Get Out of the Way, You Stupid Fuck

If you’re this fucking clueless, you need to get the fuck out of government and stop claiming to be trying to help average Americans.

From Omaha:

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, has been fighting unsuccessfully this week for a vote on his proposal to limit the fees charged for using the ATM of a financial institution other than your own.

It might help if he showed some of his Senate colleagues the ATM in the basement of the Capitol, which prominently displays one of those “Fee Notice” signs that frustrate so many constituents. Customers with ATM cards not issued by the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union face a $2 fee for withdrawals from the machine, on top of whatever fees their own banks charge.

Lawmakers walk past that ATM all the time on their way to votes on the Senate floor, but don’t expect to see Sen. Ben Nelson stopping to grab some quick cash.

The Nebraska Democrat pleaded ignorance when asked this week whether Congress should cap ATM fees. Nelson said that while he’s no fan of unnecessary fees, he’s unfamiliar with the charges.

“I’ve never used an ATM, so I don’t know what the fees are,”
Nelson said, adding that he gets his cash from bank tellers, just not automatic ones. “It’s true, I don’t know how to use one.

“But I could learn how to do it just like I’ve . . . I swipe to get my own gas, buy groceries. I know about the holograms.”

Of course, those paltry $5 fees are nothing to Ben. It’s two loaves of bread, a gallon of milk and a box of Kraft dinner for AVERAGE Americans with a couple of kids.
You know…the fucking people. The ones whose money both funds the fucking gambling and bails out the losers. Yeah…those people.



5 Responses

  1. Hey, I’ve never used an ATM, debit or credit card and have saved a fuck of lot of money because of it.

    I don’t know the going rate for these bullshit fees, but I do know they are ripoffs.

    • And they fucking BOAST about how much profit they’ve sucked out of those who can least afford it by ramping up those fees.
      The cocksuckers gamble with your money, come demanding tax dollars to bail out their losses, AND CHARGE YOU TO TAKE OUT YOUR OWN FUCKING MONEY.
      Said it before…bears repeating: The guillotine is one seriously efficient device…in two ways – first, it lops off a skull like a goddamn Ginsu knife shredding a tomato; second, it sends a pretty fucking clear message to anyone else who might be thinking about any sort of shady bullshit.
      I remember when banks used to PAY YOU INTEREST for putting your cash in a savings account. Now, they charge you to put it in, charge you to take it out, and fucking brag to shareholders about how many billions they suck up annually by so doing.

      • And yet some of them go bankrupt and have to be bailed out. How can going bankrupt even be possible when you’re raking in money for nothing? (sarcastic question)

  2. Actually, I find this less disturbing than the senior Bush expressing astonishment upon seeing a grocery checkout scanner.
    I don’t use ATM machines either, because I don’t need to. I carry credit cards.
    But what does it say about a man that he had not purchased anything for himself for the previous decade? I suppose he leaves that sort of thing to the servants.
    Or maybe he was just fascinated by the pretty red lights. Retards like shiny things.

    • Surely, they had bar code scanners at the liquor stores he used.

      Wait, Sr Bush you say? I thought it was Dumbya who said that.

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