Deepak Chopra – Idiotic Snake Oil Bullshit

Deepak Chopra is back on Huffington Post, again, yammering yet more of his cobbled together philosophy of shit, sparkles and foolishness.

Before addressing the importance of spirituality in modern times, we should first define it. Spirituality is the experience of that domain of awareness where we experience our universality. This domain of awareness is a core consciousness that is beyond our mind, intellect, and ego. In religious traditions this core consciousness is referred to as the soul which is part of a collective soul or collective consciousness, which in turn is part of a more universal domain of consciousness referred to in religions as God. When we have even a partial glimpse of this level of awareness we experience joy, insight, intuition, creativity, and freedom of choice. In addition, there is the awakening of love, kindness, compassion, happiness at the success of others, and equanimity. As the turbulence of our mind settles down, our body also begins to heal itself because it also quiets down. The body’s self-repair mechanisms are activated when the mind is at peace because the mind and body are at the deepest level inseparably one.

You have to admire Chopra’s ability cram so much unsupported woo into a single opening paragraph.
“Spirituality is the experience of that domain of awareness where we experience our universality.”
Sounds like he’s been into the LSD. Just look at all the wonderful things that follow from accessing Chopra’s spiritual universality! Joy, insight, intuition, freedom, love, kindness, compassion. The body will even heal itself if you just jack into this mystic force that Deepak defines and for which there is no evidence.

Let’s examine, just for the fun of it, the things Chopra says you will gain:

Joy. I have joy, but it’s an interesting offer. I don’t think anyone would describe their life as a non-stop shower of joy. I’m not walking around with a goofy grin on my face, moved to tears by every puff of breeze. Would anyone reject having MORE joy? Not likely. But joy, like every other thing, follows a sine wave. How would you know you were joyous if there were never a time without it? It is the counterweight of disappointment that gives joy its sweetest flavour. Here Chopra is merely dangling cookies. Who doesn’t want another cookie?

Insight. Well, insight comes from many places, one of which is certainly quiet reflection or meditation. Dreams are another. Random coincidence (Deepak would say there are no such things). Books, movies, strangers, fortune cookies. But the way Chopra presents his argument, he’s not talking about mere insight – a simple flash of understanding. He’s suggesting a deeper, more profound understanding of life, the universe and everything – that very “universality” he suggests we need and must seek.

Intuition. The ability to sense the truth in the absence of conscious evidence. A useful skill to develop if you’re going to accept Chopra’s premises and conclusions. One might hope intuition teams up with insight so that people experience the sudden realization, “Hey! Deepak Chopra is a blithering idiot with loads of warm, fuzzy conjecture strung together with pseudo-science, mysticism and the sincerity of a top-rung grifter.”

Freedom. Oh, meditation, break these bonds of servitude! Freedom from what, Mr. Chopra? Freedom TO what? How does “spirituality” make anyone more free? Another pretty cookie – one everyone agrees is a good thing – without the slightest indication of how this cookie will make me taller, smarter and better looking…much less “freer”.

Love. Love? Freedom? Insight? He’s got a whole bakery of delicious on offer.

Kindness and compassion. These last two I find interesting because they’re different in kind than the rest. Kindness and compassion are two qualities everyone considers they already possess in rather greater quantity than other people. Love, insight, intuition, freedom, joy…those are things of which I want more. Kindness and compassion? Those are things I think other people need. Just a minute – there’s a stray, drenched, hungry kitten at my door. I have to go kick it.

Chopra then asserts that this vaporous spirituality is beyond intellect, mind and ego. Of course, that doesn’t prevent Deepak from completely understanding what it is and telling others all about it. What special powers does this shaman possess that permits him to comprehend that which, by his own definition, must be incomprehensible?

All religions are founded on a deep spiritual experience of unity consciousness where there was complete union between the personal and universal. Unfortunately, many times the followers of religion, instead of understanding the religious experience and seeking it for themselves ended up merely worshiping the founder of the religion. It is more important to fully grasp the teaching of the religion and its basic tenets, that have come from a deeper experience of transcendence. Self-righteous morality is not a means for experiencing higher consciousness. Higher consciousness, spontaneously leads to moral and ethical behavior. However, because spiritual knowledge is powerful, the custodians of organized religion have frequently ended up with destructive behaviors — power mongering, cronyism, control, corruption, and influence peddling. As a result organized religion has frequently become quarrelsome, divisive, and led to conflict. No organized religion has been immune to this unfortunate tendency. So, we have had the crusades and witch-hunts of Christianity, the Jihads of Islam, the violent communal riots instigated by fundamentalist Hindus and the persecution of minorities and ethnic cleansing all in the name of God.

Chopra argues that spirituality is the fundamental quality of all religion, but religion is bad. He lists all the nasty (I would argue inevitable) qualities that result from faith claims, yet insists that such pursuits are something to be engaged. An anti-religious call to religion? Deepak wants worshipers, but he would prefer that you pray over the purchase of his latest book rather than at the alter of traditional gods. Frankly, one might be hard pressed to understand why substituting Deepak’s new age bullshit is an improvement.

