Baseball is a beautiful game for many reasons. It’s a team sport, but in the important moments the individual cannot be saved by his mates. It requires so many skill sets and offers a level of strategic analysis and tactics that just exceeds every other sport. And every once in awhile, you get to see something like this:


8 Responses

  1. Exquisite.

  2. Barely on topic, but here’s another crazy pitching story–a no-no on lsd?

  3. can’t see the orginial post (it’s been pulled) but, venusius, that post is fucking great! Touch-down!

    • That’s such myopic shitheaded asshole fuckwit thinking on the part of MLB.
      “We own the copyright. Get that fucking clip OFF of YouTube!”
      MORONS! Letting people freely circulate clips like that PROMOTES the GAME by letting people see how goddamn amazing and beautiful baseball can be without having to tune into every inning of every game. Motherfuckers.

      So…in the clip: Batter hits right back at the pitcher. Pitcher reflexively kicks out his foot at the ball. Ball goes off pitcher’s left shoe and skitters towards the first base line. Pitcher chases down the ball in foul territory, gloves it with his back to first, and FLIPS IT BETWEEN HIS LEGS WITH HIS GLOVE HAND. First baseman barehands the ball, beating the hitter by a half-step for the out.
      If it weren’t for slow motion reply, you’d be hard pressed to see how fuckin’ beautiful it is.

      FUCK YOU MLB, and your goddamn proprietary video bullshit.

      • Yeah, this isn’t like the movies. It ain’t like MLB makes all their money by selling videotaped games. They make their money by putting asses in the seats and having people watch games live on TV. Why should they give a fuck about clips from past games? Free on-line clips only helps sell their game.

        Fucking morons willing to shoot themselves in the foot in order to show you who the boss is. This kind of contempt for the fans -the people who pay for their Porsches and winter mansions- is why my love of sports has shrunken to almost nothing. The abuse-to-enjoyment ratio is just too high.

  4. Glad I saw it before they decided to cut off their nose to spite their face.

  5. I used to really enjoy baseball. But the MLB permanently lost me when they allowed advertising behind home plate, where 75 of the action takes place. What’s next? Coming into my house and pummelling me in the face with a billboard? Unbelievable contempt for the fans.

    I also didn’t appreciate the WWF level steroid abuse and pulling in the fences to turn deep fly-outs into limp-wristed homers.

    They ruined every bit of enjoyment I got out of their game.

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