main reason he supported the Iraq War was because he saw that too many people were starting to agree with him, and because he’s such the contrarian, he saw the chance to piss off a huge swath of people that he hadn’t yet pissed off. I don’t think the man can handle being popular. It’s just not in his DNA. I can relate.

    I remember seeing an interview between Hitch and Evan (The Twit) Solomon where Solomon smugly drove home the fact that Hitch and Kissinger’s position on Iraq where very similar. It was the humblest and pained I’d ever seen Hitch.

    Anyway, I’m praying for Hitch to get better fast.

  2. Shock! Brilliant, erudite, yet not smart enough stop giving himself esophageal cancer from smoking.

    …. I’m ALMOST tempted to ask why I have to help pay for his treatment….an interesting healthcare debate topic.

    • Because when YOU get anal cancer, we won’t look for reasons why it’s your own goddamn fault so we can deny you treatment either.

      Because we don’t want to go down that slippery slope where anyone who ate a fucking twinkie as a child is ineligible for health care.

      Because we’re fucking well better than that…and if we ain’t there’s no fucking point, is there?

      • We ain’t any better than that and there is no fucking point.

        • Well, then. Really?

        • I meant “we”, the human species as a whole, as opposed to the “we” who hang out here regularly. That “we” subset is probably “better than that”. I’m reasonably sure the host is, at least.

  3. aw don’t mind me guys, I was just in a foul mood that day- I don’t wish any kind of cancer on anyone and don’t think anyone ‘deserves it’….except maybe dick cheney and a few others…thanks for the hitchens speaking post- I look forward to seeing it

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