Our present times are particularly dangerous because ancient habits combined with modern capacities and technologies of destruction are a devastating combination that can destroy life on our planet.

The End Times are upon us! Fear not! Deepak will lead us to the light!

As we begin to have a more scientific understanding of the transcendent level of our existence and look at the basic tenets of all religions, we find that the spiritual experience is fundamental to all and similar in all. This experience can be had by anyone through the practice of meditation, prayer, contemplative self-inquiry, the expression of love and compassion in action, intellectual inquiry into the deeper meaning of life, and self-less service. With these practices, we begin to realize that consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities; that it is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and infinitely creative. This experience also leads to unbounded love and compassion. Getting in touch with our deepest self is therefore the utmost importance because it is our connection to the mystery that we call God.

What gibberish! A scientific understanding of the transcendent level of existence? Consciousness is omnipresent, omnipotent (in what sense? Just how in the fuck is consciousness omnipotent?) and omniscient! Well…I guess that explains how Chopra can know all these things that are unknowable. He has meditated himself into omniscience by the very nature of consciousness! What utter horseshit.

Chopra does this all the goddamn time. He just SAYS these things almost as if they were tautological. “Consciousness is omnipotent.”
What the fuck does that even mean? Nothing. It is meaningless pablum that carries with it a vague sense of power – power that might be accessed if only one can follow the lead of this mystical wizard who speaks with such certainty about problems and solutions. The problem is that it’s nothing more than a fairy tale concocted out of fantasy and spouted by an imbecile.

As the Sufi mystic Rumi has said, “You’re not just a drop in the ocean, you’re also the mighty ocean in the drop.” If there is anything that will at this moment heal our wounded planet with its immense problems of social injustice, ecological devastation, extreme economic disparities, war, conflict and terrorism, it is a deeper experiential understanding and knowledge of our own spirit. With this deeper understanding and with an interfaith dialogue that looks at our commonalities rather than our differences, we have the opportunity to solve the problems of the world, address its inequities and heal ourselves. The word, “healing” and the words, holy and whole, all mean the same thing. To be healed is to have the return of the memory of who we really are. When we return to our sacred source, the world will be holy, and it will be healed.

Oh, for fuck sakes! There it is – the Sufi mystic – the unassailable ancient wisdom of the ages transmitted in fortune cookie sized bites.
What can solve our insurmountable problems: injustice, the looming death of the planet, poverty, war, terrorism?
Of course, spirituality is at the root of many of these problems, so Deepak is rather like a quack global homeopath, arguing that “like cures like.”
Return to the sacred source and be healed. So sayeth Deepak The Prophet. Hugs for everyone! Magical unicorns! Our problems will all be solved by the flood of love resulting from everyone meditating.

Stupid fucking crystal pumping hippie bullshit.
Deepak Chopra is an insult to science, to thinking, to understanding. He is nothing more than the Brothers Grimm selling Once Upon A Time stories to people hungry for some sort of power over their fate – an illusion that simply lines Chopra’s pockets with money stolen from the desperate and gullible.

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  1. ok, here we go: I have enjoyed your lucid deconstructions of many of Deepaks quotes in the past- especially ones to do with science, however, from the above quotes just taken as they are, from what ever context, I completely agree with the 1st, 2nd and 5th quote blocks of them. I don’t think necessarily he is directly saying that meditation, for example, is going to cure cancer, I think he’s saying it’s possible for psychological healing to take place by expanding one’s limited view- which connects to one’s whole existential makeup.

    Additionally, he is not, judging just from quote block 2, ‘asking to be worshiped’ or even asking for his book to be bought (it seems that its most salient points can be lifted from the internet anyway), but rather he is making a distinction between intitutional religious behaviour and personal striving to expand one’s perspective to a more universal or at least more widely encompassing view.

    If anything, if I’ve understood other discussions with you on the topic, he is defining God as …(was it Leibniz?) some kind of non-personal energy totality- something you have concurred with.

    and finally in the last section he talks about how this mindset of being more aware, expansive, holds the direct key to effectively addressing the worlds problems. He’s not saying ‘if everybody just went to church the world be ok, he’s talking about people making individual efforts to change their inherently limited views of themselves, race, the environment and conflict. There ulimately is no ‘us and them’, we’re all in this together. This statement might appear weak and invite attack, but individually cultivated and collectively enacted it could only be good. He’s not talking about religion that commonly brand homosexuals as evil, or encouages the murder of abortion doctors for example- he is pointing to developing a state of mind that is aware of the sameness of all people and their impermanence- a very compassion inducing argument. Careful not to take that as a Nihilistic argument or an Eternal one, though he mentions the soul. He was simply translating the experience of a spiritually aware wellspring that is within us when all the discursive shit becomes quiet as saying commonly this is what people call ‘soul’. What remains, what is there everpresent, is spiritual awareness- which as he says, even touched upon minimally, is the source of creativity, joy, insight and real freedom.

