Glenn Beck Lies

Yesterday I posted a long bit explaining why I think Cesca is missing the point of Glenn Beck. That the bawling clown of Fox News, though certainly a troublesome pain in the ass, is merely one of many tools employed by the right wing to prevent anything like real change from ever fucking with their economic plan to steal everything and fuck the poor. I spent 3000 or so words, it didn’t come out nearly as well as I hoped. Maybe I should aim for 10,000 and try to explain a little more clearly… Here goes.


In any case, I wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that I oppose Cesca’s efforts to “expose Glenn Beck.” The more people that point and laugh, provide evidence of his big fat lies, and generally mock the filthy rat bastard, the better. I don’t think that’s the way to draw a single Beck lover away from the shit on a shingle he keeps jamming into their gaping maws, but it ought to be amusing. Nevertheless, and I want it on the record, I fully support Bob’s Quixotic quest to take the punch-me-face fucker down.

Anyway, just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the young whippersnapper was up against. So, I moseyed over to the Google Saloon and jammed through two diametrically opposed search strings.
Here are the results:

“Glenn Beck lies”: 175,000 hits

“Glenn Beck does not lie”: 5 hits

Looks like it’s all downhill from here.
Go git’im Cesca!

19 Responses

  1. The only time I’m aware of that Beck has told the truth is when he apologized for wasting an hour of the viewers time…which is an understatement I’m surprised you haven’t addressed yet.

    • Any time spent watching Beck is wasted time. It struck me as redundant…tautological.
      But in that specific case, watching Beck dig and dig for some sort of strong arm tactics, some dirty Dem viciousness, while that blithering fuck (not Beck…the other one) sat there and said, “Yeah, I groped him” and talked about tickle fights…
      Man, that was some sort of giant banana split with strawberry puree and chocolate sauce goddamn delicious.

  2. Beck and the truth are like Feb 29th, comes around once every four years.
    However I must point out you get different results depending on if you use quotation marks in your search or not, as you probably know.
    Glenn Beck lies: 213,000
    “Glenn Beck lies”: 1,380
    Glenn Beck does not lie: 89,600
    “Glenn Beck does not lie: 3.
    So it seems, to prove your point, you used a “Beckish” tactic. You used the search to yield a higher number for his lies and a lower number for his: does not lie.
    Let me be clear, I am NOT defending him. He should be, at best, a mildly amusing SNL skit, not a source of “information” for millions of people.
    An added note on using number of internet hits to help determine the truth of something:
    Obama lies: 6,230,000 hits
    “Obama lies” : 34,800
    Obama does not lie: 1,280,000
    “Obama does not lie”: 62
    Does this means our president lies 20 times more than Beck? I know he has told more than his share, but I doubt anyone other than Rush or Hannity could lie 20 times more often than Beck.

    • Boolean controls in search strings are useful tools. Without the quotes, you get returns for every document that contains the word BECK + DOES + NOT + LIE, as opposed to the phrase “BECK DOES NOT LIE”. Those are two very different strings.
      The questions, “Does our president like 20 times more than Beck” is silly. The hit counts have nothing to do with whether or not anyone lies, it has to do with the number of articles containing the searched for string. One would simply expect more ink on the president regardless of veracity.
      There is a difference between LYING and not meeting a deadline (especially with three years to go in office). I would ask that you point out a single demonstrable lie told be Obama before you start tossing around the accusation that he has told “many.” In Beck’s case, such a challenge is trivial.
      I DID NOT use a “Beckish” tactic, and I resent the implication. I was perfectly clear about the search strings I employed, and there is perfectly rational reasons for doing so. I need not employ anything except light to expose the obtuse falsehoods spouted by that FNC clown.

    • Google search results April 2 2010, 9:05-9:45 AM Eastern time (Google lists hits as “1 of about X results”)

      Glenn Beck lies – 1,060,000 hits
      “Glenn Beck lies” – 195,000 hits
      Glenn+Beck+lies – 1,060,000 hits
      “Glenn+Beck+lies” – 36,100 hits

      and some more…

      “Glenn Beck does nothing but lie” – 3 hits
      “Glenn Beck is a convicted criminal” -6,890 hits
      “Glenn Beck smokes crack” -39 hits
      “Glenn Beck is a cock sucker” – 6 hits
      “Glenn Beck is a cocksucker ” -5 hits
      “Glenn Beck takes it up the ass” – 4 hits
      “Glenn Beck has sex with goats” – 2 hits
      “Glenn Beck rapes children” – 4 hits
      “Glenn Beck made out with his sister” – 39 hits

      This last one stems from his 2003 book, in which he spends much of a chapter writing about making out with his sister on a Ferris wheel and how much he loves her. Only 39 hits for THAT?

