Fuck Your Theocracy

The leading candidate to be nominated to the USSC as the replacement for retiring Justice Stevens is Elena Kagan.
It is said, or rather whispered, by those who would oppose any nominee to the left of Senator Joe McCarthy that Kagan might be – *gasp* – a lesbian.
She isn’t, but she did sign a document asserting that the military’s DADT policy was discriminatory.
Nevertheless, the issue is being pumped up. From a piece by Sam Stein on HuffPo:

CBS published a blog by Ben Domenech, a former Bush administration aide and Republican Senate staffer, in which he asserted that choosing Kagan would help Obama “please” much of his base, because she would be the “first openly gay justice.”

This ugly – because it simply does not matter if she is gay – opposition to Kagan comes (surprise, surprise) from the religious right:

This past week, the organization Focus on the Family abruptly reversed its position from the last Supreme Court confirmation battle by declaring it would oppose a gay Supreme Court pick, no matter who the nominee is.

“We can assure you that we recognize that homosexual behavior is a sin and does not reflect God’s created intent and desire for humanity,” said Tom Minnery, the group’s senior vice president. “Further, we at Focus do affirm that character and moral rectitude should be key considerations in appointing members of the judiciary, especially in the case of the highest court in the land. Sexual behavior — be it heterosexual or homosexual — certainly lies at the heart of personal morality.”

No matter who it is.
No matter how qualified.

The desire of the religious right to inflict their private religious convictions on the rest of the human population is absolutely intolerable, and must be resisted with every ounce of strength, to the last breath.
These fools, liars and charlatans are NO different than those who would impose Sharia law. There is little enough difference between the Koran and Leviticus, even without the simple and rather plain fact that they base their arguments on fantasy and fairy tale.
It would be bad enough even without the bald hypocrisy of Swaggert, Haggard, Ensign, Baker, the Pope, Cardinal Law, The Crusades, pogroms, aiding and abetting the Nazis, and an imbecilic insistence that our children not only be denied good science but taught lies.
It would be bad enough without the sick desire to control women’s bodies; to inflict shame and guilt by threat and condemnation based on a revised, edited, translated, re-edited, redacted, re-translated story written by men who were told a story by Bronze Age shepherds who couldn’t write.
It would be bad enough without the bilking of the poor in exchange for prayer offerings and promises of eternal bliss later; standing in the path of medical science and treating human life as though it begins at conception and ends at birth.
It would be bad enough with the history of denying AIDS ravaged Africa the single most effective form of protection available, this condemning millions to slow and painful death in order that more impoverished, starving orphans might be bred into the faith.
It would be bad enough if all this weren’t in direct violation – flagrant violation – of the spirit of the 1st Amendment, which was written to prevent anyone with specific notions about what gods demand from inflicting that belief on their fellow citizens.
Yes, it would all be bad enough even without all that.
But what makes it worse – absolutely intolerable – is the absolute crowing pride with which these ignorant, backward, deluded, unthinking Jesus fascists step up and tell me that if I don’t accept their damnable, illegal, unhesitating push into the realm of secular policy – THE VERY OPERATION OF LAW – that I am violating THEIR rights.

These bastards will not only oppose anyone who’s gay, they’ll oppose anyone who ever said, in contradiction of their inerrant word of God book, that perhaps gays ought not be stoned to death.

Listen up, god freaks. If you don’t want to be gay, don’t be. If your god says that’s wrong, don’t be gay…and try not to be Ted Haggard.
Fill your fucking boots. That none of you manage to live up to your goddamn holier-than-thou edicts – you bunch of closeted, greedy, slothful, lusting, gluttonous, murdering, coveting, adulterous, perjuring dishonourable cunts – we shall leave aside.
But you keep your fucking Jesus off the rest of us.
Or fucking well else.


8 Responses

  1. The Talibaptists are getting their panties in an uproar.

    I can just hear some of them now

    “A QUEER? Why next thing you know…them darkies will want the right to vote!”

    To them, the First Amendment, like the rest of them (with the EXCEPTION of the 2nd) is a Satanic/secular/Soviet tool…

    • I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which means I can say whatever I want about Jesus, whenever I want, wherever I want.
      And you have the right to listen to me.
      But as soon as anyone says anything about Allah, they get locked up for being a terr’ist, or they’re conducting a war on Christmas, or their un-American…
      I’m so sick of these fantastic hypocrites.

  2. a nut-bar fanatic.. is, and will always be a nut-bar fanatic, no matter what side of the fence they sit on…. but when your sitting on the fence, you got to worry if either of them is going to knock it over…

  3. I find this whole thing ridiculous, starting with the silly speculation game. It’s amazing how so much “news” airtime is dedicated to speculation, arguing and declaring winners. It’s repulsive.

    Supreme Court Justices used to be selected and appointed with very little of this bullshit. Nowadays, Washington turns the selection of Capital Building doorstops into a partisan political battle and the media hypes every single battle like it was some kind of professional wrestling bout where the “fate of the universe” hung in the balance.

    As such, Court appointees now get grilled like Hamburglars. Now their race, gender and sexual orientation becomes an issue and who knows what’s next?

    The funny thing is that the ONLY thing that actually matters, THE KIND OF ACTUAL RULINGS THEY WOULD MAKE, is the one thing that remains elusive, as potential judges literally say nothing of interest in that regard and fewer and fewer seem interested in finding out. They just want the Left-Right battle to rage.

    There’s one name I’ve heard that I like. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. She’s a real SCJILF!!!

  4. The inability to comprehend that “freedom of religion” is not an absolute continues to mystify me.


    They are being discriminated against cuz they won’t get money if they discriminate. I gotta invest in tinfoil.

    • Or flip that around.

      “The college is discriminating against our right to discriminate.”

      But if the club has a right to discriminate against individuals trying to join their group, then the college must have a right to discriminate against individual clubs trying to join its group of clubs. The only possible wrinkle is the college is a public educational facility and it isn’t supposed to be practising discrimination the way a private educational institution can. (which is bullshit in its own right)

      The idea that this “case” hasn’t been laughed out of the first court it appeared in is laughable. The idea that it has reached the Supreme Court is concerning. The idea that they will rule in favour of these fucktards is, sadly, quite realistic.

      What’s worse is that this might just be a case of aspiring lawyers just trying to raise their legal profile with a crazy, headline grabbing, case that also serves to demonstrate to potential clients, Christian whack-a-doodles, that they’re “down with the cause”.

      Fucking lawyers!

  5. How the hell has america gone 200+ years with a clear law separating church and state, yet still continue to function with what is essentialy a state-endorsed cult constantly trying to run shit?

    Sometimes I feel like the Berliner in 1939 looking ’round and exclaiming “WAIT a second…”

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