Where Do Idiots Come From?

It used to be, when one was engaged in an argument or debate, that reference to facts and authority were important. If you could offer demonstrably true evidence in favour of your position, the opposition would have to acknowledge it. They might then attempt to find some way to distinguish the facts, or present their own referenced facts which cut the other way, but one simply was not permitted to go blithering off in stone contradiction of the evidence. Moreover, if one were caught simply making shit up, that was the end of it. Anyone who sacrificed their credibility with falsehoods in an attempt to shore up a bad position sacrificed it ALL.

Now witness the sort of impertinent, uneducated, yammering, nonsensical horseshit that gets thrashed about the internet 24/7.
The great promise of the web was that everyone would have a voice. The great bane of the web is that everyone has a voice: Idiots, morons, imbeciles, liars; spittle-flecked madness and stone ignorance parading about dressed in absolute certainty.
Specifically, I offer a couple of recent commenters here at VNV for your consideration: The Mad Jewess (aptly named) and her Meir Kahane worshiping cohort / self-described former JDL leg breaker “JTF“.

The Mad Jewess is an interesting case.  Personally, I think she’s batshit nuts.
She would, I have no doubt, argue that my calling her crazier than a shithouse rat is simply how libruls respond to being confronted with TRUTH! (She would also capitalize truth to make it more truthy). I prefer, as always, to deal with evidence.

TMJ posted a comment here asserting that she is 100% pro-Israel and supports that state’s policies.  On what passes for her blog, however, she equates any effort to extend health care to all American citizens as an attempted communist takeover.
One wonders if she’s aware that Israel provides socialized health care to its citizens.    This is, I assure you, only one example of this poor, demented, yammering lipflap trying to suck and blow at the same time.

TMJ argues that Bernie Madoff is a hero because he stole so much money from liberals.
It’s not clear where she obtained a complete list of Bernie’s victims, or managed to cross-reference their political leanings, but she said it.

She objects to being labeled a racist despite the evidence, found in almost every post on her garishly designed, center-justified, extremely manic blog.

In an early comment she objected to my contention that religion be kept out of education policy, in part, as follows:

“The REASON there is massive Jew-hatred is because Jews have LOST their identity., this blog is a perfect example of a Jew that has went after a false god=LIBERALISM.”

Leaving “has went” aside, apparently she is of the opinion that “Jew hatred” was substantially lower back in the days of the holocaust or the pogroms, you know…when Jews had an identity, which they don’t anymore.
How does one even begin to respond to that degree of stupid?

Seemingly it would please her to have the Christian Right take over education policy in America.
In addition to getting rid of evolution, they could repair the history curriculum and teach that Jesus Christ was the messiah.
Oh…wait a sec…he was just a rabbi, right? The messiah is still to come.
If you really want to see Jew hatred, imagine the schism…the war, after the Jews and Christians team up to get genesis into the biology classroom, when the question of Christ’s divinity comes up.

TMJ brings all of the foregoing in addition to an absolutely MANIC posting style – as if leaving four comments really fast somehow adds weight to her opinions – and an almost total inability to employ punctuation WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ALL CAPS, AND LOTS AND LOTS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exclamation marks always indicate truthiness.
More marks equals more truth.

After taking a well deserved bitch slapping in the comments thread, she ran off and recruited her BFF JTF.
This guy runs a site which honours Meir Kahane.
Meir was an ultra-right wing, paranoid, apocalyptic mad man who once started up a political party in Israel. Thanks to the presence of fair numbers of ultra-conservative nutbar Jews, he managed to actually secure a single seat in the Knesset.
While I have numerous problems with some of the policies followed by Israel, it counts in its favour that Kahane’s entire party was banned from existence due to its blatant, unrestrained racism.

JTF employs the derogatory term schvartze to refer to blacks, calls Barack Obama, “a black Muslim Nazi,” called me a Kike, asserted that the Preamble of the US constitution is not part of the US constitution, boasts (read lies) that he was once “a professional leg breaker for the JDL”, and holds out Bernie Madoff as a hero. Birds of a feather, eh? He does these things in support of his argument that Glenn Beck speaks the truth.

I ask again: How does one begin to respond to this degree of stupid?

These two brain withered turnips immediately rushed off to their home blogs and posted the alarm. I am described as an “erav-rav” (literally “mixed multitudes”) by JTF – a fake Jew, JINO (Jew in Name Only), one who has married out or otherwise betrayed the Jews and/or “pure Judaism”.
More specifically:

“Before the arrival of Moshiach, most of the rabbis will be from the Erev Rav, because Israel in themselves are holy, but the Erev Rav only work for their own benefit…wanting to rule over the public…
One should only join with those who truly serve G-d and sacrifice themselves to Him, but not in order to receive any benefit.” (Divrei Chaim, Parashas Vayakhel, ‘Omissions’)
Thus, a tell-tale sign of Erev Rav is not what the person does, but his motivation for doing it, which is not always simple to know. However, over time it is clear which leaders serve G-d and His people ‘lishmah’ – for altruistic reasons – and which ones do so for the sake of some personal benefit. Thus, you can find simple, unlearned but devoted Jews who are cherished by Heaven, and intelligent and well-learned
leaders who are self-serving, and despised by Heaven, especially when they fool the public and garner their respect.

