Dear David Brooks

What’s it like to have your butt-licking sycophantic head stuffed up your own ass by Matt Taibbi like that?


4 Responses

  1. Great piece by Tiabbi…and Brooks is possibly my favourite Right Wing pundit. (choices based upon looks excluded)

    But Brooks is right in a way.

    Rarely do the farm boys win. The reality is that the Dukes almost always win. Generations of Hollywood feel-good bullshit does nothing to change that fact. In fact, it does society a disservice in the way that it gives ordinary people the false hope that the system will allow them to make the big time, if only they “try harder”. These days, effort and talent mean shockingly little. Most of the time, when the Butlers do succeed, its more of a case of the Law of Averages.

    Plain and simple, the best way of getting into Duke is to be born to a Duke alumni.

  2. Good god. I couldn’t even finish your post.
    Of course rich people are spoiled. Of course poor people work harder than rich people.
    Can you even think of a rich person who got rich through intelligence or hard work? Of course not.
    They’re rich because their parents were rich. Or they’re rich because of good luck.
    They think the rest of us should just use our bootstraps. It was so easy for them to get rich, wasn’t it.?
    In case I haven’t made myself clear, I hate rich people.
    Well, hate all rich people with the exception of that tiny percentage who are willing to admit they got lucky in life.
    I used to work for John (Jay) D. Rockefeller IV, Democrat of W.Va.
    I once picked him up at the airport and he mentioned he had flown first class. Not exactly a surprise.
    But the he said “I flew first class for two reasons. First, I’m tall. Second, I’m rich..”
    The guy never ever implied he was rich because of anything he did. He just chose his parents well.
    But I hate all other rich people. They think they earned it. No they didn’t. And no, they don’t work hard.
    I’m going to fix myself a cheap drink of the sort a rich person would never consider lowering himself to. Fuck you, rich people. Eat my shorts. No, wait until I get really drunk and foul my shorts. Then eat them.

  3. And fucking furthermore, the Duke kids might be slightly better basketball players than the farm boys.
    But let’s have a rematch.
    No basketball. Just a giant fucking fistfight.
    My money, what little I have, is on the farm boys.
    Shit, 50-to-one.

    • It’s not about the players. They are merely a “human resource”, a means to an end.

      I don’t think too many of those Duke players are rich. I’m sure more come from the ghetto than were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They are only there to play high level basketball for the university. I think some people refer to them as Court Negroes; indentured servants working hard for just room & board (and college pussy). I’m sure Butler hands out basketball scholarships too, but who the fuck wants to go there if they can go anywhere else? Ironically enough, an actual Ivy League school, Cornell, doesn’t have ANY scholarship athletes on their team. They are made up of true college athletes, not mercenary hoop-dreamers.

      It’s Duke and it’s alumni that are rich. While not officially an Ivy League school, there’s still ivy on those walls. They’ve got a lot of money to spend on basketball. That means a coach who’s probably as good as any basketball coach out there has stayed for the last 30 years. It also means loads of scholarships to hand out and lots of money for recruitment. Not that they need it because, as a perennial winner, you don’t really choose teams like Duke, teams like Duke choose you.

      That’s another great part of the analogy. Duke wins so much BECAUSE they’ve won so much. It’s like a rich person getting richer because he’s got lots of money at his disposal to make even more money. He can hire other folks (players) to do the work (hustle on defence) for him at minimal cost (free tuition) while he reaps the biggest rewards (championships, status from them, and more money to keep the success rolling).

      Duke is like capitalism in a nutshell. That’s why some people hate it and others, like Brooks, love it.

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