I Got Your Death Panel Right Here

All you right wing fucktards, supporters of GOP obstructionism, tantrum throwing Glenn Beck imbeciles and anyone who thinks health care reform amounts to some sort of socialist take over, read this and then explain to me how the free market provides the best care.

Previously undisclosed records from Mitchell’s case reveal that Fortis had a company policy of targeting policyholders with HIV. A computer program and algorithm targeted every policyholder recently diagnosed with HIV for an automatic fraud investigation, as the company searched for any pretext to revoke their policy. As was the case with Mitchell, their insurance policies often were canceled on erroneous information, the flimsiest of evidence, or for no good reason at all, according to the court documents and interviews with state and federal investigators.

The South Carolina Supreme Court, in upholding the jury’s verdict in the case in a unanimous 5-0 opinion, said that it agreed with the lower court’s finding that Fortis destroyed records to hide the corporation’s misconduct. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal wrote: “The lack of written rescission policies, the lack of information available regarding appealing rights or procedures, the separate policies for rescission documents” as well as the “omission” of other records regarding the decision to revoke Mitchell’s insurance, constituted “evidence that Fortis tried to conceal the actions it took in rescinding his policy.”

In affirming the trial verdict and Nettles’ order, Toal was as harsh in her criticism of the company as Judge Nettles had been. “We find ample support in the record that Fortis’ conduct was reprehensible,” she wrote. “Fortis demonstrated an indifference to Mitchell’s life and a reckless disregard to his health and safety.”

Fortis canceled Mitchell’s health insurance based on a single erroneous note from a nurse in his medical records that indicated that he might have been diagnosed prior to his obtaining his insurance policy. When the company’s investigators discovered the note, they ceased further review of Mitchell’s records for evidence to the contrary, including the records containing the doctor’s diagnosis.


UPDATE: If you want to see how ugly, ignorant, backward, uninformed, hateful and despicable the opponents of health care really are, watch this video.


3 Responses

  1. But that’s a good death panel, Cousinavi, because it’s done with profit in mind!

  2. Yeah, when it’s done to cut costs in order to create a nice big bullshit profit margin, well, there will be some casualties, goddamn it! In the epic battle between the insurance companies and the customers, there will be a lot of collateral damage. Just as god intended.

  3. My god….I just watched the linked video.
    My jaw dropped when the man with parkinsons sat down and the protesters began throwing money at him and mocking him, saying “Aww you want a handout? here, here’s a dollar. We work for our money!!”

    My late grandfather had Parkinsons which contributed to his death last fall.

    Thoughtless anger machines.
    Even the one person they managed to talk to peaceably who was against healthcare had nothing to offer to back up her opinion. “Nobody can read it” is one thing she said.
    Nobody? Or you?
    “they’re cramming this down our throats”
    Nice to know even the most intellectualy sound republicans can do no more than repeat topical buzzwords.

    This is the type of thoughtless fuckwittery that I foolishly believed would finaly go away with the swearing in of a president who seems to actualy give a shit.

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