    • Much like cold reading performed by bullshit psychics who claim to communicate with the dead, Chopra tosses around a bunch of vague terms and leaves you to read your own brand of woo into it – something you have demonstrated a keen willingness to do, if not a refined talent for.
      How does one tap into this HEALING, OMNISICIENT, OMNIPOTENT force of collective oneness? Well, by engaging faith in vapid inventions like soul, collective consciousness and his vaguely defined “god”- things he asserts are real, but for which there is NO evidence.
      Chopra has on plenty of occasions claimed that healing is simply a matter of mind over…well, matter. That he now cloaks the same foolishness in less specific terms, even while addressing such global concerns as poverty and terrorism (!), simply reeks of narcissism and some sort of pathetic god complex. Why do we have such problems? Because mankind has forgotten how to be properly “spiritual”. How can these problems be solved? By being more spiritual. How do we do that? Listen to this silly fuckwit yammer about vaguely defined bullshit and smoke.
      If you want to define god as the total of matter and energy, fine. There IS a sum total of matter and energy. There is no reason to believe it has any specific interest in YOU or YOUR affairs, us or our affairs, or that we can access it with some sort of ESP, telekinesis, trans-channeling or any other of the fantastic shit that give Deepak Chopra his spiritual wood. Your desire to believe such shit, or to express your confirmation bias by interpreting the falling leaves and gentle breeze as somehow carrying significant messages for you, is in no way an argument that Deepak Chopra has anything more to offer than that little leprechaun and his carton of Lucky Charms.
      This cheap little huckster yammers about spirituality with one face – a quality most commonly expressed in human life by religion, while with the other face admitting that the very expression of “spirituality” is a problem that has caused many of the world’s worst historical and contemporary problems. He wants everyone to drink milk, but insists that cows are a problem. He’s a fucking moron yammering nonsense cloaked in a vicious mix of keywords designed to make the gullible nod their head in agreement as they’re fed yet another shit-coated shingle and told it’s delicious toast.
      And Deepak Chopra is ALWAYS selling books. And tapes. And DVDs, and seminars, speeches, lectures and beads and anything else he can hawk to the stupid.

      • Deepak claims what some scientists and doctors are looking into. It is called the mind body connection. This connection has been scientifically discovered. Neuropeptides are being researched as we speak. He is not wrong about the mind-body connection. Again where is your counter argument? You have nothing but insults. Again… insults are made by people who have nothing substantial to write.

        BTW People have the right to believe whatever it is that they want to. Just as you have the right to believe what ever you want. However if you want to debate something, don’t commit philosophical fallacies. You are very jealous of people who make money doing what they love. Why all the anger? Deepak has really gotten to you.

        • No, there is clearly a mind-body connection. It’s the Celestine Prophecy sort of conjecture Choprah appends to that simple fact that is the problem. “The universe is sentient.”
          “Illness and disease are MERELY manifestations of the mind.”
          “There is ‘life after death.'”

          You have the unfettered right to believe anything you want. But don’t assert that there’s evidence for it.

        • -The mind body connection?-
          Theologians have been looking for that connection even before the light of science, and have never produced any evidence on the matter. But, I’m sure there are some theologians within the halls of science that will have no problem finding that so-called “evidence” for you, and your exalted leader of yours.
          Confirmation bias anyone?

          –He’s not wrong about the mind and body connection?–
          You can be the smartest person on the planet, and still be dead wrong.

          –Counterarguments, and insults?–
          My friend, if you can’t take some constructive criticism from the other side – then perhaps you shouldn’t come to anyone for a debate. Are you that sensitive? I’m sorry, but attacks are only a process in debating others; especially when one side has no clear understanding of the subject matter, and is being deceptive to score points in an argument to appear logically sound to the gullible.
          That’s always how religion is pitched.

          Sorry, bluomni. But people get angry when the other side isn’t listening…

  2. Any thoughts on what Pat Robertson will blame the Chile earthquake on? My money’s on those satanic Easter Island statues.

  3. fair points. all I have to say is GOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!

  4. Pat Robertson probably will blame the earthquake on Lake Titicaca !

  5. Cousinavi,

    I don’t know much about Chopra, but it seems to me he is major league hedge better and he fights, not to win, but to tie. Most of what I’ve seen you quote, once you strip away the “sparkles”, “unicorns” and killer weed induced wanderings is a carefully crafted spiritual version of Dr Phil’s common sense/common denomination shtick.

    It’s also reminiscent of Reagan Era plausible deniability in the way that if its even remotely plausible, you just act as if its 100% true. So much of Chopra seems to revolve around stuff we don’t know and can’t prove/disprove. So, as long as he can say “You can’t prove me wrong.”… we can’t, even if we KNOW it’s bullshit and we know he’s probably just trying to sell books.

    And because there’s so much peace, love & optimistic spiritual stuff in it, most people don’t want to prove him wrong, unless they have a more specific religious agenda they are trying to push. Because he appears non-denominational, he gains more acceptance than the agenda promoting “haters” who say “My way or Hell.”

