Our Heavenly Pedophile

Civil judgments resulting from the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests have nearly run the church into bankruptcy in America. The response from the church, of course, was always of the “few bad apples” variety.
That those in authority knew about it years ago, shielded the offenders and moved them to other parishes where the abuse continued is an undeniable fact. But that was then. Times have changed. The church is working to clean up those bad apples; to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.
And now comes news that, in addition to there being a gay prostitution ring operating within the Vatican itself, priests in Ireland, Germany, Spain, Holland and (insert next country here) have been accused in multiple allegations of exactly the same things. Further, in each and every case, it appears that authorities in the church both knew and participated in covering up the crimes. Then Cardinal Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict – directed, on pain of excommunication, that no information be forwarded to any civil or law enforcement authorities.
So much for the few bad apples argument. The repressed, allegedly celibate, former member of the Hitler Youth, supreme leader of the Catholic church was himself directly and personally involved in covering up the abuse of children.
This ought to be the end of the Catholic church.
Why isn’t the media driving this story 24/7?
THE POPE KNEW. The POPE covered it up. The POPE threatened to excommunicate anyone who went to the cops.
The POPE moved predators to new hunting grounds and took no appropriate measures to protect the innocent he thereby placed in harms way.
For the love of Christ, leaving aside the Crusades, the Inquisition, the celebration of Hitler’s birthday, the sins of omission and commission with regard to the holocaust, the murderous lies about condoms…isn’t THIS enough to conclude that these fuckers constitute a clear and present danger; a threat to civil society; a malignant tumor in the brain of humanity?
It’s not a few bad apples. It’s the top apple, and it always has been so. It is time for this global ring of grifters, liars and pedophiles to be dismantled for the good of society.


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  1. can we have a ‘I like this!’ box on wordpress blogs, like on Facebook?

    • @ Banyan Tree:

      We do have an “I like box.” It’s right below each post. You type “I like this” and then click the button.

  2. I’m having a bit of cognitive dissonance after reading this post. After nine years of Catholic grade school, together with four more in high school, I know that the Pope is infallible. Therefore I can only conclude 1) This entire post is a lie or 2) Buggery is a new sacrament. Strongly leaning toward 2, as all of those priests and nuns those many years ago couldn’t all have been wrong.

    • Given all the many things for which the Catholic church has apologized – from the Crusades to Galileo – I’m sure if you’re patient they’ll get around to saying, “Oh…and about that infallibility thing…sorry.”

  3. no. In this ‘Everything Must Cater to My August Desires’ age, I am enraged that the structure of this blog does not have an “I like” button! I DEMAND that this blog adopt the labour saving usage of an “I like’ button and will be starting a new Facebook page, “Cousin Avi need’s an ‘I like’ button” in order to force your hand!

    I say Good Day, sir!

    • @ Banyan Tree

      I checked into it. There are no “I like” buttons available. There’s a “Meh” button, a “Not bad…not bad at all” button, and a “I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me” button.

      BTW…I’m taking your advice on the bananation of fools. The Mad Jewess has returned…again…and again. It has reached the point where it’s not even her average disconnected from reality racism, or paranoid wingnut stupidity. Now more like…how to describe it…the bastard offspring of a mosquito that keeps flying into your ear and a severely petulant autistic child armed with a sharpened crayon that was raised by a pack of abused dogs who were socialized to believe that being kicked in the head is just the way the day starts.

  4. I like box.
    Wait a minute, are we talking about the same thing?

  5. I still think we’re much more likely to have buggery as a sacrament than to have any change in the cloak of infallibility
    PS, I absolutely love your style, I leave your website URL as a must read whenever I comment. Of course I only comment about once a fuckin’ month. .

  6. I’m not sure if it’s an infallibility thing as much as getting bad “intelligence”. Oh, wait, wrong top apple. My mistake.

    These latest revelations (lower case ‘r’) are just mind-boggling. Pretty hard to defend any moral authority at this point, not that it’s been easier in the past, but still…

  7. Question; I see, in the gray-space in the right margin, a tiny ‘smiley-face’. Does that mean anything, or since it’s late hours in Buffalo, I’m hallucinating?

    • I’ve noticed that myself. It just sits there. Not a link…doesn’t do anything. Just fucking sits there…grinning at me. Mocking me. Waiting…waiting for something…and refusing to be ignored.
      I don’t know wtf it is.

  8. Uh..what’s Facebook? Never heard of it. Probably some Internet site full of idiots talking about how “kewl” they are and posting happy faces.

    With regards to kiddie diddling, it seems every Catholic out there is parsing words, invoking Plausible Deniability or doing whatever mental gymnastics it takes to protect the Pope on this one. I’ve read a blog where some guy claimed that because the the priest in question wasn’t directly under Ratso’s command, everything is cool and every Catholic can relax.

    The general theme is that sheltering rapists from legal authorities and keeping everything in-house was perfectly legitimate not just in the 1800’s, but even into the 80’s. At worse, it was “misguided and ineffectual”. There is a general acceptance of covering up seriously illegal activities within the Catholic church. Not only is it done without so much as an intellectual blink, anybody who questions this practice is somehow anti-Catholic or anti-God.

    The problem has nothing to do with what Ratso knew or did. The problem was not how the policy was applied. The problem is that the policy was:

    1) Don’t tell the cops or anybody else anything.
    2) Scold him, pray for him and move him somewhere else.

    instead of:

    1) Call the cops.
    2) Visit him in jail and pray for him.

    It is shocking how few people recognize this.

  9. I guess the name should be changed from Seminary to Semenary. So see, these priests are just being good little semen-arians, and in Pope Ratzinger’s case, a good semen-Aryan.

  10. @ZIGAR
    ….I see what you did there.

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