The Mad Jewess

If you’re ever curious to see what sort of batshit insane, imbecilic, twisted, ranting freak of nature might consider Glenn Beck a source of truth and insight, take a peek at this display. It’s the site of a recent (and rather obsessive…though mostly nonsensical) commenter here at VNV who calls herself “themadjewess”.
She’s been carrying a grudge against Pink Floyd for some time based on a rather stunning inability to understand lyrics…and that’s merely the near edge of the madness.
The sputtering rants she posts in the comment thread are mostly here. I don’t recommend you read them unless blithering madness is something you enjoy.


20 Responses

  1. What sort of weenie whines about an anonymous blogger?

    • LOL. Put down that copy of Atlas Shrugged and back away from your overblown condescension. You can use the saved effort for further perusing of your collection of American Heritage magazines from those halcyon days before you were forced to pretend to be thoughtful.

      • I’m not an Ayn Rand fan.

        • As between Ayn Rand and spewing Christianist crap, I prefer the Fountainhead crowd. Rand comes close, but there’s nothing more hypocritical, hateful, ugly and contemptible than someone who yammers about the bible and Jesus while spreading harmful myths as though they had an inside track on an omniscient magical phantom.

        • You seem to contradict yourself. I’ll see if I can work through what you’re saying here…

          It’s hypocritical to spread “harmful myths” (would that be Christianity?) while yammering on about the Bible and Jesus?

          How is that hypocritical?

        • Are you obtuse or simply reading impaired? Religious faith – all theological claims about the nature of god – are myth.
          Spreading that faith to others is harmful, not least because it advocates accepting as truth a bunch of inherently contradictory claims based on knowledge claimed that is simply impossible to know. It’s called FAITH for a reason. It’s not called KNOWING for the same reason.
          The Abrahamic faiths are especially hypocritical in that they assert such personal characteristics as humility while at the same time asserting that god – an omnipotent, omniscient creator – has a special plan for them and made the universe as part of that specific plan for them; that they (and they alone) know what god wants, demands and directs, and that anyone who does not believe as they do is doomed to eternal punishment. Yeah…that’s pretty fucking humble.
          Of course, the list goes on…and on…and on…
          Christians yammer about the value of unborn life while supporting a church that protects and defends child rape.
          Christians scream and holler about the sanctity of marriage while one after another of them are exposed as adulterers, pedophiles, gay…any of the long long list of behaviours against which they publicly rant. Swaggert, Baker, Ensign, Craig, Mehlman, Rekers, Gingrich, Vitter, Robertson. The louder the supposedly faithful scream about a particular sin, the more likely that sin is their personal vice. But it’s not enough for these puffed up blowhards to live a life of hypocrisy, they seek to inflict their ridiculous, delusional theocracy on the rest of us, inventing such utter horseshit as “America was founded on Christian prinicples,” or “Gay marriage is a bigger threat to national security than Al Qaeda.”

          The hypocrisy is not between spreading harmful myths while yammering about Jesus and the bible. Those two behaviours are sadly far too common to be distinguished. The hypocrisy is in suggesting that there’s any basis whatsoever to believe any of that stunted, needy, pathetic crap while privately failing to live up to the bullshit faith they insist others adopt; in cherry picking the parts of the “inerrant word of god” they like while conveniently ignoring the nasty bits that call their entire imbecilic theology into disrepute: Slavery, stoning for adultery, eating shellfish, incest, genocide. But, of course, along with hypocrisy, arrogance, pride and contempt, willful blindness is a requisite quality of the faithful…so it doesn’t surprise me that you have trouble following the argument, nor that you resort to a cheap semantic ploy requiring a twisted, sophomoric construction rather than the plain meaning of a simple sentence. Hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does, so please…whatever else you do…don’t bother praying for me. I’d hate for you to prove my point while being unable to see it.

        • Perhaps you have difficulty with simple sentence structure. You wrote:

          [T]here’s nothing more hypocritical, hateful, ugly and contemptible than someone who yammers about the bible and Jesus while spreading harmful myths as though they had an inside track on an omniscient magical phantom.

          Hypocritical = someone who yammers about the Bible and Jesus(ie Christrianity) WHILE “spreading harmful myths” (ie Christianity)

        • No, you stunningly obtuse little Jesus shit.

          [T]here’s nothing more hypocritical, hateful, ugly and contemptible than someone who yammers about the bible and Jesus while spreading harmful myths as though they had an inside track on an omniscient magical phantom.

          What a shock. Willfully blind and expressive of contempt for which there is no basis. You really ARE a Christian.

          The contrast between the behaviour and the hypocrisy need not turn on the word “While.” While, in this sentence, may be fairly (and accurately) understood to have the same meaning as “At the same time”, or if one prefers (and I do), even as a rather muddled conjunction replacing “And.” There is no significant difference between the statements, “I was watching television and making a sandwich,” and, “I was watching television while making a sandwich.” Certainly not any worth quibbling over unless one is needlessly attempting to make a rather imbecilic and weak front over the rather desperate need to save one’s particular brand of bullshit with a sad little bit of semantic gamesmanship that amounts to nothing more than a straw man.

