The New FM Bar & Restaurant

Some time ago, I posted a bit titled Finished With fM.
I was unhappy with the service, the annoying popped-collar pop music staff and just about everything else, and went into rather painstaking detail about why I was abandoning the once very popular and fine establishment.
Well, times have changed…and so has FM. There’s a new location, a new style, and most importantly (with one notable exception) a new staff.
Fred Harold is still there…and let me perfectly clear about this: Fred was always the consistent asset. The man can fucking cook. His pork chop with Jim Beam BBQ sauce hooked me from the first bite. I hear he now commands a vastly improved kitchen – one which allows patrons to watch the master at work – and a selection of steaks to give hard core carnivores the first tremors of a heart attack.
And so, given that Chef Harold is still turning out some of the finest dining in the Chungle, AND there’s a new bar staff (which, one hopes, eliminates the lousy service and shitty music which prompted my original fatwah), AND even without having had the benefit of a visit as yet, I recommend checking it out. Like I said…Fred’s cooking. That’s enough.
The NEW FM. It’s somewhere off Wenshin Rd. just south of Taichunggang. Review to follow.

FM Bar & Grill
1, ShiZheng N 1st Rd, 2F (Le Free mall)
(04) 2251-4500
Hours: 6 pm-2 am (11 am-3 pm Sat/Sun brunch)
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.
Free B1-level parking.


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