      Which only goes to prove Google has its priorities all fucked up, so I wouldn’t worry what Google has to say about anything.

  3. I agree you need not employ anything except light to expose his falsehoods. IMO however you ran the searches in such a way as to show a low number of hits for the “does not lie”. But that is only my OPINION, only you know if you did.
    As to pointing out a single lie told by President Obama, does anyone think the man has never told a lie? If so, he’d be the first POTUS with that distinction.
    The one that comes to mind first was told when he was running for office. “No family making $200,000 or less would see any form of tax increase.” The health care reform package calls for a 10% tanning tax (no matter what your income). It also calls for a “penalty” if you do not have health insurance. Some will defend this as not being a tax, but it is based on a % of your income, is filed with your federal tax return, and is being overseen by the IRS. Calling it a “penalty” instead of a tax does not make it so. Thirdly the health care reform package raises the threshold for the itemized medical expense deduction from 7.5 % of adjusted gross income (AGI) to 10 % of AGI for regular income tax purposes effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2012. This will result in a higher tax bill for many filers, again regardless of how much they make.
    So, President Obama lied. He is not the first to lie about not rasing taxes. “Read my lips, no new taxes” did not help President Bush when he ran for re-election. (He did not get my vote 2nd time around). I don’t think this will help our current president either.
    I’m aware many will defend and spin his statements, but to believe the man has never lied is something I can not do.
    I did not vote for him, but he is my president and I continue to hope he does a great job.

    • Let me make this perfectly fucking clear, since you seem to either be too stupid to get your head around it, or obtusely stubborn: I DID NOT “run the searches” in ANY particular way in order to obtain ANY particular result.
      I put “Glenn Beck lies” in quotes. I put “Glenn Beck does not lie” in quotes. I posted the results. It was a simple observation and not represented as either scientific in nature or basis, nor was it purported to be any sort of evidence either for or against either proposition. So, in that regard, you can jam your interpretation and observations about my actions and motives ALL the way up your ass.
      As for the incredible contortions to which you extend your already demonstrably weak frontal lobes in a vain effort to call up a LIE told by Obama…junior, you need a fucking hobby…AND a dictionary.
      I don’t know where the fuck you were educated, but a lie is knowingly stating a falsehood.
      Conflating a fucking TANNING TAX in terms of health care with telling a lie is not only a stretch, it’s a goddamn bit of sophist imbecility that ought to earn you a shiny ribbon for effort.
      Next, you conflate a penalty for failure to meet one’s obligation under the law – a FINE – with a tax. I guess that would then apply to all fines, eh? You exceed the speed limit, those goddamn cops are TAXING you. You fail to clear the snow from your sidewalk, the goddamn municipality is TAXING you. You need to haul Glenn Beck’s cock brain out of your throat – it’s cutting off the oxygen to what few brain cells you have left.
      In point of fact, you blithering fuckwit, 95% of Americans have had their tax burden reduced. This is just a FACT, and doesn’t require dressing up shit in a top hat and making it dance through your tanning salon to make it true.
      LIES are things like, “There are WMD in Iraq”; “Saddam Hussein had ties to the 9/11 hijackers”; Sarah Palin is the most qualified expert on energy policy in America”; FEMA are building re-education camps”; “Great job, Brownie!”…and a laundry list of others to obvious and too ugly to bother listing.
      Now, haul your contorting, prevaricating ass down to the local Sarah PAC office and get busy. Your honest and upright candidate needs your help promoting truth and the American way.

    • A Tanning Tax? Dude, that’s going a LONG way for a VERY limited payoff.

      Obama didn’t write the legislation. He herded it. So, in order to even get out of the starting gate on that claim, you’d have to show where Obama proposed there be a Tanning Tax, or where he talked positively about that specific element.

      Even then, as Cousinavi said, it ain’t really a tax anyway. It’s more like a disincentive to giving yourself skin cancer. Those fucking tanning beds should be outlawed, not taxed. It’s a motherfucking toaster-oven for people!

      The Tanning Tax is not an example of lying. It’s an example of the Democrats pussying out.