          The pivot to hypocrisy is located on the words “As though”…AS THOUGH you have some inside track on an omniscient magical phantom – something you believe and for which you have no evidence beyond your own dogmatic delusions and the conviction that you’re somehow more special than everyone else. And what supports that deeply unbalanced conclusion; that fantasy which helps you sleep and lets you condescend to others? Nothing more than sheer arrogance…and certainly nothing remotely resembling a fucking fact.

          It’s not my structure that causes the problem. It’s stubborn morons who, rather than address the fucking Ponderosa pine impaling their brain prefer to pick at a cobbled up mote in a sentence that really isn’t that difficult to understand…unless one is a juvenile little piece of Christian desperation scratching for something over which to argue.

          Now run along. I’m sure your stubborn little word games impress the hell out of someone, else you wouldn’t think them worthy of trying them here and exposing how poorly you think – a redundancy since you have already been revealed as yet another blithering idiot of the Nazarene.

        • GRAMMAR FIGHT!!!
          GRAMMAR FIGHT!!!
          GRAMMAR FIGHT!!!

        • It ain’t grammar…it’s construction. The Jesus freak insists on reading a perfectly simple sentence as it suits her rather than accept a reasonably obvious and plain meaning. It’s nothing more than a weak ass tactic employed by a weak ass mind…and if you check her site, you’ll quickly see exactly what I mean by that. Gays are unnatural; that student who insisted that she could never counsel gay students because being gay contradicted her faith was hard done by when the uni told her she had failed to meet the required academic standards…and it goes on and on. Just blithering fucking imbecility wrapped in the sort of arrogant certainty so sickeningly common among the blessed. It wouldn’t surprise me even a little bit to find her scissoring with Larry Craig’s wife while reading selected bits of Leviticus and whipping herself with something made of barbed wire.

          Speaking of whipping oneself…haven’t heard from Little John lately. Hope he didn’t wreck that bike and fuck himself up.

        • “while” is a preposition and it related to the main part of the sentence.

          “as though” is another preposition but it doesn’t relate to the main part of sentence but rather just to the part about spreading myths.

          He simply wasn’t making his point clear.

        • If you’re going to fuck about with ME on matters of grammar, you ignorant little Nazarene, you had best go fucking well learn something about it.
          “While” IS NOT a fucking preposition. “While” is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction, you stupid fucking pain in the ass.

          “As though” is NOT a fucking preposition. We normally think of though as a conjunction introducing a contrastive statement, and as the less formal and less forceful equivalent of although and even though.

          Now, in all sincerity: FUCK OFF before you embarrass yourself any further with your stubborn LACK of knowing what the fuck you’re talking about.

        • It’s a fucking BLOG COMMENT, you obtuse little Jesus freak. When I decide to submit something for publication, I may take more care. If you’re incapable of recognizing the depth and breadth of the hypocrisy you LIVE, each and every time you drop to your knees and beg for something from your non-existent magical sky wizard; each time you invoke the spiritus sanctus; every fucking time you gobble another heaping helping of dogmatic shit and spew your ignorant fantasies into the mix; each time you determine that, rather than address the argument, you’ll drag out your grammar primer and attempt to deconstruct a sentence in some fashion that suits you in order to avoid the dead-heart-center label of being a thoughtless, condescending hypocrite…let me be clear: I haven’t got time to waste on such juvenile, stubborn, insistent stupidity.
          Now go read your fucking bible. Or pray. Or do some fucking thing. But…really…fuck off, kid. If you were 40% smarter you’d still be annoying…and stupid.

        • You are an angry little man.

          I’m not playing word games.

          I simply quoted your original assertion and pointed out how silly it was, as if a hypocritical Christian is one who talks about Christianity and promotes Christian beliefs.

          There really was no need to go off on a hardly-coherent rant about how much you hate Christians.

          You simply should have said, “Oops, that didn’t make sense. Here, let me reword it so I don’t sound like an idiot.”

        • I don’t hate Christians, per se. I hate their hypocrisy and the frequency with which they engage in mindless little word games based on nothing more than their own insistent stubborn idiocy in order to go home feeling like they’ve justified their worldview.
          That you need to invent semantic objections based on a narrow and exclusive reading of what was really a very simple and easily comprehended sentence only belies the depths to which you will go to avoid wearing the label you properly earn simply by virtue of your condescending and delusional faith in a magical sky wizard (not to mention the ignorance so freely expressed on your blog – perhaps the most ironically titled waste of time I’ve seen in months).

          I’m not angry. I’m more than a little frustrated with blithering fucking imbeciles who live and breath Fox News, quote scripture, insist they have an inside track to the mind of god, can’t distinguish between secular government and the imbecilic theocracy they only think they want until they find they’ve empowered all the other god freaks they truly believe are doomed to hell.

          That you continually insist on your reading of my sentence, despite having been corrected and shown the narrow and stubborn ignorance which is apparently your style, only confirms the perfect value of my previous advice: Run along. Go read your fucking bible or some fucking thing. This is a forum for adults and you haven’t acquired the minimum synapses to play here.

      • Yeah, I’d suggest she try to live out some Penthouse Letters rather than Atlas Shrugged any day.

  2. Natassia, on October 8, 2010 at 12:52 pm Said: Edit Comment

    Flattered, but not my style.

    She’s a Christian, man. 30 pieces of silver.

  3. Well done Avi!! Passionate and fact filled. Made my day- thanks

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