    To me, the guy seems like a wannabee hippie Guru who was just born a decade or two too late and gets a little bitter about that sometimes.

    And who can blame him? Don’t we all want to run a drug induced, hippie, sex-cult at some point or other in our lives?

    • I think what some people are seeking is something more that is given in churches. Religion is based on the same principle of believe: do what I say or you are hell bound. Damnation and hell fire are old. How can a loving God condemn you for being human.

      Dr. Chopra offers another way. To gain knowledge you can’t just read one book. There is information that we retain and information that we filter out. It is our choice. Why condemn or judge.?

      In my lifetime I saw what I believed to be an idiotic religion transform a person. I told that person how I felt about it and tore his new found beliefs apart. In the meantime, I tore his life apart. I regret that 30 years later.

      So, what does it matter how we reach a point, as long as we get there and enjoy life and living more, or recieve new found hope?

      Regarding proof: Proof is in the pudding. How does it make you feel. How does it change your life. That’s all its all about. No matter who or what.

      As far as hippies, I was not one. I was one of those fighting for my people to have equal rights and to stop lynchings who watched as the police sic’d dogs on us and the FBI killed us in our beds. The vietnam war was killing young kids.

      To watch those “hippies” talk about love was refreshing.

      Drugs, weed, was used by lots and lots of people that did not talk about love like the hippies did. Many of the ‘weed’ uses were the ones committing crimes againist humanity.

      Just my opinion.

      • How something makes you feel is, sadly, not always related to whether or not it is true.
        Choprah trafficks in snake oil, conjecture, what ifs and wouldn’t it be lovely. He tosses around scientific jargon he does not understand, and name drops (particulalry physicists) to support horseshit thinking that has NOTHING to do with physics.
        He is a con artist and quack. How he makes people FEEL??? Not nearly as important or relevant as the fact that he’s MAKING SHIT UP.

  6. I disagree with you. There is a deeper understanding that you need to obtain. You can’t do that with such anger and closed mindedness. One can’t learn much when one is closed minded.

    Consciousness is energy. It is the energy that is life on this planet. In human form, it is intelligence and it leads to positive aspects when truly realized. Energy is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. It is because energy is everywhere and is what makes up everything. There is abundant manifestations of energy. Consciousness is one manifestation.

    • I’m sure it makes you feel more secure…more centered…more Deepak Shirley Crystal Ohmmmmmed right into the core of every self-ego-tizing fantasy you ever had to postulate such crap AND assume that it’s true.
      But you haven’t got a fucking pubic hair’s weight of evidence for any of it, you zoned out fucking hippy freak.
      Consciousness, you arrogant fucktard, is an emergent property. Like a sand castle. When the tide comes in, no more castle.
      When entropy gets your biological ass, no more consciousness. And you can stuff your Deepak up your imbecilic aura.

      Blu Luminous? Oh, for fuck sakes. Stay away! I don’t want to have conversation, much less debate, with any fucking moron calls themselves luminous. Hippy fuckwit.

      • cousinavi…

        Why all the anger and insults? Pick a point that I have made and then argue against it using intelligence please. Insults = no counter argument. Angry words and figurative pitch forks and lighted torches also does not equal a counter argument. The proof is in the argument. Evidence is for the criminal courts. Put each in its proper place.

        People who resort to insults do not have a counter argument. Where is your proof? Please give your counter argument. You have claimed Deepak is full of it and that I am full of it… where is your counter argument? You have only shown that you are full of piss and vinegar. where is your brain? I would like to know. Please enlighten all of us.

        Debating is very fun when people are actually debating a point. It is funny that people who can’t give a counter argument are so against fluff and woo. What are insults? Fluff and woo insults… does not have any weight to it at all.

        • Not sure what you mean by “counter argument”.
          Are you looking for me to replace Choprah’s fantasy reality with some other reality? Sorry. I have no answers for you. But that ain’t gonna stop me from pointing out that Choprah doesn’t understand physics, and attempts to use physics – mostly through facile name dropping and nothing more – to support his spiritual fables and bullshit.

      • lol well you seem to know ur shit, So for example if i were to come over there and punch you in the face right now, please give me the formula from the beginning of the universe that emerged to the point where a bunch of inanimate quarks and atoms eventually decided to move and punch this other bunch of atoms in the face for no reason. and even if u can give me the formula to my own conscious choice what if i just to blow ur brains out with 12g instead…. how do u explain that?

        • Explaining that is simple: Your father was profoundly mentally deficient, see…and your mother suffered from a variety of drug and alcohol problems. This has, directly, in terms of (x+y) > (b-c), resulted in offspring so dramatically brainless; so fucking stupid, blind, incompetent, thoughtless, ignorant, backward, and doomed to have their imbecilic cunting head beaten into next week for saying stupid shit to people who just ain’t gonna tolerate the gene pool fucking up like that.
          QED, motherfucker.

        • I explain it by saying Dude has been smoking some killer weed, man. That’s why he’s blathering nonsensical gibberish and getting all spiritual.

