Beck Memorial

h/t Driftglass

There are those whose stunning ignorance and lack of anything remotely like a decent education are so dramatic – a lack of such depth and breadth that it becomes impossible for them to even begin to comprehend the deficit.
I do not know why, but it has become all too apparent that these imbeciles – a danger to themselves and others – have filled that pathetic void with unwarranted certainty that the shallow and paranoid fantasies invented in the dark empty spaces where, in a better universe, cogent thought might have gestated, are somehow an accurate assessment of reality.
Worse still, while the idiotic, spittle flecked stupidity they consider reason runs unchecked through the unhugged nightmares of their bitter childhood, seeking vengeance and justification, vast hordes of similarly frustrated morons find a degree of self-esteem and brotherhood in that mirror image of blithering, angry vacuum.
And most regrettably, there is no cure, no defense…no way to give sight to the blind who are convinced they see. Like a rabid dog, they ought be dragged out behind the barn and eliminated as the threat they are to all that is healthy and sane.


2 Responses

  1. A Beck memorial?

    Does that mean he’s dead? Excellent!!!

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