  4. I’m not too stupid to get my head around what you said regarding your searches. I ran the searches with “Glenn Beck does not lie” in quotations and got a much different number. So if this makes me obtusely stubborn for having doubts you got your number this way, so be it.
    You are free to believe the tanning tax is not a tax increase of any kind.
    I can understand your point in regards to the “penalty” not being a tax despite the way it is calculated, reported, and enforced. I disagree.
    As you did not defend the raising of the medical threshold for itemization, which will raise one’s taxes, I’m not sure of your defense of it. I’m willing to bet you have one. Perhaps the defense is President Obama did not know the Healthcare reform act would have these provisions. In that case you’d be correct. I’m not saying he made the statements about “no tax increases of any kind” while secretly intending to raise them. He may have had no intentions of doing so. I’m saying he made the statement and then, later reneged.
    That fits the defintion of a lie (an inaccurate or false statement).
    I’ve never had Glenn Beck’s cock brain in my throat, and, as I made clear earlier, I have little use for him.
    I never mentioned Sarah Palin, but I don’t think she was a qualified VP candidate, nor is she qualified to serve as President.
    I also realize the majority of Americans had their tax burden decreased for 2009. The tax increases I’m citing did not begin until this year.
    Another example of a lie would be “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Wanted to add a lie from a Democrat to balance the Republican ones you listed. I voted for President Clinton in 1996 BTW.
    Do you honestly believe President Obama did not tell any lies during his campaign or since he took office?
    I can enjoy some honest discussion and debate but you have decided to resort to name-calling. You also seem to believe anyone disagreeing with you is stupid and/or a right-wing nut job
    Good luck with your site. I look forward to reading your response but will most likely not respond, primarily because I expect more insults and name-calling from you.

    • A lie is NOT a statement sincerely spoken which later turns out to be false.
      A LIE is a knowingly false statement.
      Nothing you’ve presented rises to the threshold
      You don’t want to be insulted, don’t drag weak ass, 2nd year law school crap in here and expect to be treated with respect.

  5. Good Goobly Goop, Grady! (There’s a really obscure 70’s pop-culture reference for ya, Cousinavi)

    There are many places on The Inter-tubes where you can get away with weak or even just mediocre points and keep defending them. This isn’t one of them. This is a shrine dedicated to excellence!

    You either have to come up with better, or you have to retreat from said weak arguments. (which, in fairness, you did somewhat..and then stepped into it again) The more you stick to bogus or weak arguments here, the more abuse you will get.

    I think there’s a lot of legitimate beefs to make about Obama. For example, with regards to healthcare, Obama did 2 things that, while probably not “lies”, were certainly massive disappointments that did not jive with my perception of what he would do. First, there was no public option, nor did he really fight for it. Second, and more his fault, he took drug reforms off the table before the healthcare discussions even began.

    While the actions were politically understandable, they set the tone of the entire healthcare debacle. Cowardice and inadequacy. The failure on the drug front represents far more money out of the pockets of Americans than any Tanning Tax or itemization threshold (which sounds like too much nitpicking bullshit for me to waste time researching).

    As for lies? I’m sure Obama has lied about something or other. Fuck, man, it’s WASHINGTON DC! If you find anybody who tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you should bronze the motherfucker!

    Glenn Beck should be dunked in boiling oil, several times a day, for all eternity.

    • Sanford and Son? Only show I can think of with a character named Grady.

      BTW…the theme from S&S is my ringtone.

      • Why am I not surprised by that?

        Maybe you should start calling people “big dummies” and drinking ripple derivatives.

  6. YOu might enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

    • You’ve dedicated a website to exposing and debunking Glenn Beck. In order to do this, it probably means you have to (GASP!) sit through his complete bullshit every night.

      So, how long have you been a masochist? Does it stem from a childhood experience? An in-front-of-the-class boner, perhaps?

  7. Glenn Beck Lies: 885,000 hits

    Glen Beck Truth: 1,230,000 results

    So… Context matters much?

    • That’s not context. That’s simple ignorance of how Boolean search commands operate.
      Not only did you misspell Glenn in one string, but without proper structure, your search is meaningless. In the interest of educating you (and since you seem to be defending that lying piece of shit, that would seem an unlikely prospect), take a breath and pay attention, you brainless fuckwit.
      When you google: Glen Beck Truth you get any document that contains the word Glen, AND any document that contains the word Beck, AND any document that contains the word Truth…EVEN if “Truth” appears in this sentence: Glen Beck wouldn’t know the truth if it pissed on him.
      So, yeah…context (among other things) matters. But you go right on getting both sides of the story from morons like Glenn Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Malkin, Ingraham and the rest of the yammering, lying, lipflap morons. And whatever you do, don’t learn to think, or how to properly operate your connection to the intertubes. I prefer you just the way you are – your own worst fucking enemy.
      How do you get your head up your ass that far?

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