Liz Cheney Hates America

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Following in her father’s footsteps, Liz Cheney is determined to destroy the very principles upon which America was founded.
I’ve ranted about this prevaricating piece of shit before here, and here.
Her organization is now running an ad which suggests that the DOJ is hiring lawyers who are sympathetic to terrorists and braying that the DOJ refuses to identify them.
Apparently the principle that everyone is entitled to a proper defense is not something Liz supports, and any attorney who ever performed their absolute duty by representing anyone ever held at Gitmo is now suspect.
They sputter nonsense about conflict of interest (there isn’t any) and employ tactics straight out of the playbook of Joe McCarthy – lies and fear mongering wrapped in the flag.
Ignorance of this degree ought to be laughed out of the debate. Sadly, that is not the case. As Dan Savage twittered, “Am I a bad person for hoping heart disease runs in the family?”


8 Responses

  1. And her biggest crime is that she got you to quote something somebody Twittered.

  2. On most days, I have a hard time limiting my brilliance to under 140 paragraphs…but don’t get me started on the Twits. I narrowly avoided a flame war with Zirgar over it.

  3. Of course I know when you’re pooping. What, you think I don’t own a telescope? Hey! Stop touching yourself!

  4. If I wanted the world to know what I was pooping out, I would write a 10,000 word dissertation complete with graphs, full colour photographs and maybe a witness statement or two.

  5. Cousinavi,

    Did you hear that Twitter killed Gordon Lightfoot a couple of weeks ago?

    • It would seem there’s an antidote for Twitter. 10mg of Early Morning Rain and you’re good to go.
      (1 mg = 10 db)

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