DGBG Podcast

If you enjoy political talk and social commentary…by which I mean thoughtful, informed discussion as opposed to the sort of false equivalency and talking point crap that has swamped media in a vicious fog of shit, check out the Driftglass and Blue Gal podcast.
My introduction came via this show. I enjoyed it so much I went to their archives for a second. Now we’re dating. They’re insightful, funny, sarcastic, incisive, honest…here’s hoping Jeff Zucker never hears them.


2 Responses

  1. Very pleasantly surprised. Extremely erudite, well-read hosts. Better than any other talking heads I’ve heard lately on TV or radio – and that’s saying something, given my admiration for Rachel Maddow.

    • Yeah…I spent a couple of hours listening to their archives. Entirely worth it. Smart, professional, erudite, funny. They should be in syndication.

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