Dahlia Lithwick on Liz Cheney

I’ve said it before: Dahlia Lithwick is one of the most incisive legal writers working anywhere. Her piece on Slate.com dealing with Liz Cheney’s vicious attempt to smear DOJ attorneys is a masterpiece.

Ten years ago, if some paranoid hysteric accused you of being an al-Qaida sympathizer or a jihadist, you could find a lawyer to help you make the case that you were not. But in the ever-expanding war on the Bill of Rights being waged by Liz Cheney, once you’re designated a terrorist, you lose your Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Because just by representing you—even if you’re acquitted—your lawyers become terrorists, too!
Liz Cheney isn’t careful about the words she throws around. She uses terrorist and killer the way normal people use words like salt and pepper. To her, they are just words. That’s probably the scariest part of all.

Thank you, Dahlia.


2 Responses

  1. Liz’s assertion is that if you defend terror suspects then you become a terror suspect? Well, if that’s the case, then using her “logic”, if you defend this position espoused by Liz Cheney, doesn’t that make you a Liz Cheney? Of course, in Cheney-world they’re not even suspects, but actual terrorists. Guilty until proven, well, nothing; they’re just guilty–period! God, if only Liz Cheney would take over our entire legal system; imagine all the unnecessary court costs we could avoid due to that nasty, pesky completely superfluous”due process” mumbo jumbo! I mean, apparently she’s judge, jury and executioner, all in one. Wow!

    Fuck that evil bitch! Maybe someone will fly a plane into her head.

  2. Generally speaking, even the most corrupt, fascist, dictatorial, human rights abusing, governments have provided/allowed victims of their show trials legal representation.

    It seems Lez Cheney wouldn’t even do that.

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