Michael Steele Bids 1 Spade

Well, hell. Here we go. This is going to provoke some dancing and double talk.

Michael Steele got his job as RNC Chairman in a vain and craven effort by the GOP to appear inclusive – NOT racist. In the wake of Barack Hussein Obama’s evisceration of their Mavericky war hero at the polls, they figured they had better get their own hip, young black man…and quick!
Steele was unqualified, unprepared, and precisely the sort of affirmative action appointment to which the GOP had been, for long years, objecting in principle – the elevation of the less qualified candidate simply based on race. Nevertheless, when it served their purpose – that being to mask the lily white undercurrents of racism that ebb and flow throughout the GOP – well, so it goes.
Of course, no one in the Republican party would ever admit as much, least of all Steele. He was gonna give the GOP a hip-hop make-over. Bring the party of stodgy old white fucks to the people…to the STREET, Yo! It’s the stuff of a Wayans brothers movie pitch, for fuck sakes.

And so began a series of clusterfucks and embarrassments, one after another. Feet being jammed into mouths, heads being jammed up asses, stupid photos, moronic comments, displays of ignorance and stupidity that can only happen when you permit someone utterly clueless to run loose under the delusion that they have it all figured out. But no matter how badly Steele fucked up, the one thing no one ever said was, “You know…maybe we should have found someone who could actually do this job instead of trying to play catch up with Barack Obama.”

It all culminated in the recent lesbian bondage faux sex club story. Frankly, of all the twisted shit the GOP gets up to, I would have given them a pass for this, the hypocrisy of it notwithstanding. Who doesn’t want to watch uber hot leather clad women engage in faux lesbian sex?
It might not be the wisest use of donor dollars, but I’m sure the objections would die out of they only invited the donors along.

In any case, Steele was asked if he was operating under a more intense microscope because he’s black. Oh…you can see this coming from a mile away. Race had “nothing to do” with him getting the job. Race had “nothing to do” with the insane levels of tolerance displayed at his long list of embarrassingly incompetent fuck-ups. But now…NOW that he’s finally being called on the carpet for some stupid sex club expense voucher…it’s because he’s a black man.

On Monday, the RNC chairman told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that, as an African-American, he is being held to a higher standard than his white peers.

“The honest answer is, ‘Yes,'” Steele said. “Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. A lot of folks do. It’s a different role for me to play and others to play and that’s just the reality of it. But you just take that as a part of the nature of it.”

What a PERFECT token negro for the GOP. No wonder they put up with him. This blithering shithead considers racism “the nature of it.” Get that? Racism is natural. So, you know, let’s not make too big a deal about it…except when it provides a good excuse.
Not only that, but this yammering puffed suit has the fucking nerve to compare himself to the President! Where was Michael Steele during the campaign? I don’t seem to recall Obama’s brother-in-arms objecting to the racist signs; the Curious George dolls and t-shirts; the secret Muslim bullshit; the “go back to Kenya”…the voo-doo references… I don’t recall Michael Fucking Steele opening his goddamn GOP kiss-my-white-ass mouth a SINGLE FUCKING TIME to EVER object to the stinking undercurrent of racism ginned up by his own party against Barack Obama.
But now…now that his own black ass is being dragged to the line for a reckoning based entirely on his own incompetence, Michael Fucking Steele is all, “Oh, yeah…me and my brutha Barack…we held to higher standards because we black!”

Having dropped into the job because he’s black, Michael Steele is going to make it goddamn near impossible for the GOP to get rid of him because he’s black.
Hired as cover for a bunch of racist old white fuckers, they’re going to have to expose themselves in order to be rid of their incompetent, lead-footed front.
The irony is thick and delicious.


2 Responses

  1. Justice Clarence Thomas says he disagrees with you.
    What puzzles me, is why wasn’t the sex club expense listed as “miscellaneous”? This kind of shit must happen all the time.

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