See What I Have To Put Up With?

THIS is the kind of moronic crap spawned by Deepak Chopra thinking. Some fucking imbecile calls himself – get this – BLULUMINOUS (I wonder what colour his aura?) drops in with the following nonsense fucktarded crap:

There is a deeper understanding that you need to obtain. You can’t do that with such anger and closed mindedness. One can’t learn much when one is closed minded.

Consciousness is energy. It is the energy that is life on this planet. In human form, it is intelligence and it leads to positive aspects when truly realized. Energy is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. It is because energy is everywhere and is what makes up everything. There is abundant manifestations of energy. Consciousness is one manifestation.

See? If you deny Deepaks ultra energy, you just aren’t DEEP enough. Too much anger. A closed mind.
Well, you energy gobbling idiot, better a closed mind than one into which any snake oil salesman can pour any unproven shit and watch you greedily lap it up while begging for more.

Consciousness, if you must know, is an emergent property.
It is a bunch of non-conscious bits working together, like grains of sand making a sand castle. When the tide comes in, no more castle.
Like Chopra, you’re the sort of fuckwit who insists that the castle is still there, man…it’s just, like, taken a new form…occupies a different space and plane.
No, Asshole. The castle EMERGED from many bits of non-castle working together. The grains are not a castle. They do not possess castleness, or castlitude, or any other fucking spacey goddamn thing you want to attribute to them.

“Energy is omniscient.”
Dude, I hope that gets you laid with unwashed chicks who don’t shave their legs because it’s only gonna get you laughed the fuck OUT of here.
Please don’t come back. You’re not amusing enough to overcome the sheer degree of frustration you inspire at the stunning depth and breadth of your stubborn ignorance.
It’s not just that you don’t know better…it’s that while choosing to remain pathetically uneducated you, at the same time, insist on saying such utterly retarded things and do so with an arrogant certainty – as if you had the first fucking clue what you’re talking about.

Just. Fuck. Off.
Until you recognize how your backward, ignorant, wish-thinking stupidity is HARMFUL to both the notion and the practice of human progress, just do everyone a favour and STFU.


2 Responses

  1. Sure it’s good to have an open mind.
    Just not so open that your fucking sensibilities fall out.

    Ridiculous new age crystal owning morons. Thinking like that is what set civilization back a thousand goddamned years.

  2. Hey, that sandcastle I made back in the summer of my 10th year still exists, dammit!

    While it collapsed, the sand has not moved at all. Water levels dropped dramatically and permanently that summer, so I know every grain is within a metre or the castle’s former location. The same equipment I used to built it is still on-site and in fine working order. The exact design still exists within my mind, which is a steel trap.

    Therefore, I can make a semi-legitimate claim that the sandcastle still exists in the form of re-constructible rubble and can be made to exist again.

    Gentlemen, I can re-built it. I have the technology. I can re-built that sandcastle…better, stronger, faster…

    The only thing I can’t expect is to re-assemble the same grains of sand in the exact placement they were in that summer. Although, it’s theoretically possible that I could, but I have no way of telling.

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