Right End, Wrong Reason

Glenn Beck, the sputtering insanity of Fox News with the ‘punch me’ face, believes that social justice is the creeping edge of communism. He is now the subject of a boycott by Christians because he suggested on his program that people leave their church if the pastor preaches about “social justice.”
He’s half right, but for the wrong reason. People should leave their church because it’s an institution that promotes unthinking, dogmatic belief in fantastic, supernatural fairy tales. Sermons calling for social justice are merely evidence that even within the most vile and destructive organization, there can be some small redeeming quality.
In any case, here’s hoping Beck doesn’t back down. With no advertisers and the Christians throwing a conniption, perhaps someone will finally pull the plug on the stupid bastard.


8 Responses

  1. Interesting. Given your viewpoint, please consider a new show.

    Please tune in to the premiere of Red State Pariah, hosted by Harlan Reece.

    A candid discussion about the church’s obligation to speak truth to power. Does the church have an obligaton to publicly oppose unjust wars? In addition to pondering this question, we will also take a critical look at the role of the religious right, how it has helped to shape the perceptions of Christianity, and its influence in the arena of national policy. Has the message of Christ been coopted and perverted to justify an imperial agenda? Featured Guests: Asani Charles, Poet, Writer, Commentator (1st half hour) Kendriana Washington: Poet, writer, activist (2nd Half Hour).


    • The church, given its commitment to promoting a philosophy – claims about the nature of reality – for which there is no evidence, has fundamentally disqualified itself from playing any legitimate role in public policy.
      Any discussion about a church’s obligation to “speak truth to power” is, from the outset, an exercise in stunning hypocrisy.
      Opposition to unjust wars, leaving aside the question of how one determines which are just, might more effectively come from those who participated in fewer of them, and who expended less effort in drumming support for them.
      That there are divisions within the church – Christians for example, even across the various sects (ie. Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, Anglican, Church of Christ, Snake Handlers, Evangelicals, Born Again…) divide still further into Fundamentalist, Moderate, Reform, Progressive and other self-identifying labels – only adds weight to the argument that there isn’t even a coherent body of doctrine, policy, thought or belief within the larger body to be able to take a position much less a direction, or to offer anyone social or philosophical guidance.
      Has the message of Christ been corrupted? That assuredly depends on whom you ask. Their answer will tell you more about the person than it will about Christ’s message.
      If the point is that the Fundamentalist Christians have affected the perception of the church, my response is, “No more or less than the church itself.” Discussion about which group has more distorted the message presumes that the message is some kind of objective core element when nothing could be further from the truth. The message, like the discussion, depends on whom you ask.
      The sooner those who wish to believe in fairy tales stop trying to sell their book of fables to others, the better.

  2. If the church (funny how, to you, “the church” automatically means Christians) has an obligation to speak the truth, then it has an obligation to shut the fuck up.
    Everything said by clergypersons in churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc., is a lie by definition.
    All those nice church buildings could be turned into something useful, like schools or homeless shelters. It would be a better world.

    • In the west, it so commonly is the Christians (of one stripe or another) it seems almost pointless to mention the rest.
      As for Jews, while I have no love lost for any organized religion, at least they don’t try to convert people. You have to ask to join…and then there’s a hazing process.

    • Whether or not they LIE is an open question. I define lying as knowingly telling a falsehood. If they actually believe what they’re saying, they’re just wrong. Of course, if they actually believe the crap they say, they must also be rather stupid…but not necessarily liars.

  3. Point taken. I used “lying” as shorthand for “saying things that are not true.”
    I realize that sometimes those terms are not synonymous.
    But they should still shut the fuck up.

  4. If the church can’t promote social justice, then what the fuck are they supposed to do…promote social injustice?

    I guess the answer is “yes”. You take charity and social justice out of Christianity and you’ve got no possible redeeming societal value whatsoever. The religion quickly becomes exactly what it’s critics say it is.

    • Speaking of injustice, David has returned to the other thread to defend child rape. He directed the bulk of his comment to you. Stubborn cunt sent me into paroxysms. Come take a few kicks.

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