Yeah, that’s me. Fulfilling the mitzvos but only in it for the money. I must be fucking up some of the mitzvos. Just a sec…my bacon, lobster and tomato sandwich is ready.
Where was I? Oh yeah…the enemy within.
There’s nothing to be done, you see. It’s not the sort of stupid that can be overcome with appeals to reason or facts. It’s biblical stupid. Utterly dogmatic. They’re right, and anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with them is erav rav; of the devil; a suppressive person…whatever the blitheringly imbecilic tag might be.
And it’s not just that Meir Kahane was right, or the Torah is right, or the Talmud or anything of the sort. This “being right” – the profound burden of being the sole guardians of truth beyond facts – bleeds over into every single opinion they have…and they have opinions on everything from Glenn Beck to the controversial debate between Miracle Whip and mayonnaise.
Only a fucking Nazi would choose the wrong salad dressing.


14 Responses

  1. […] with me, because he HATES God and is looking for excuses to NOT repent and USE the Shiksa  Where Do Idiots Come From? He is DEMONIC. Watch out […]

    The Mad Jewess on the Blog of Many Colours: I am DEMONIC! LMAO. She’s taking this rather personally.

  2. Unfortunately, that level of ignorance cannot be cured.

    If a cure IS ever devised, I’d suggest that it be administered to several dozen members of Congress.

  3. Well, cousinavi, I don’t think there’s much in a way of response regarding TMJ and JTF. I think you need a base of rational argument for discourse, and I don’t see them providing it.

    I think that in terms of CAPS AND !!!!, it’s for your benefit. The CAPS represent, as you point out, the truthiness of the point, and the !!!! emphasize the urgency that you should come around to her point.

    I do have a question with your example of JTF’s work; he used ‘G-d’ a couple of times. Is he waiting to buy a vowel?

  4. Man, after I left here the other day I had a splitting headache from reading all of the fucking stupidity that passed for “cogent debate” on the part of those morons. Then I heard and felt a loud CRACK! from where my skull split in twain, and had to get a vice to hold my head together. It was rather disconcerting, let me tall ya!

  5. That level of stupid is not only incurable, it’s untreatable. You have the patience of Job (a Jew, as I recall).
    I would have simply blocked them.
    I’ve had conversations with 5-year-olds who could connect rational thoughts more effectively.
    The Teabaggers would ask those people to leave.
    Is it possible this woman is actually a Poe, and you’ve been punked?

  6. So, as a liberal I’m wondering where we sign up to be on these so called “death panels” again? Do you have to be a medical professional or can any old liberal sign up to be on them?. Has anyone else gotten the “be on the death panel of a fucking moron” pamphlet in the mail yet? Please please PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know where I sign up.

  7. I think I ran into TMJ when I used to post on pro-peace boards.

    I think this crowd is of the Messianic sort (Christian or Jew, more likely Christian). There is a group of very confused christians out there who can’t figure out what exactly they are. Whatever their stripe, they love Israel since it’s “re-establishment” signals the coming of the Mosiach/Messiah. This Mosiach loves his people and hopes they will all follow him, or die in a big ass mushroom cloud signaling World Wars 5 through 35 and the end of the world.

    These are the Wack jobs who support the Iraq war–just coz.

  8. One of your best pieces of the year, despite the fact you didn’t answer the question “Where do idiots come from?”

    There’s much more to this than just ignorance. Ignorance just means a lack of knowledge. Being an idiot like this involves a much deeper “lifestyle choice”. It means deliberately choosing to be an obstinate, absolutist, moron. It means not just not knowing, but not caring to know. It means not just rejecting evidence to the contrary, but rejecting it PURELY because it is contrary evidence.

    Once upon a time, contrary evidence would at least enter the human ear, rattle around a little bit, and be judged on merit. That isn’t to say it wasn’t discounted according to the source’s credibility, motivation, or favourability. A person would hear X fact/opinion and say, “Yeah, but fact Y is more important to me than fact X. That’s why I think we should do such-and-such instead.”

    My point is, there was at least a reasoning process at play. Today, idiots act like their brains are made of stone, incapable of change, incapable of being wrong.

    And to partially answer your question about where they come from and why there are so many of them; aside from the fact that idiots breed faster and more often than non-idiots, I believe that two technology/media changes have made all the difference.

