Torture Apologist Thiessen Shredded

A former senior intelligence officer and interrogator has written a must read bit on Slate that rips former Bush sycophant and wordsmith Marc Thiessen a new backdoor.

Some choice excerpts:

My gut reaction on reading Marc Thiessen’s new book, Courting Disaster, was: “Why is a speechwriter who’s never served in the military or intelligence community acting as an expert on interrogation and national security?” … Thiessen relies solely on the opinions of the CIA interrogators who used torture and abuse and are thus most vulnerable to prosecution for war crimes. … Courting Disaster is nothing more than the defense’s opening statement in a war crimes trial.

The author, who writes under a pseudonym for security reasons, proceeds to dismantle Thiessen’s premises and conclusions, exposing an apology crafted by an incompetent neophyte cobbled together without proper research.

Thiessen and the torture apologists mock every American soldier who has followed the rules of law and ethical warfare. He insults every interrogator who has learned to elicit information without resorting to medieval abuses. … Thiessen’s ideology represents exactly what we are fighting against in the battle with Islamic extremism—the regression of human rights and the sacrifice of individual protections to the state.


One Response

  1. That’s a really good article. It slams this Thiessen clown’s “because I wanted to” arguments with facts and cause & effect arguments.

    I wish whoever wrote would come out of the shadows.

    Sadly, the war criminals got away with their crimes and conned half the population in the process when the basic premises of their arguments are fundamentally flawed. Even some of those who oppose it have absorbed some of the thinking and are silenced by it.

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