Taiwan’s Got Talent

I hate pop music…hate Whitney Houston with a particularly fine edge, her amazing vocal talent notwithstanding. Just rubs me the wrong way to hear pipes like that being wasted on bubble gum soundtrack crap.
That said, this kid is just a little damn scary, eh?


5 Responses

  1. ok, ok- the kid is good- great song and he nailed it. Two problems though: When his balls drop in a year he’ll never sing like that again. Do they still make kids into castrati? On that front that’s his only hope. The second problem is more serious. It’s actually quite uncanny, but that boy actually looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He does doesn’t he?

    • I will get on this immediately. Track the kid down, poke him in the belly to see if he giggles, and then chop his nuts off.
      If he does giggle, I’ll force him into the kitchen and have make me some pop ‘n fresh dumplings.
      As for the balls, he can probably keep them. Have you ever heard a baritone over here? Maybe that’s why doo-wop never caught on in Taiwan. No one can manage the Bowser J. Bowser parts.

  2. “pop ‘n fresh!” LOL!

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