False Jesus? How Would You Know?

Checking the stats on my blog and noticed that someone had come in here from a site referencing Ray Comfort. Always curious what that twisted git might be up to, I thought I’d click over and read another Comfort smack down. Surprise, surprise! They think Ray’s the best thing since sliced bread. The post concerned whether it was a good or bad thing that Ray sometimes appears on panels with other preachers of the “health and wealth” sort (whatever that is).
What I found most interesting, however, was posted by one of the commenters:

If he goes and does not point out the FALSE CHRIST and FALSE GOSPEL these men preach, irregardless of what he, Ray himself, says, he is just as guilty of promoting the false gospel. Christ rebuked the Pharisees and the apostles rebuked the false prophets…TO THE SHEEP. The error here is in giving credence to their false gospel and christ and putting their idle chatter on equal footing as the Gospel and Christ….
If Ray is going there to share the Gospel and REBUKE these false charlatans, Glory to God. If he does not rebuke them and allows the sheep to listen to a false christ, he has condoned the false teaching by keeping quiet.
Why are we surprised? His partner, Kirk Cameron, sits on the heretical TBN all the time without rebuking the false gospel and false christ. Nothing new here.

Leaving aside the horribly weak grammar (I fucking HATE “irregardless”!), the odd habit of employing a small C for the false christ and a capital C for the True Christ, I’m a little shocked that they have anything but slobbering praise for former child star Kirk Cameron. After all, the man invented the crocoduck argument!
And another thing…and this always mystifies me…how can these gospel heads be so certain they know which Christ is real and which christ is false? Doesn’t it ever occur to them that they might well be the ones suffering the delusion, instead of (or just the same as) all the other Christians?
Of course, all theists are deluded in my opinion…but it strikes me as particular evidence of their religious pathology – that absolute certainty that they see, everyone else is blind, and not only that but all those other believers are doing it wrong.
The bible seems to be some sort of perfect amplifier for stupidity.


4 Responses

  1. The crockoduck is fucking hilarious! Other than proving Cameron is an idiot who knows how to photo-shop, it is completely meaningless.

    Anybody who takes the crockoduck “argument” remotely seriously is retarded to the point where I wonder if they are intelligent enough to know how to breathe.

  2. “where I wonder if they are intelligent enough to know how to breathe.”

    That part is mostly autonomic, so they don’t get bonus points.

    My beef with organized religion(s) is that you don’t know if your tenet right until it’s too late. It’s quite possible that you may not know at that point either, if there is nothing but Nothingness. So, yeah, the arrogance of these pricks is pretty numbing.

  3. Picking up on what Cousinavi said, one of the larger problems I have with religion is that so many of them are so absolutist about their religion’s monopoly on rightness. And that rightness extends to everything, every single damn detail, even details their religion shouldn’t give less of a fuck about.

    For example, the Catholic church made the sun revolving around Earth an article of faith despite objections from elements of the church. Yet, they stuck to it and punished all who questioned it. As the critics within warned at the time, the church gained nothing from it and wound up losing face over something irrelevant to their mission. They still get laughed at over it centuries later.

    I expect a measure of “we’re right” when it comes to competing religions, Christian v Jews v Hindus v Muslims v whatever because there are some serious policy differences. But that doesn’t extend to killing their rivals, as most seem to think it does.

    What I find ridiculous is how denominations within the same religion can make such bold claims of their unique rightness, often claiming practitioners of other denominations will go to Hell. Basically, it’s like claiming that one flavour of ice cream is vastly superior to all others and that, if you don’t eat Rocky Road exclusively, you’ll being having one in Hell.

    The more absolutist a religion is about their monopoly on rightness, the more likely they do it for reasons of power and mind control. That’s where the evils of religion come into play. That’s where they transcend from a harmless charity/social club/philosophical group into something harmful. As such, it can be used as a barometer of how evil a particular religion is.

    If God were to exist, I can’t help but think He would consider this even more pathetic than I do and might just downgrade people because of their egotism. It’s possible He might have a personal favourite, like with ice cream, but I can’t imagine He would give a fuck what version of Christianity you practice. I’m sure He wouldn’t even mind that much if you were a Muslim, Jew or even atheist , so long as you preformed well as a human being.

    I’m not sure why so many idiots think that they can be safe from an all knowing, all seeing, supreme being’s judgment just because they joined what they think is his favourite church. Yet so many think they are and so many are incredibly boastful about it.

  4. Well, in the spirit (secular, not holy) of the season, March Madness, maybe cousinavi can put together a playoff bracket of the different religions. The “brand names” could be top-seeded and maybe get a bye into the 2nd round. I haen’t figured out how to determine the match-up winners yet; I guess its been that way for a few thousand years…

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