Arrest Ratzinger

The case for slapping shackles on the pope could be no more eloquently stated than has been done by Sam Harris.

The scandal in the Catholic Church — one might now safely say the scandal that is the Catholic Church — includes the systematic rape and torture of orphaned and disabled children. Its victims attest to being whipped with belts and sodomized until bloody — sometimes by multiple attackers — and then whipped again and threatened with death and hell fire if they breathed a word about their abuse. And yes, many of the children who were desperate or courageous enough to report these crimes were accused of lying and returned to their tormentors to be raped and tortured again.

The evidence suggests that the misery of these children was facilitated and concealed by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church at every level, up to and including the prefrontal cortex of the current Pope. In his former capacity as Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict personally oversaw the Vatican’s response to reports of sexual abuse in the Church. What did this wise and compassionate man do upon learning that his employees were raping children by the thousands? Did he immediately alert the police and ensure that the victims would be protected from further torments? One still dares to imagine such an effulgence of basic human sanity might have been possible, even within the Church. On the contrary, repeated and increasingly desperate complaints of abuse were set aside, witnesses were pressured into silence, bishops were praised for their defiance of secular authority, and offending priests were relocated only to destroy fresh lives in unsuspecting parishes. It is no exaggeration to say that for decades (if not centuries) the Vatican has met the formal definition of a criminal organization, devoted not to gambling, prostitution, drugs, or any other venial sin, but to the sexual enslavement of children.

The article concludes with a call to end the diplomatic immunity which protects this shameful human specimen from long overdue arrest and prosecution, and asks for your support in achieving this goal. I ask that you give it.


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  1. The thing I keep asking myself is “Why did they choose Ratzo?”

    You would think that, upon auditioning candidates for Pope, the Cardinals would ask them “So, how dirty are your hands in this boy raping thing?”

    The fact they didn’t seem to do this is an indication of:

    1) They aren’t that bright. How could they not know more of this shit wasn’t going to come out and that putting Ratzo (a guy who’s job included covering things up) in charge might make matters worse?

    2) Contempt. They just don’t give a fuck. They know they’re safe from the law and that their sheep will follow them off a cliff if it came to it.

    3) All the candidates were up to the gills in boy fucking at the related cover-ups.

    • Get your head around it. Being deep into the cover-up is (a) a source of power – you know where the undies are buried, and (b) a profound demonstration of your loyalty and fealty to Mother Church.
      They were never looking for an HONOURABLE man. They were looking for THEIR man. Ratzo, from the Nazis to juvenile anal rape, was as in as “In” gets.
      I wonder if Obama is the first president who DIDN’T lie naked in that skull and bones casket, jerking off while admitting that his first cousin – a BOY – gave him his first blowjob.

      Seriously, though…if you’re PART of a giant pedophile ring (not that you say so out loud, eh?) you don’t want ANYONE won’t go to the mat to save your choirboy raping ass running the show. You pick the guy with the track record of protecting you. Ratzo.
      That the waves finally got too tall to surf ain’t really Ratzo’s fault…at least not for TRYING, right? That motherfucker went TO THE MAT. Time and time again, he moved, shuttered, hid, obfuscated, double-dealt, covered up, lied, cheated and yanked his wrinkled little pecker at the cost of lives, sanity, fair play and j’accuse.
      There is nothing – not a single thing – ever inflicted in the worst moments of the Inquisition that cannot find support as pure retribution.

  2. “I wonder if Obama is the first president who DIDN’T lie naked in that skull and bones casket, jerking off while admitting that his first cousin – a BOY – gave him his first blowjob.” – Cousinavi

    I’m moderately familiar with the Skull & Bones Society, but it seems I missed a chapter.

    • Moderately?

      Do tell.

      • Not much more than what Wiki has to offer, but I do know the Bushes and Kerry both were high ranking members and that this secret society has some very important alumni. They got some fucked up Masonic-type rituals and they’ve stolen bones of Geronimo and other folks. Other than that, not much.

        However, I’m interested in this “blowjob from a cousin” story. I can only assume who it is you’re talking about.

        • That was pure fiction – at least the details. But it’s a rather poorly kept secret that one of the Skull n Bones rituals is to lie naked in a coffin and confess your darkest, most embarrassing self. Someone pretty much HAD to cop to sucking some dick.

  3. I do understand the self-protection angle. And now that I think about it, Ratzo knowing where the bodies are buried could allow him to strong-arm some votes out of the Cardinals.

    But even so, if I were picking a Pope, I still wouldn’t be picking somebody so openly vulnerable as Ratzo. Keep him as a wingman, but not the front-man. It’s just too easy to point to him as leading cover-ups because it was part of his job description. It’s like hiring Earl Warren to put a better PR face on The Warren Commission.

    Me, I’d vote for the guy with the least amount of Altar Boy shit on his dick as possible. If he turns out to be “disloyal” or doesn’t want to be your puppet, you can always have him wacked. It ain’t like it hasn’t happened before.

    It’s not like Ratzo was the only applicant for the job. Surely to God, there’s a Catholic clergyman out there who hasn’t raped a boy. Although, I’m starting to wonder.

    • I don’t think it ever occurred to them, not for a moment, that the POPE would ever face calls from the masses for arrest and trial.
      “Arrest the pope!”
      Nah…it could never go that far. After all, look at the long list of hideous, discreditable, criminal, evil shit committed by various and sundry conical hats. And they still kneel and lick the ring, ignoring the stinky finger it adorns.
      “Infallibility” means more to them than mere scriptural interpretation. It was unimaginable…until now.

  4. Apart from the kid fucking, the anti-sex, anti-gay, anti-woman and anti-birth control things, and the long history of blood on their hands, the thing I probably hate the most about Catholicism is that motherfucking ego bullshit.

    The sense of “Infallibility” isn’t just limited to the folks at the Vatican, it flows downward through the entire system. It works its way right down to the parishioner level. While not admitting it, in a 6 Degrees of Pope Kevin Bacon kind of way, even Cafeteria Catholics feel superior by merely identifying as a Catholic.

    Not only is the Pope the King of Kensing-er-Christianity, Catholic churches are grander, Catholic schools are “better”. It’s the “real” Christianity. To a certain extent, even non-Catholics accept this Catholic messaging. For example, the Catholic church is the go-to church for displays of mainstream Christianity in entertainment. When is the last time you saw clergyman character who wasn’t a Catholic priest?

    Anyway, it’s this acceptance of being “special” that allows for special treatment, even with regard to criminal conduct. Never mind what kind of workplace minimizes child rape or can cause authorities to hesitate to prosecute those who covered up such crimes, the Catholic church has been -and still is- granted more immunity than other religions would have been granted in similar circumstances.

    For fuck sakes, millions of people actually think the church’s “in-house” method of dealing with the problem has even a whiff of legitimacy as an approach. Even if they did deal as harshly as they could with perpetrators in-house, it could NEVER be considered an acceptable stand-alone response. Who would consider it acceptable for General Electric to take an employee accused of multiple child rape and do nothing but suspend him and send him to sensitivity training?

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