Word is Elin Nordigren will get a 750 million dollar settlement and full custody of the children in her divorce settlement with Tiger Woods on the condition that she never speak publicly about their relationship (or, one supposes, anything else related to El Tigre).

Seven hundred and fifty MILLION dollars.
Think about that. That’s like one dollar times 750,000,000.
Or, to put it in terms one can get one’s head around, that’s like $100 times 7.5 million. That’s either three or four…maybe five times the size of Rhode Island.

You can just smell the overheated calculators in the offices of Tiger’s financial advisers…figuring the amount of money he stands to earn with the remaining years of his pro golfing, plus endorsements if he can rehab his image, versus the money he won’t make if Elin decides to write a tell-all book from the perspective of the scorned supermodel who got serially fucked over by every whore between here and Sodom.
One thing is certain – that Norwegian biatch plays fucking HARD ball.
And Tiger brought all this shit on himself.
But still…750 MILLION DOLLARS!
And now she’s single.


One Response

  1. For $750 million, the deal should include a clause that allows him to fuck her whenever he wants. Fuck, 3/4 of a billion dollars. That’s almost enough money to pay for the security bill for a G20 summit!

    Prostitution is alive and well!

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