25 Years Ago – Taylor d. Davis

Where does the time go?
It has been 25 years since almost every television in Britain was still on well past midnight as 18 million people watched perhaps the most epic snooker match in history. Steve Davis had thrashed Dennis Taylor 8-0 in the opening session. You couldn’t get a bet down unless you were prepared to wager on whether or not Dennis would manage to pot a single red. But Taylor clawed his way back, frame after frame, until they arrived at the 35th tied at 17 each. It came to the final black. Davis missed a difficult thin cut – one he would have made 8 out of 10 tries in any other circumstances – and left it for Dennis.
This memorable moment in snooker history will be revisited April 29 at the Crucible in Sheffield as Taylor and Davis meet in a single frame exhibition to commemorate what was then the most watched television broadcast in UK history.
Davis has qualified to play in the main draw at the world championships – his 30th year in the tournament. Taylor retired back in 2000 and now provides commentary for the BBC. Perhaps Steve will spot him 40 in consideration of their disparate amount of table time…or perhaps even 25 years on that result still stings a bit and he’ll steal Taylor’s inverted snooker goggles – make the old bugger play blind.


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