    • –Consciousness is energy? And is one manifestation of energy? Omnipotent, omnipresent, etcetera?–
      By your logic, then what you’re effectively saying is that even your own computer and cellphone has there own conscious minds, and are taking to you? That ineffect is what you’re saying. But, they are machines that cannot think for themselves…they’re only capable of running programs.
      Please, bluomni. It is the cells in your mind that make your conscious thoughts…electrical impulses are only a part of the process. Haven’t you ever see a person who’s suffered severe brain trauma? A person struck by lightening? Afterwards, they become very different people – absent is the person that was once there.

      Again, by your own logic, bluomni…these people should just get up off their asses and stop the pretense, because their fine?
      Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way because the mind is very much like a machine, and when it’s broken in such a way, it no longer functions in its traditional way. So the person that was you, is lost.


    • So, what is your solution. I am not trying to be smart. I would like to know.

      • Not being able to wrap up a pretty, neat solution to all your problems in a lovely bow does not mean that people ought to buy what Choprah is selling simply because it makes them happy.
        Sorry to disappoint you, but if you’re the type that values feeling warm and fuzzy over truth, you’ve stumbled into the wrong blog.

        • You right, I did.

        • Correction: You are right, Idid. There is no debating. This is evidently a blog for those that agree with you. But that’s okay. Whatever works for you. I just hope that the peace that I have found in listening to Dr. Chopra you find in your way, if peace is what you are looking for.

        • You don’t have to agree. You just have to have some sort of evidence beyond, “It makes me feel good to believe.”

        • I am with you on that point. People are going to go with what their limits are. Open mindedness and exploration and thinking will always take us miles miles more down the road than people who have already decided and even have resorted to picking up their figurative pitch forks like a modern day witch hunt and have gone after another brilliant thinker. Shame on him for not being like everyone else.

          For people against Deepak Chopra’s words: If you don’t like what he writes, ignore him. You have a right not to agree but also give other people the right to listen and to think about what he is writing. Put down the pitch forks and walk away slowly very slowly. Please also the lighted torches is so medieval. Haven’t we come further than that with regards to respecting and giving other people the right to think what they will. At least deepak chopra is not insulting everyone and running with a pitch fork in one hand and a lighted torch in another.

          I have never read such a bunch of closed minded woo in all my life.

        • I prefer “hot and firm” over “warm and fuzzy”.

  8. @dianne- I like your openness and blumni your, non-arrogant attitude.

    Avi- Look at your words: “Consciousness, you arrogant fucktard, is an emergent property. Like a sand castle. When the tide comes in, no more castle.”

    Your statement, in itself, is arrogant. That consciousness is in its entirety an emergent property, like a sandcastle, is a conjecture of yours not supported by evidence, experimental or observational, because it cannot be tested by laboratory methods. Deal with it I like science, but this is one area where it has not in any meaningful way, beyond poking the brain to make bread smells, penetrated. You can engage in any kind of ridiculous reverse thought experiment to prove your point, but it will not be more than self-congratulatory conjecture. The original point of this blog post is to judge much of deepaks work as non-sensical, and I applaud your genuinely noble efforts at promoting reason and evidence based understanding of the universe, but as Dianne mentions, there is SOME merit in SOME of his observations which no doubt have brought SOME peace and happiness to people…and even some understanding. Our lives our limited- fact- we are connected – fact. To understand these simple but transformative truths can change everything about us for the better- however it comes about.

    and to bluomni, I agree with your beautiful paragraph, “There is a deeper understanding that you need to obtain. You can’t do that with such anger and closed mindedness. One can’t learn much when one is closed minded. Consciousness is energy. It is the energy that is life on this planet. In human form, it is intelligence and it leads to positive aspects when truly realized. Energy is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. It is because energy is everywhere and is what makes up everything. There is abundant manifestations of energy. Consciousness is one manifestation.”

    There is nothing in science that disagrees with those sweepingly powerful truths.

    Avi, I know you well enough to know that your baseless and rude dismissal of the above comment reveals a point of instability in your worldview- a tiny irritating pinhole of light into your tightly self-formed reality- a pretty expansive and knowledgable reality, but, to be blunt, not whole view (I don’t claim to have a whole view either, it is an ongoing process). How can it be understood, when one is not truly calm, not open, reactive. How can one see the reflection of the sky on the water when it is always churned up?

    I know you hate metaphor because you can’t employ argument against it- leaving you vulnerable.

    Water that is muddied when left still becomes clear and an open heart to the pervasive suffering we all experience brings warm smiles and tenderness.

