Don’t Stone the Orca, Just Kill It

The ignorant fucktard who wrote that Tillikum – the killer whale that caused the death of a trainer at Sea World – should be stoned to death in accordance with scripture has changed his tune.
As a result of the internet wildfire he instigated by quoting Exodus, which specifically demands death by stoning for any animal that kills a person, he now claims that he only wants the orca euthanized…but not with rocks:

What apparently gave the story some legs is that I was falsely reported as calling for the stoning of the killer whale, when of course I did nothing of the sort. I simply called for the animal to be euthanized, which can be done humanely and entirely without using rocks. I’m sure, for instance, that the veterinarians at SeaWorld have put animals down any number of times. Plus even if you wanted to stone a giant dolphin to death, I’m not sure exactly how you’d go about doing it.

Also, and likewise bizarrely, I have been reported as calling for the owners of SeaWorld to be stoned, which of course I did not do either. I called for legal action against them to hold them accountable for negligently exposing an employee to life-endangering risk. Perhaps this additional note will reduce the level of unhinged bloviating on the internet.

The relevant quotes are here. You can see for yourself that the call for death by stoning is clear, as is the call for the curator of the aquarium to likewise be killed.

The imbecile continues:

The simple truth is that this story is about the value we place on human life. In a Judeo-Christian worldview, a human being has infinite, eternal value while an animal does not. Because of the sanctity of human life, we ought to euthanize an animal which kills a human being so that it cannot kill again.

It’s fairly routine to put a pit bull to sleep after it has mauled a child. There’s no reason not to put a killer whale to sleep after it has killed a trainer. It might be worth asking my hyperventilating adversaries what they think should be done to a pit bull owner whose dog mauls a child to death but refuses to put it down, only to have it subsequently maul a second child. (emphasis added)

This is the sort of stunted reasoning employed by religious believers all the time. There’s no analysis of the circumstances, no shades of gray. Everything is black and white and based on a literal reading of a book written by Bronze Age shepherds 2000 years ago.

Comparing a pit bull that is kept in a family home, commonly in the presence of small children, in thousands if not millions of instances around the country to a killer whale that is kept isolated in a tank, away from the public and only accessible to highly skilled and experienced trainers is not merely apples and oranges, it’s shit and shinola.
There is a significant and extremely relevant distinction to be drawn between a dangerous animal who is in frequent contact with the general public and kept by people with little or no expertise, and a dangerous animal that is never exposed to contact with the general public and is kept by people with a great degree of expertise and training.
There is another distinction worthy of note: There have been many examples of pit bulls mauling or killing people. There has never been a recorded instance of a killer whale harming a human in the wild. The extremely rare occasions on which orcas have killed humans are unique to aquariums, and arguably have more to do with our treatment of the animals than any inherent danger in the species.
How many people present to hospital emergency rooms as a result of pit bull bites? How many from unprovoked killer whale bites? How severe is the danger? What is the likelihood of it occurring? Who bears the risk? All of these questions are ignored in his idiotic rush to follow the inerrant word of god as contained in a passage written about oxen.
Equating killer whales to pit bulls in order to prop up bullshit biblical commands is nothing more than the same sort of twisted reasoning Jesus freaks commonly employ to justify a plethora of hateful, backward and wrongheaded thinking.

The arrogant prick concludes:

One unanticipated benefit of the mindless overreaction my blog has generated is that a lot more people know what’s in Exodus 21 than did a week ago. I’m happy to serve humanity by increasing biblical literacy, one passage at a time.

One unanticipated benefit of this mindless interpretation of scripture is that a lot more people can see how fucking twisted and backward religious fuckwits can be. I’m happy to serve humanity by exposing them, one blithering imbecile at a time.


2 Responses

  1. While we’re euthanizing animals due to archaic Bibilical edicts, let’s not forget to have the elders of the city stone to death all the rebellious sons, as per Deuteronomy 21:18-21.

    And despite what “god” told the Isrealites, it’s quite obvious that even “god” didn’t believe his commands.

    My take on this same issue:

  2. Wow, American Family dude is now PERVERTING SCRIPTURE to save his skin! There is only ONE TRUE WAY…to punish a sinful orca and that’s by stoning!

    Isn’t there some Bible passage on what to do with people who flip-flop on scripture?

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