Russell Brand is an Asshole

Fuck it. I quote the whole sticky bit from HuffPo:

Before he was engaged to Katy Perry, Russell Brand got his fill of meaningless sex. His sex addiction was once so raging he hired a team to help him target women.

“When I was at my most promiscuous, I was like a charging locomotive,” Brand tells Playboy in the June issue. “My selection process was outsourced. I had a team of experts who took care of finding women for me. They had very specific instructions. It was as if I was talking to a wine steward – ‘I’m looking for something French, a bit fruity, smells of oak.’

Not that he misses his old ways.

“I’ve reached a point in my life where I understand empirically that this is not the answer,” he said. “When you sleep with loads of women, it becomes a bit pointless and futile.”

Now a reformed sex addict, Brand also talked about the sex rehab population.

“The majority of people in sex rehab are just disgusting men,
” he said. “There aren’t hot blondes ripping off their clothes and saying, ‘I’m gorgeous, and I just can’t get enough!’ It’s just sleazy men pleasuring themselves in dark corners. Let’s not shy away from it: they’re pedophiles and perverts.”

Yes, you are. You pathetic piece of crap.
Set yourself apart from the rest of the creeps….why?…because you banged hot chicks? Your immediate gratification was the sort of thing that makes you proud rather than ashamed, as you pretend to be.
BOASTING about your recovery from fucking supermodels? Really, Russell?
Bet this is scoring you ALL KINDS of “I’m so GLAD you found your true heart” pussy, huh?


27 Responses

  1. I want to be clear about this: It’s not the fucking supermodels I mind. It’s the dripping fucking hypocrisy and stone bullshit.

  2. Creep is right.
    I don’t get it – the attraction or anything.
    His stand up is terrible, his acting is terrible.
    His schtick is just lame.

  3. Hiring a team of Pussy Wranglers to locate specifically what he was looking for that day so that he didn’t have to waste his time?

    If only I had known such things existed!

  4. Is this the guy who redid Jack Kerouac’s journey in ‘On the Road’?

    Or is there another Russell Brand?

  5. Who the fuck is this clown anyway? All I can find is that he’s up to the gills in that lame, disturbing, bullshit known as Big Brother which actually may just be all the explanation I need.

  6. Wow it looks like a lot of men hate Russell Brand. Lots of things he’s reported as saying are taken out of context. I suppose as someone who’s read his book and used to listen to his radio show (which was genuinely funny, better than his standup or acting, and makes anything on radio now look decidedly average) I’m a bit biased but it was only through finding out about him these ways instead of standup and Big Brother that I saw he’s very intelligent and an truly original thinker. Just a bit of a different perspective for you 🙂
    His egotism is part of his persona which he jokes about a lot. Plus when he went to sex rehab most of the people sent there were people convicted of sex crimes whereas his management just sent him there – thus why he would probably differentiate himself from paedophiles and the like. And like many, many comedians he uses his quite troubled personal life as joke material – which may come across to some as boasting, but it is part of his job. Don’t be quite so angry about it maybe

    • Unfortunately, we men who hate him haven’t the interest to read his booky wooky or listen to his early radio work…I suppose it has something to do with being subjected to the “ironic” egoism, the “ironic” misogyny, the “ironic” use of prostitutes, the “ironic” substance abuse, the “ironic” promiscuity, the “ironic” hairstyle, etc.

      I’m just glad he relocated to America so his painfully contrived persona can burn out over there in a fit of shitty films, “look a limey!” US tv show appearances & the inevitable divorce from his equally phony & media needy pop star wife

      • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with irony! About the only way I can enjoy anything in this world anymore is ironically. Hell, I even shit ironically sometimes.

  7. I am in london.

    He’s just another ex-junkie with media connections.

    He seems to have the “kavourka”, the lure of the animal. It doesnt work on me (im male), but he looks like he might smell like one…

    Aren’t men who arrange women to sleep with called pimps anymore?

  8. He’s just another popular arsehole. Celebrity culture is full of them (see Chris Moyles, Chris Evans, Jonathon Ross etc…). To be honest, it’s best just to ignore them.

