Bull fight.

Bull wins.

I’m not posting the pics here…but you can see them if you want to by clicking this link.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


9 Responses

  1. Ouch!

    I thought it was about basketball. It isn’t.

  2. What the hell’s wrong with people who will fill a stadium to cheer the torturing to death of an animal? I don’t blame the matador; they’re well-paid and admired. No, fuck that. Successful pimps are admired within their own circles, and they’re just pimps.
    The Spanish should treat bullfighting the way most civilized countries treat dog-fighting.
    I don’t understand the appeal.
    The matador was lucky to take the horn in the center of his neck. A couple of inches to either side and he would have bled to death.

    • And, of course, the bull was killed.
      You would think, after winning by G.O. (gore out), they’d get him the same quality medical treatment that the matador received, stitch him up, and he’d get to spend the rest of his days fucking cows while wearing that stupid gold lame jacket on his massive horns.

      • Yeah, apparently the bull loses, even when it wins. That is most certainly not fair…and it actually disproves the idiotic notion that this is a sport. It’s as fixed as wrestling.

        But you’d think the fight promoter (Don King?) would want the bull kept alive for a rematch. Why do the matadors have to be the only stars? It would make sense to have a deserving bull become a star, like a wrestling villain. Heels win their fair share and it makes the Faces’ victories sweeter.

    • Shit, thanks to that utterly worthless cocksucker, Mike Vick, dog fighting has been booming. Human dogfighting (UFC) has also been growing exponentially. The fact that bullfighting continues is no surprise at all. Mindless violence is what human beings do best and it’s been on the increase as of late.

      As to bullfighting, I’ll admit there is a strange appeal to seeing a man dance with a bull. If it wasn’t for the killing, it would be little different than a circus act. It’s the killing part that makes it sick.

      I think that, like with so many other of these things, it’s all about expressing deeply repressed male homosexual urges in an acceptable way…violence. A dance of love/sex/death with a well hung bull that can gore you back makes bullfighting a hell of a gay top-bottom metaphor.

      But, like back slapping a guy while hugging, the violent aspect magically makes it “not-gay”…perhaps in the same way that prison rape (or priest rape) isn’t gay. They’re just forgivable “moral failings” that stem from special circumstances and don’t really count.

      With a macho culture like Spain, gayness has to be deeply covered with violence. You take the killing of the bull out of the equation and it “just doesn’t seem right”.

      • You, sir, are clearly drunk.

        • Unfortunately, I am not.

          Bullfighting is more like a shower scene from HBO’s Oz than anybody cares to admit.

          It makes sense that a hyper-macho, Catholic, country like Spain would have to dress up a gay metaphor more than Ultimate Fighting does.

          I mean, the Matador took the horn in the mouth for fuck’s sakes! Do you need to see anal penetration to make it any more clear?

        • What’s your point? Wait a minute. Where am I? I was looking for youporn.com

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