    I know you will agree that, in addition to the world being incredibly violent, it is also incredibly beautiful, and peaceful. Here lies the contradiction of conciousness. Have a good day, my friend

    • What blather.
      I dismiss Choprah because it is utterly unsupported conjecture with no evidence to support it.
      That consciousness, as we understand it, is an emergent property, is plain enough. Cells are not conscious (as we understand the term), but groups of cells clearly ARE. This is pretty much the definition of emergent property.
      That Choprah’s inane ruminations, name-dropping and total bastardization of the work of REAL scientists makes people FEEL better is not sufficient reason to run about supposing it’s TRUE, or accpeting him as some sort of authority on either consciousness OR quantum mechanics.
      “consciousness is energy”…god is love…meh. Got any more hippie bromides and cliches for which there’s nothing to support the truth value of an almost meaningless phrase? Celestine Prophecy horseshit. There’s an awful lot of energy in a hunk of plutonium…you gonna tell me that it’s conscious, now?
      You, apparently, like Choprah, ENJOY engaging in fantasies like, “What if consciousness pervades everything? Wouldn’t that be COOL?” There’s no evidence to suggest consciousness as a pervasive “energy”, omnipresent and omniscient…it’s just another way to backdoor some trippy hippy notion of god-thing; a ‘makes-me-feel-totally-like-connected-dude’ fuzzy philosophy without having to demonstrate that it’s based on anything remotely like verifiable reality, or even orbiting in the near vicinity of something resembling a single fuckin’ fact.

      Energy is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. It is because energy is everywhere and is what makes up everything. There is abundant manifestations of energy. Consciousness is one manifestation.”
      There is nothing in science that disagrees with those sweepingly powerful truths.

      There is nothing in science to SUPPORT such wild, vapid, vacuous, nonsensical claims, either.
      You have a long history of supposing things to be TRUE simply because they cannot be DISproven. That ain’t good thinking…and it sure as hell ain’t science.

      • Actually there is scientific formulas that tell us about energy being everywhere. Everything and everyone is made of energy. Some scientists have decided to call it “information.” If you like I can spend some time gathering quotes from my books for you.

        Wasn’t it Einstein who declared… E=MC (little 2 – squared)? It’s called quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. It’s math guys. Geezzzz… you guys are funny.

        Omnipresent = present in all (omni means all)

        Omniscient = all knowing (there is evidence that suggests that those little energy strings have information built within)

        So we are all made of the same stuff as suns, and planets and molecules. This isn’t new information, people. The discoveries being made by quantum physicists will turn our current science on its head.

        We already know that everything exists on a field of energy known as the Zero Point Field or the Planck Level. It is miraculous science. Do a little google-ing. It is all there on the world wide web.

        • And none of those facts support anything Choprah argues. If you think it does, you know less about physics than HE does, if such a thing is possible.
          You want to see Deepak dismantled and exposed as the corrupt fantasist that he is? Go watch his debate with Michael Shermer and Sam Harris. Now stop pestering me with your insistent, repetitive, vapid, unthinking bullshit comments. They’re annoying and a waste of time.

      • Indeed , science does not seem to be Chopra’s strong suit. Science is the THE ONLY method which can currently be used to sort truth from non-truth. Mystics etc make their money from talking about bullshit , should be a criminal act impeding mankind and intellectual progress.

  9. Deepak Chopra is a brilliant visionary. Just because you cannot understand certain things about what he is about does not mean that he is full of BS. It just means that you do not understand what he is writing. I don’t know much about you but you are an atheist so it is obvious that any spiritual thinker is going to be on your BS list. It doesn’t matter to you what any spiritual thinker writes because you will always find some fault with it.

    BTW Spirituality and philosophy are in the domain of spirituality and philosophy, not science. However as we discover through quantum mechanics many of the claims of ancient people’s, there is something there. A pairing. All scientific claims are theories. Where in science is there a claim that is cemented in absolutism? My point… there is always room to grow both spiritually and scientifically and those two domains are ready to meet. When they do and some say they have already, then more theories will come from them. More arguments and people pissed off at nothing. Why be pissed off at growth and thinking?

    Thank you for pointing out these quotes from Deepak Chopra. I enjoyed reading them. Where did you get these quotes?

    • Yeah…spirituality is the only genre which absolves itself of the requirement to provide some sort of demonstrable basis for the fact claims it makes. And Deepak has THAT all figured out.
      And that Choprah is full of shit has nothing to do with an inability to understand what he says. It has lots to do with the fact that HE tosses around suppositions and references despite the obvious fact (to those with even a basic understanding of physics) that HE doesn’t know the first fucking thing about it.

    • Science has given mankind benefits , and a small percentage of negatives. Chopra’s unprovable ramblings do not benefit mankind , only his bank account. Give it a rest.

  10. BTW in the words of my brilliant philosophy professor… “People keep talking about prove this and prove that.. proof proof proof. Proof is in how you argue your point.” No one can prove anything by committing every known philosophical fallacy there is by attacking the character of the person instead of actually arguing against each point. Once you start insulting, that means you have nothing left meaningful or with any substance to write about it. People crying out for proof need to argue a good point against it. No one has. It is in the domain of spirituality that you must argue from. If you argue against spirituality period, then you have to start there. I have no seen one good argument against what Deepak is writing. It is rather disappointing. Most of what everyone had to write was just a bunch of insulting drival. Where is your argument against what he is writing?