    The first is the 24 hour news channel. Producers had to fill 24 hours. Instead of going out into the world and finding news (aka their job), they decided it was easier and more profitable to sit people down and have them yell at each other. Being an entertaining arguer became a profession and all political discussion was re-framed as an epic clash between two monolithic blocks of Good and Evil. And people bought into it.

    The second development was the Internet. It was trumpeted as a way of bypassing traditional media filters. And that’s the problem. Professional, fact based, objective, journalism has been disappearing ever since. Today, every idiot can spew his venomous idiocy at will, unchallenged, unfiltered and can present utter lies as fact and often appear legit. The idiot can also now ensure he only hears information that confirms his idiocy. (aka the side of Good. Everything else is Evil.)

    That’s why lunatics like the ones you mentioned can make claims that Obama is a communist, that people who want to apply American standards of justice to terrorists are anti-American, or any number of utterly ludicrous allegations they may not even think are true, but are spreading anyway.

    Before 24 hour news channels and the Internet, these people were rarely heard from because they were largely filtered out in favour of more rational people. Now it’s almost impossible to get away from them and they are multiplying fast.

  9. Thanks for explanation on reason for dropping the “o”.

  10. Dear Laci the Dog;

    I can assure you that my sister would never post on a pro-peace board.

    “Support the Iraq War just coz?” That is a rather broad assumption. We should have nuked the whole east, the world would have been a better place. Of course you won’t agree with that, but this is what makes the world go round.

    To Avi, you cant be an atheist & a Jew. Seems like it just might be yourself with the hang-up here.

    • To Avi, you cant be an atheist & a Jew. Seems like it just might be yourself with the hang-up here.

      1 a member of the Semitic people who are notionally descended from the ancient Israelites, are spread throughout the world, and are linked by loose cultural or religious ties
      2 a person whose religion is Judaism, (See also) → Hebrew → Israeli → Israelite

      It doesn’t surprise me that you can’t understand being both a Jew and an atheist. Of course, you can’t understand walking and chewing gum, so what should one expect?

  11. Dear ‘liberalssuckass’, I am so glad that you are not the arbitor of who and who is not a jew. deal with it.

    To everybody: Hi! As I sit here in England I’ve been wondering as well about Avi’s original question, “where do idiots come from’. I agree with Sedate, this is one of Avi’s best pieces this year, and I agree with Sedate’s points about the internet and news channels having a negative impact on the quality of discourse of global issues. I think there is another factor- one that is very evident here in England- it’s some kind of retroactive anger and lost identity over the fall of the British Empire. There are many people (whole towns even) here that were brought up being taught to believe in the ever present superiority of the British Empire and of its permanency who are now lost without the identity of being part of Rule Britannia. Within 40 short years after WWII it completely dissolved- whole industries have closed, towns have become wastelands and many people do not know how to express themselves in the new reality other than through expressions of anger and retribution. Somehow I think that feeling is mirrored in the U.S. by people who long for the simplicity of the 1950’s – Us against the Soviets, with blacks and other non-Caucasian minorities over there, whites comfortably up here…etc…and the economic stress of the U.S.recently also mirrors a kind of falling of, or threat to, the American empire- huge unemployment also creates a backlash- and a recoiling of thinking back to what is remembered as good and safe. It’s sad really, but that’s life. Life is change- sometimes good and sometimes bad- and when it’s bad (as in, when it’s not what some people want, what threatens them) people don’t like it and start barking- and naturally they come together with other like-minded people for support and validation….the internet!

    I think this explains to me the rabid anger of racists, tea-bagging racists, weirdo ‘I’m a Jew you’re not a Jew, you’re a kike” nonsense barkers etc.

    As an aside, mitochondrial DNA drift evidence has concluded that EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET IS RELATED TO EACH OTHER BY NO MORE THAN 2000 GENERATIONS!!!!!!!!! (hee hee- I used a lot of capitals and exclamation points but at least this piece of fact deserves it!)

    So basically JTF and TMJ, all your viewpoints about the superiority of this group over that group is just based on your own bias and dislike of others who are, actually, your family. JTF when you fuck your wife you’re fucking your distant cousin- and when you disparage people from a different culture or those with slightly different concentrations of melanin in their skin, you are degrading your cousins. 2000 generations isn’t that much, is it?

    JTF- ever entertain any black veterans at your shows? They’re part of your ‘greatest generation there ever has been’ too, right? No, no, not them, just the white-skinned ones- how silly. I think your shows are not really volunteering so much as self-ego validation events. “I AM a good person,” I can just hear you say to yourself as your are on stage feeling the adoration of the crowd of veterans. “Yes! Whatta feeling!”,”With my wife here with me by my side there’s nothing I can’t do, like spew my retarded double-backward nonsense to myself and the cyberworld to validate my anger and sublimate my fears- YES!”

    bravo JTF. Brav-o. Why don’t you mosey over to the black veterans hall and serve yourself some humble-pie?

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