More Dead Trees for Dummies

Sarah Palin’s next book is in the stew pot.

Let me rephrase: Sarah Palin’s next book that SHE isn’t writing is being compiled.
She didn’t write the pack of lies that appeared under her name and was titled Going Rogue, and she’s not writing the next one, either (but no word yet on who will put crayon to construction paper on her behalf).

Whoever gets the gig, it ought to be an easier job than making shit up.
From HuffPo:

“America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag” …will include “selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her,” according to HarperCollins, along with “the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies.”

The book is inspired not only by her “strong belief in the importance of family, faith, and patriotism,” but by some of the people she met last year while promoting “Going Rogue.”

So, rather than actually SAY anything, ignorant Palinites from Dubuque to Tucson will pay money to gobble up this stunned know-nothing’s vacant inspirational plagiarism.
Long odds on heavy money the vapid bitch rewrites the Constitution in order to support her stupid, brainless, ignorant claim that America was founded by Christians on Christian principles as a Christian nation. Founding documents, indeed.

Contemporary readings that have moved her? Let me guess: “Hand, hand, finger, thumb…”
How many pages will this travesty run? Let’s see: The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, a speech or two from David Duke, James Dobson and probably Newt Gingrich (because Sarah LOVES quoting Newt), a Billy Graham sermon (and one from MLK to prove she loves the children of Ham)…”literature and poetry”?
I wonder who’s scouring the racks at the library trying to find something Sarah can pretend to have read.

Biography: Longer odds this will be a tribute to George Washington, the only fucking founding father Palin can name.

Favourite songs and movies: Finally, a tribute to both the acting in Titanic AND the shrieking vocalizations of Celine Dion in the same place!
No…wait. Not patriotic enough. Last of the Mohicans? The Alamo? Something with John Wayne? “I just recall very clearly being there in Alaska and loving to be watching the Wonderful Disney World shows that would be there on the teevee there and the songs would just move me so very much as I know all Americans are moved when they too think of what America could be like now there with a Reagan sort of president like me.”

Can’t you just hear the pinched nasal rounded vowels now? “I wrote two books! Obama wrote two books! These are the things that move me!”
Was it a Star Trek episode? “We need things to make us go. Washington, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!”

The dumbing down of America continues unabated. The exploitation of that incredible stupidity, unmitigated. Soon they will elect a president as stupid as they are. Then earth shall be overrun by aliens wielding a stick with a nail through it.


2 Responses

  1. This media whore has not a drop of shame!

    She’s trying to act like she was fucking Hillbilly Oprah or something. She’s actually going to put out a book of other people’s stuff that would have inspired her, if only she had actually read it?

    What’s the title?

    Sarah Palin’s Reader’s Digest: Condensed Versions Of Shit I’ve Never Heard Of That The Focus Groups Liked

    Will somebody PLEASE banish this cunt?

    • It’s like some experiment to find out how fucking stupid something has to be before Americans DON’T respond, “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!”
      They keep digging, but clearly the bottom ain’t even close.

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