    Remember the proof is in the argument. Evidence is not for thoughts but for crime scenes. In arguments involving spirituality or religion or philosophical ideas, you do not need physical evidence like you would get from a crime scene.

    • Just another form of “You can’t prove it ISN’T true!”
      To the claimant falls the burden, son…and if your philosophy professor doesn’t know THAT, you need to find a better school.

      • son? Okay…. actually a person can state what they think, believe, and feel and if someone comes along and says: “You are wrong.” Then he is the one that must come up with a counter argument. Anyone can go around insulting and claiming: “You are wrong.”

        What really do you know that makes you so sure that he is wrong? The world is full of theories. The fact is we all have ideas and thoughts and we pick and choose which one matters to us and the ones we feel we know. When all is said and done, you do not know for sure that Deepak’s ideas (which are not only his) are wrong. Do you know everything? Are you superhuman? Someone who attacks someone as much as you have has some sort of issue with spiritual people in general. Never in my life have a read so much worthless trash…

        worthless trash = unbridled angry insults (PS: And yes I can prove that one very easily)

        Smarty pants, write something smart and interesting instead of the five year old angry words. Breathe in and breath out…. put down the pitch fork and use your smart words.

        • Sigh. This grows tiresome.
          I need not provide a counter reality.
          Choprah makes shit up. He plays “what if” games without any evidence to support them.
          When one makes specific claims about the nature of reality IN THE ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE for that claim, it’s REALLY fucking unlikely that they have hit the nail on the head.
          You can keep repeating your facile lack of understanding of the demands of logic in debate and argument, but THAT ain’t evidence for Choprah’s fantasies either.
          As for the world being full of theories…and despite your misuse of the term (at least scientifically speaking), you GO RIGHT AHEAD picking the ones that make you FEEL GOOD. I simply prefer the ones that are supported by EVIDENCE and NOT wish thinking and pure conjecture.

        • Yeah, people.

          Cousinavi does not like to FEEL GOOD…at least not without a large amount of alcohol being involved. Although, that’s arguably more about “pain neutralizing”, feeling nothing, than feeling good. (or maybe I’m just projecting.)

          It’s a matter of perspective. To Cousinavi, the glass is not half full of feel-good philosophy. The glass is completely empty of cold hard facts, even though there is some condensation on the glass.

          Yeah, I think he may be engaging in a little bit of overkill on Chopra, It ain’t like Chopra’s raping hundreds of deaf boys or anything. He’s just running a hippie ashram of sorts. However, while I will defend any man’s right to run a drug induced, hippie sex cult, (I’ve always wanted to run one.) I will also defend any man’s right to be a curmudgeon!

          So, feel good if you want, but understand it’s mostly just the second hand smoke from the killer weed Deepak’s been smoking.

        • However, while I will defend any man’s right to run a drug induced, hippie sex cult, (I’ve always wanted to run one.) I will also defend any man’s right to be a curmudgeon!

          I guess, then, you’d be a cum-mudgeon.

  11. I will help you by beginning. Here is the beginning of an arugment.

    “There is abundant manifestations of energy. ” (Deepak Chopra)

    Quantum mechanics string theory has theorized through a complex formula and also through experiments that every thing that exists is energy. Matter is a dense form of energy. Manifestations are suns, and even blades of grass… oxygen is also a manifestation or a form of energy.

    Your turn….. present a counter argument please. Remember no philosophical fallacies. Because when you make a philosophical fallacy your argument is void and null.

    • “There is abundant manifestations of energy. ” (Deepak Chopra)

      This is just a trite and simple fact. It need not be countered. It is almost meaningless. It borders on tautology.
      IF you infer that because Choprah says ONE true thing, then everything he imagines is therefore ALSO true, you’re dumber than I thought.

      Quantum mechanics string theory has theorized through a complex formula and also through experiments that every thing that exists is energy. Matter is a dense form of energy. Manifestations are suns, and even blades of grass… oxygen is also a manifestation or a form of energy.

      So…is this to be your strategy? Find vapid, trivial facts in Choprah’s fairy tales and submit them as proof of…what, exactly?
      2+2=4, THEREFORE we are all connected on the spiritual plane of existence which permeates ALL things.
      What lame piffle.

    • “Anger is an energy!” – Johnny Rotten (in the Public Image Ltd song, Rise)

  12. Yes, let’s keep working with this one as bluomni has deftly wiped the slate clean and introduced, “There is abundant manifestations of energy. ” (Deepak Chopra)”, which directly confounds the absolute premise of Avi’s whole blog posting “Deepak Chopra – Idiotic Snake Oil Bullshit”. Avi- it is YOU who are finding it difficult to say plainly that there is at least SOME truth to what Deepak says, when actually admitting above that some of the things he says ARE true. Although seemingly simple, that quote above, deeply understood, could affect one’s preception of oneself, society, ‘other’ races, transform our behavior, stimulate creativity, more starters. Actually, it’s taken me decades to explore the concepts, the reality, that phrase implies and (perhaps because I’m rather thick) still have so much to understand about that little truth. I wouldn’t give Deepak a Nobel in Literature for saying it, but I’m happy if he says it and at least one person is put onto a path of exploring and understanding it for themselves.

