YAY! Canada 3 USA 2

We’re number one! We’re number one!

7 Responses

  1. Amazing game, regardless of the outcome. GOOOOOOLLLLLD!!! beauty. beauty.

  2. Long time fan, first time comment’er ……Yes, That was such an AMAZING, nail biting game! I was rooting for US, but Canada deserved the gold. Fuck that was such a great game!

  3. Good on you, man. When Americans claim to care about hockey, we’re either drunk or lying. Canada is the host country and I’m glad they won.
    Now go do whatever Canadians do to celebrate this sort of thing. I assume It involves heavy drinking and killing large mammals.
    I’m down with that. Eh?

  4. I swore off the NHL in 2005, so I didn’t even know who half the Canadian team was. I knew more Slovak players and took that as a bad sign. It’s damn hard to win a tournament like this without at least half your team being over 30. Lack of experience is why they struggled so much.

    How Canada couldn’t win hockey gold at home is beyond me, but it almost happened.

    As for celebration…my favourite celebration is to fire as many shots into the 5-holes of as many women as I can.

  5. I think nostrils are the 7 & 8 holes.

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