Meir Kahane

In response to a recent comment from an ultra-right supporter of Meir Kahane, I turned a phrase I deem worthy of promotion.
Background: Meir Kahane founded a political party in Israel. At one point in time it even held a seat in the Knesset. Later, though, the entire party was banned for being racist.
“Banned from Israeli politics for racism? That’s like being booted out of NAMBLA for perversion.”


7 Responses

  1. Very funny line, Cousinavi. I’m surprised nobody has hanged you for it.

    As for this Kahane clown, anybody who thinks that post WW2 America would ever engineer Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo is so mentally incapable, they probably wouldn’t recognize gravity if they saw it in action. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything less likely for America to do…stop building weapons maybe?

    America is unquestionably the most Israel-loving nation on the planet. The historical level of love for Jews amongst the population hasn’t exactly been overwhelming, but it has increased enormously over time. That means this utterly insane concept has actually gotten LESS likely over time.

    I don’t know much about them, but the fact that American government (and the Israeli government) put Kahane’s group on a list of terrorist groups says more than enough about Kahane’s ideas. You have to be a dangerously crazy Jew group to get on that list.

    Are you on it, Cousinavi?

    • When Kahane was shot, my comment was, “Good riddance.”
      When the assassin was described by witnesses as “swarthy”, my comment was, “DUH!”
      A reprehensible human being.

  2. Super comment, mind if I steal it.

    OK, now that we’re mentioning it, I think I ran into the crazy bitch at a right of return (Palestinian, not Jewish) website.

    I really have a problem with the Zionist urge to move to that middle Eastern Ghetto, especially since the REAL supporters of Israel tend to be Christian Zionists who want to round up all the Jews in said Ghetto in the hopes they will convert, or be incinerated in a huge ass mushroom cloud signaling the end of the world as predicted in that sick comic book called the New Testament.

    Why don’t you ban these folks from posting comments, or do you enjoy the fun?

    • It’s amusing for awhile…but the repetitive, insistent stupidity; circular, stubbornly ignorant arguments; weak minded racism and arrogant certainty – an almost complete rejection of anything remotely resembling reason eventually gets tiresome. Then I just stop posting their comments.
      I do like giving them enough rope to publicly whip their own skin to ribbons first.

  3. The sooner, the better.

    • I do distinguish between the imbecilic, unhinged ranting racism JTF seems barely able to restrain, and the more subtle sort of simmering hate inherent in his more topical posts. Take his latest two, for example…he almost seems to be trying to make evidence based arguments. He didn’t use the words schvarzim or kike; he refrained from moronic claims about IQ…so I let him post.
      Then Sedate Me, yourself, Little John and Banyan Tree come along and curb stomp the ignorant fuckwit. I have to admit that seeing him slapped about like a petulant step-child is worth the price.

  4. Sometimes, I feel a tad guilty about picking on the mentally infirmed. That’s why I usually hold out an olive branch at some point, or at least give them a chance to say “uncle”. As long as they’re fairly coherent and on-topic, I wouldn’t banish them. They might actually learn something.

    Getting back on topic, it astounds me how so many right-wing Jews think that fundamentalist Christians are their friends. Sure, they have a lot in common and might make good connections on a personal level. Sure, the fundy-Christians can take some credit for great Israeli PR and arming Israel to the gills. But at the end of the day, fundy-Christians main interest in Jews and Israel is that they need them around to achieve some Biblical prophecy that requires the conversion/elimination of ALL Jews. Otherwise, they would just be the backward, heathen, bastards, that killed Jesus.

    If I were a Jew, assimilation would be a deal-breaker for me.

    What I find funny is that, if you went back to WW2 era territorial divisions, took out Palestinians and replaced them with fundamentalist Christians, I’m sure they would soon learn to be arch enemies.

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