THIS is Journalism!

Rachel Maddow demonstrates what journalists are supposed to be doing. What they once did as a matter of course but sadly do no longer.
In today’s festering cesspool of false equivalency, it doesn’t matter what the story is, it is packaged and sold as some sort of jousting match. Leaving aside the blithering bias of morons like Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh, who make no effort at pretending to present facts, even supposedly fair and balanced (to coin a phrase) news outlets piss on the legacy of Walter Cronkite et al by presenting even the most egregious horseshit as legitimate analysis (I’m looking at you, Wolf Blitzer).
If some yammering, ignorant imbecile says, for example, that passing health care reform will result in the government deciding that Grannie must die, the bloviating fucktards at CNN will bring on two opposing mouths. Wolf (or some other talentless hack) will introduce them and say something like, “Some people are saying that this legislation will deny senior citizens access to life saving health care. How do you respond to that?”
Sputtering lipflap #1 will insist this is exactly what will happen and that it’s part of a broad left wing conspiracy to kill anyone they deem a burden to their socialist utopia.
Sputtering lipflap #2 will counter that there’s nothing in the legislation that does anything of the sort; that this is a right wing lie designed to gin up fear among the uninformed and that insurance companies are already denying care to Grannie in order to increase profits.

The fact of the matter is that sputtering lipflap #2 is telling the truth, but the bullshit promoted by lipflap #1 gains a certain aura of legitimacy by virtue of the issue being laid out BY THE NEWS MEDIA as a proper question for debate – as if there’s a controversy about which the people need to hear all the evidence…both sides of the coin.
The problem is broader than the fact that there are people telling untruths and sucking up airtime to do so. It begins with incompetent morons like Wolf Blitzer introducing the “debate” with, “Some people are saying…”

Proper journalists are supposed to – proper journalists USED to – expend some effort checking facts.
And when someone attempted to invent another facet of an issue based on outright falsehood, it did not fall to their political or philosophical opponent to provide a counterpoint. Real journalists – the people who considered it their solemn duty to question authority, inform the populace, and expose corruption – would never retreat to, “Some people are saying…” REAL journalists would introduce the topic by pointing out that some people are lying and explain why as they presented the facts.
And this is why Rachel Maddow may be the best – perhaps the only – real journalist left in America.

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8 Responses

  1. Can there be an “I love her” button?

    • I would, but I think people would just sit and click-click-click until they did themselves an injury.
      I love Rachel, too. It’s because she’s so goddamn smart. Brains are sexy. BRAAAAAAIIIINS!
      And, of course, because she’s a lesbian. Total sour grapes situation. Want…can’t have. Unlike the fox, though, that only convinces me that those particular grapes are the best. grapes. ever.

  2. “Some people are saying that this legislation will deny senior citizens access to life saving health care. How do you respond to that?” Wolf Blitzer

    If I were to get a “some people are saying” question, I would respond with something like this:

    “Well, Wolf, some people are saying Wolf Blitzer is a child molester and should be castrated live, on camera.”

    Next thing you know, panels of pundits will be set up to argue about the best way to handle Wolf Blitzer’s serial child molestation and whether or not his castration should be done on his show or on pay-per-view. Newspapers would fill pages of stories and editorials on the controversy and the blogosphere would be ablaze. Anchors would be reading Twitter messages about it on air for hours on end.

    At some point, people would get their fill, become bored and the next “important” controversy would arise.

    This is the problem with modern media. It is all about the controversy, the argument, the winning and the losing. Importance, relevancy, sources, fact checking, context…all of this doesn’t seem to matter at all anymore. It’s all about the entertainment value because all that matters is making money by satisfying base public appetites.

  3. Well said Sedate, but I would ask, “Wolf, is it true what some people say that you fuck donkeys?”

  4. Well, some people are saying it!

    Some people are also saying Wolf Blitzer’s favourite breakfast is boiled penis on toast.

    Apparently, anything that “some people are saying” makes for a valid question on a news channel these days.

  5. As a journalist, and the son of a journalist, I can tell you with certainty that Blitzer is perfectly aware the teabagger is full of shit.
    But there was a movement within J-schools in about the mid-70s that put a huge emphasis on giving the appearance of objectivity.
    Unfortunately, modern journalists take that to mean that a real astronomer may be given no more air time than a guy who thinks the moon is made of green cheese.
    This has the effect of journalists feeling they have to act a lot stupider than they really are.
    Thank FSM that Maddow never drank that Kool-Aid. She knows when the other guy is wrong, just like the rest of them. The difference is that she says so.
    And you’re right. Smart is sexy. She’s the only woman I know who actually gets sexier when she puts her glasses ON.

  6. Contrast Maddow’s takedown of this giant douchebag with what Bret Baier tried to do to President Obama. She let him speak, in effect allowing him to hang himself with his own words by providing him with the rope of facts. She never once was disrespectful or contrary just to be so. Maddow is always fair, balanced and so fucking brilliant it isn’t even funny. Monkey boy Baier, on the other hand, had nothing, and he knew it so he constantly talked over Obama to keep him from speaking at length, because whenever Obama is allowed to talk, his message is lucid, strong and resonant. Except to FOX News drones and its viewers who are taught that Obama’s thoughts come from some magical alien technology – he can’t think for himself because he gets his ideas from teleprompters! However, when he has a chance to speak without them and show what a brilliant speaker and thinker he is, he is constantly cut short by the interviewer who is afraid Obama will lapse into talking points without really answering his questions? First, Baier’s method appears to be vastly counter-productive, revealing just how stupid someone in that interview was (hint: not Obama) and second it shows how much contempt Baier has for the president, despite his apology afterward. Gee, it’s almost as if Obama is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t with these fucktards. But, I digress. Maddow is the best on TV. Period.

  7. Maddow is possibly my favorite newsperson, coming into a close tie with Jon Stewart.
    Though, Maddow takes the lead with her lack of dick and fart jokes.

    Watching her rip that guy a new one with no flair or pomp was the highlight of my day.

    Arn’t newspeople supposed to be impartial and un-opinionated?

    I can’t help feel that every program on Fox ‘news’ should have a visual and audio warning that the viewer is about to witness opinions only, and are encouraged to do their own research or, godforbid, watch an ACTUAL news program.

    Something akin to “Warning this program contains strong opinionated content and themes viewer discretion is advised”

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