Ronnie Takes Down Mark Williams

The first session went 4-4. After two, they were knotted at 8 apiece.
They played even to nine each, and then Ronnie O’Sullivan brought out that level of play that makes me say, without hesitation, that he’s the most naturally talented snooker player to ever take a stroke.
If snooker can be played at a higher level than this, it may be the case that only Ronnie can manage it.
I’d love to see Ding Junhui lift the silverware – he’s a great player and I think it would be good for the game. I think Selby has earned his chance to take the title. Neil Robertson showed some sack fighting back from 11-5 down to defeat qualifier Martin Gould. But after watching Ronnie take Mark Williams out of the tournament with an effortless clearance, switching hands, potting everything in sight, playing stunning position…this could be another O’Sullivan year. The only question – as always with Ronnie – is will he continue to play as he can? Consistency, not ability, has long been his Achilles heel, but in defeating Williams he has demonstrated patience, stamina and most assuredly more than sufficient game. He has to be the odds on favourite at this stage of the tournament.
Go Rocket!


4 Responses

  1. You must’ve heard the recent news about John Higgins and his coach caught offering to throw games for money. Shamesful. Luckily, you can’t bribe someone to play perfectly, so when that happens it’s still magic

    • As I told someone else, the facts remain to be fully explored. Higgins didn’t rise to #1 in the world by throwing frames.
      Also, the allegation comes from News of the World – not the most respected journalistic source on the planet.
      AND, it’s not clear that Higgins offered to do anything. The rag CLAIMS his manager made some statements. I’ve heard nothing about Higgins beyond that an alleged offer was made TO him. He says he feared for his safety, nodded his head a few times and got the fuck outta there.
      I hope Higgins is cleared. He’s too talented, and has always seemed like a decent, upright chap – humble in victory and gracious in defeat (a very rare occurrence for someone tanking)…and snooker doesn’t need any more trouble than it’s already facing in terms of survival as a professional sport.
      Might be good for the sport that Aussie Robertson won the World Championship, seeing as Dott and Higgins share the same impugned manager. Still, though (and despite his being a lefty), I’ve never been a fan of Robbo. Something about that bleach blond hair and stunned look on his face that seems not-quite-snooker to me.

      • Something I’ve noticed lately is that “throwing games” is really on the rise in a lot of sports…soccer, cricket, and even snooker it seems. It’s enough to make you wonder if they are all fixed.

        Of course, the temptation to fix individual sports (boxing, snooker) has always been high because it’s so much easier and effective. Unlike team sports, income is a straight line function of winning and is far less stable. If you’re on a cold streak, you can get desperate.

        What’s really curious is why today’s team sports players (coaches and refs too) are doing it..

        I can see why Black Sox era players took money to throw games. They didn’t make much money and, in general, pro-sports leagues were fly-by-night enterprises that could fold on moment’s notice. Their careers could also end with as little as a twisted ankle. For most players, there was not much money or job security.

        But today, even the bench-warmers in secondary sports are getting paid ludicrous sums of money by big, fairly stable, corporations. Training and sports medicine has also evolved to the point where even Bobby Orr’s knees could be completely fixed. The incentive for players to fix league games is largely non-existent, but it seems as rampant as ever.

        • This is true. Still, tho…how does one explain Higgins rising to world #1 – crushing all comers beneath the heavy wheels of his massive game – and then make the claim that he’s tossing frames?
          It’s like accusing someone who commits NO ERRORS, bats .425 for the series, steals four bases, and pegs out three runs at the plate with frozen ropes from deep left field of not doing his best.
          What’s a guy gotta do to get the benefit of the doubt around here?

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