Baseball Be Bery Bery Good

In a world full of shit, lies, hatred, myopia, imbecility, greed and about 1000 other disgusting examples of how rotten humans can be most of the time, it’s refreshing to read this.


3 Responses

  1. I hate heartwarming shit. You couldn’t pay me to watch this movie – and surely it will become one.
    But this was nice. I linked it to my Facebook page.
    Of course, when this becomes a movie, political correctness will require a black team to forfeit in order to help a white team.
    And the two coaches will have to be of different sexes to permit the obligatory romance.
    Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth. Or perhaps someone else’s mouth. I’m not sure – I’ve been drinking.

    • Don’t forget the shortstop. Pregnant with her teacher’s child. AND she’s from New Orleans.

    • Yeah. After winning decisively, the Roncalli Obamas will forfeit to the Marshall Teabaggers and let them win. Just like in real life.

      And don’t forget about the product placements. Big, douche-bag, corporations will stampede to ensure the kids in the movie are seen using their products, so their corporation can be associated with a feel-good story like this.

      Fuck, the very article itself includes a donation from such a company.

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