  9. Katy Perry is an air-head bimbo with no talent and no brains. Hopefully, this asshole Brandt will give her a good dose of syphilis – then she’ll have something to clap about!

  10. That doesn’t make someone an asshole. What’s an asshole is expecting celebrities to be perfect. Picture perfect, perfect in their actions etc. They have lives too. -a 12 year old who is obviously more mature than everyone here.

    • Who asked for perfection? Fuck off kid. Go tell your mother to catch up on the beatings you missed.

    • I don’t expect entertainment celebrities to be perfect, I expect them to be invisible. Outside of their work, few celebrities have anything meaningful to contribute. Actually, half of them should probably be institutionalized. Unfortunately, our triviality obsessed culture is fixated on their every move, as it is somehow significant.

      It’s best for all involved (them & us) if we could ignore the personal lives of celebrities altogether. For example, I now know who Russell Brand is and something about his personal life…and I feel worse off for it.

  11. Fuck this asshole. He’s also not funny.

  12. Send the fucking jerkoff pom back to the UK – there’s enough assholes in the USA already without fuckheads like this imposing themselves on the citizenry. Hey Russell you rancid piece of shit, I hope you get stabbed in the face by some b*tch who doesn’t take kindly to your abusive self-serving egotistical asshole ways. Just FUCK OFF AND DIE already.

  13. I just watched part of an interview on newsnight in the UK of russel brand it was sickening. He wants a revolution he want the young to reject the status quo he applauds the occupy movement for raising awareness. Is he a reformed character? is he the new Ghandi? is anything that comes out of his breathing hole heartfelt.

    I don’t know! who can know? I could go all brandesk here and use loads of long obtuse words in an attempt to derive the verisimilitudes in the brand behaviour oh sugar I must have been channelling there (without the spelling). But what is he saying that is true or pointing towards a truth.

    I cannot even be bothered to watch this space its a turn off and I think in the grander scheme of thinks he is in the 1% he bemoans we much closer to the 1% than the rest of us. maybe we should just consider him a a form of media pet that we can view when we want to feel better about how we live and work and care for our neighbours. being a reformed addict has merit but resiting the lure has merit also should we kill the fatted calf because our poor brand has seen the light or should we wait until the restitution has been made to those he hurt ridiculed shagged and told on rang up and laughed at.

    Mr brand if you have reformed open a soup kitchen quietly go in disguise repair pensioners houses give away the money you don’t need to live on don’t seek the limelight give it to people with a coherent plan for improving things don’t just whine that everything need to change. We can change the world with nukes but that isn’t for the better. until you have found what you can change and worked tirelessly to change it keep a lower profile , ironically of course.

  14. All that is required for tyranny to succeed is for good people like yourself to continue to do nothing. Change happens in big and small ways that we can all contribute to.

  15. All that tyranny needs to succeed is more controlled opposition like Russel brand and dave icke

    • David Icke, now there’s one crazy motherfucker….although, some days I think he may be onto something. We most certainly are under the control of evil reptiles, that’s for sure.

  16. My problem with Russell Brand is that he’s a self important lowlife foreigner who’s thinks he can impress us with his past and force his so called political beliefs on us. Who cares that he hates Fox news?
    You come to this country and try to tell us who to vote for? Fuck You!

    • Hating Fox News is easy enough – they’re a bunch of lying pieces of shit.
      I have no problem with Brand expressing his condescending political views – he’s not really very smart, and the people that are impressed with his shallow shtick aren’t all that bright. But that’s not why he’s an asshole.

      • Fox Noise is so cartoonishly evil, hating it is like booing a Disney villain. I’m sure the folks who work there cheered for the Disney villains as kids.

        As for Brand, I had never heard of him until reading this discussion. Then I watched the guy’s FX show. It was funny, insane and left a disturbing aftertaste sometimes. Brand’s the guy who might have turned out half as smart as he thinks he is, if not for the way he snorted his way through life. The dude reminds me of those old clips of WW1 shell-shock victims who can’t stop shaking and twitching.

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