Ferrets Have Hands?

In other news, it has come to our attention that the domain name…may be misread by some. We are currently investigating other options, but until then, we plan to continue our current branding in the hopes that clearer heads prevail.



11 Responses

  1. Or, they could rename the site, MikeandBill.com and move on to other matters.

  2. You can’t fix stupid.

  3. I love that their website asks: “Is your business in the right hands?”

  4. Hmm, ‘marmothead’ is nice, crisp to-the-point but ‘monkeyreacharound’ has a really nice cadence to it.

    I also noticed they will continue with their current branding, so evidently they’re pretty comfortable with letting ferrets get their paws on you.

    Between the infuriating articles on compassionate HCR opponents and a business model for the Cathilic Church (does not include Bingo), this was a good, decompressing post. Thanks.

  5. With the right filtering program they could easily be running two business at once and no one’d be the wiser.

  6. I can imagine ferrets give pretty straight-to-business handjobs. So, if that’s a turn-on, or if time is of the essence, ferrets just may do the trick for you.

  7. Have these people no sense of humor? What a great name. And who doesn’t love ferrets? Well, not necessarily that way, but still.
    I guess they could throw in the towel and change it to ferretblowjobs.

  8. Well, since ferrets don’t have hands, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that this is an offer for someone to go about pleasing ferrets. Yeesh! I would suggest that someone let Ann Coulter know about this, since she has no standards, but I think ferrets do so it wouldn’t really work out.

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