Tired…Just Tired

I think I need a break.
I’m exhausted.

Yammering idiot Sarah Palin and her buzz word salad of meaningless blather: “For real Amercians, freedom and inspiring drill exceptionalism socialist teleprompters not some charismatic hopey changey stuff, reload you betcha (*wink*).”

Insistent, stubborn, willfully blind liars like Beck, Malkin, Hannity and Limbaugh. And speaking of the stunted lipflap brigades, where is Laura Ingraham these days? She converted TO Catholicism…I would have expected her to be out front explaining how fucking children in the confessional is just fine with her.

Water carriers for war criminals like Liz Cheney and Marc Theissen, literally inventing history – just making it up as they go along – in a disgusting effort not only to excuse crimes against humanity but to argue they weren’t crimes at all.

Teabaggers, who need only to have a camera pointed in their direction to reveal, in the very first sentence out of their mouths, that they haven’t the foggiest first fucking clue what the hell they’re talking about AND that they’re too goddamn stupid to know they’re fighting to support the very America that fucked them in the first place.

Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, David Vitter, John Boehner, Michael Steele…just when I begin to think they couldn’t possibly find another new way to embarrass themselves; to present a more imbecilic side to their tortured ignorance, I turn on the computer and there it is.

Bill Kristol, Dick Armey, Bill Donahue, James Dobson…
At what point does the mudhole full up with enough wallowing swine that there just isn’t room for another trotter?

I used to hoot with an almost joyous mix of derision and schadenfreude almost every time these brainless dolts rolled out yet another example of the depth and breadth of their brainless, backward, fuckwitted thinking. “Oh, great googly Jesus on skis!” I would think, “How are they going to wiggle out of this one?”
Occasionally they would retreat behind more lies: I was taken out of context. That’s not what I meant. You’re reading more into it than was there.
As if calling someone a goat fucker could be misinterpreted.
More commonly, and more offensively, they tend to double down. “Yes, he IS a fascist!”
“Extending health care to uninsured Americans is goddamn SOCIALISM!” …at once revealing that they know nothing about basic political theory, and apparently are opposed to highways, sewer and water systems, the army, navy and air force, schools, the National Guard, the Coast Guard, fire departments and police forces.

The argument, in the face of this sort of insistent stupidity, blithering ignorance and obstructionist tantrum throwing, that America was ever or might be again “The Greatest Country on Earth” makes me wanna vomit.
Constructed on genocide and slavery, and guilty of the worst criminal acts in the history of mankind, watching the festering pustules of right wing anger infect the body politic of America seems rather appropriate.

I have invested far too much effort in calling these callous morons on their bullshit. It accomplishes nothing. They lack the ability to hear, the brains to understand, and the will to change. They are bent on destruction, and prepared to take everyone else with them.

I’m fucking tired.
I’m gonna pop some popcorn and start cheering them on. Burn it down, you stupid motherfuckers. If that’s the only way to be rid of you, I just wish you’d hurry the fuck up.


4 Responses

  1. Wow- whatta swan song! I’m impressed- and as always I am glad to hear a strong reminder about why people’s blind opposition to what they deem socialism is retarded in the face of “highways, sewer and water systems, the army, navy and air force, schools, the National Guard, the Coast Guard, fire departments and police forces.”
    I lived in Taiwan under George Bush- and was in a state of constant anger for a few years, until I realised being perpretually enraged by his administration’s (insert Avi insightful triade here), that I just started ignoring the news and concentrated on bettering the community I lived in. It worked out well, lowered my blood-pressure, made me a happier, more often smiling, relaxed person…and I actually did more creative things that I might not have done if I had stayed glued to the internet news channels all day long. Well done on your recent efforts in that regard!

  2. And “reload,” as Palin helpfully explained to us, has nothing to do with guns.
    I’m guessing she has an old film camera. Yeah, that’s it.
    The good news is she’s getting absolutely destroyed by the TV critics, even some of the conservative ones.

  3. My only hope of staying sane in light of all the bullshit out there is to think that it can’t be too long before the GOP and their fanatical followers self destruct, and go the way of the whig party and other extinct political groups. Really there seems to be no way that people will be supporting them in twenty or thirty years. As time marches forward people’s disgust with the jackass party will grow until the group is unsustainable and it collapses into a bad memory of an intolerant and racist time.
    I’ve held the same thought regarding the vatican, but it’s longevity has made me less optimistic in seeing it’s demise within my lifetime. We got a chance with seeing the GOP die before us though.

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