    • Do you really think that Deepak speaks NOTHING but lies? Sure…like all charlatans, he sprinkles his woo with unassailable facts. The POINT is that none of the trivial truths he lays out as premises support, or in many cases are even connected to, the fanciful, fantastic, improbable, no evidence CONCLUSIONS he draws from them.
      Taken as a whole, it is misleading to say “There is SOME truth to what Choprah says.”
      2+2=4, THEREFORE we are all connected in the profound energy based consciousness which permeates everything BECAUSE we are all made of atoms.
      Yeah…2 and 2 is 4. It’s the rest of it that’s the problem. Saying “Some things he says are true” utterly glosses over the fact that the rest of the things he says are unsupported fairy tale bullshit without a SCINTILLA of anything remotely resembling evidence to favour them.
      The only path Choprah is on is selling books and tapes to the gullible who don’t have any better idea wtf he’s talking about than HE does.

      There is a HUGE difference between “He says some true things” and “There is some truth in what he says.”
      Choprah makes bank on the muddle-headed confusing the two.

    • And, the phrase “There are abundant manifestations of energy” is a meaningless bit of trivial, though accurate, blither!
      It’s little different than saying “There is an uncountable number of grains of sand on the beaches of the earth.”
      One might as well say, “There are molecules everywhere” or “Living things convert matter to energy”. It’s just facile tripe.
      Sure…it’s true. But the only people who find DEEP MEANING in such fatuous statements are the ones who are predisposed to find depth every fucking place they look. If you really think THAT amounts to some sort of profound insight, you’re suffering from a severe case of confirmation bias.

      • Again, using your words: ““There are molecules everywhere” or “Living things convert matter to energy”. It’s just facile tripe. Sure…it’s true. But the only people who find DEEP MEANING in such fatuous statements are the ones who are predisposed to find depth every fucking place they look.”

        Avi, actually, those truths you just spoke of are very important, relaitvely new, hard won discoveries of science! Why are you denigrating them? Why is it from the lofty position you feel you are at you judge others who appreiciate THE VERY TRUTHS YOU ARE TRYING TO PROMOTE as facile? WHAT DOES ONE HAVE TO DO TO BE WORTHY OF YOUR RESPECT, SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING?!? MUST WE SPEAK ONLY THE EXACT SAME THINGS AS YOU, AT WHATEVER LOFTY LEVEL OF SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING YOU FEEL YOU HAVE COMMAND OF? Buddy, all these truths of science are still filtering through our system, on many levels, in the decades that they have been formulating, and their implications, even as the truths are deepening with research, are expanding throughout our global society. Don’t expect everyone to get string-theory today (I don’t), so why not try being a bit nurturing of people who are coming to terms with some more basic truths science has so successfully revealed?

        • Holy fuck. Are you TRYING to be obtuse?
          Anyone who says,”It is true that there are molecules everywhere,” is NOT saying a damn thing of importance. It is not a premise which supports any damn fantasy one might then cook up, for fuck sakes…it’s a simple statement of fact. It no more supports the idea of a universal consciousness, life after death, interconnectedness of all things, or any other wish thinking woo-filled hope chest full of Choprah THAN DOES “X+1 > X”

          As I have repeatedly told you, and the dippy Bluomni twit, you don’t have to agree with a fucking thing I say.
          BUT, if you want to go about positing theories of reality – describing The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything – you need some evidence….SOME BASIS for the wild conjecture in which Choprah traffics. It falls rather short of good thinking, OR good theorizing, to state some tautological facts (such as molecules are everywhere, dude!) and THEN proceed to CONCLUDE that THAT FACT supports the argument that there is life after death and the whole shootin’ match is psychically connected.

          Nurture shmurture. Not my job. I’m not here to offer explanations, alternate versions, or science lessons. What I WILL DO, however, is state that Deepak Choprah is full of shit. He name drops, ties the work of quantum physics to his fairy tale speculations when neither the science or the scientist would apply their work or their name to such wild ass bullshit woo thinking. He has been repeatedly “put in his place” by people who really DO know what the fuck they’re talking about, and his response to being chastised by REAL SCIENTISTS is to say trite fuckwitted crap like, “You’re just trapped in a materialistic paradigm which limits your perception of an integrated holistic understanding,” DESPITE THE PLAIN AND OBVIOUS TRUTH that ALL he has in the way of evidence for his leprechauns and unicorns is a string of statements that generally begin, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful IF….?”

          All ANYONE, including me, asks of Deepak is SOME…ANY evidence for the things he claims are true. He has NONE. Zilch. Zero. Nada. And yet he makes wild, specific factual assertions about the nature of reality. He is no different than a priest, selling religion to a bunch of new age stoners who haven’t got the brains to realize that everyone who uses the word QUANTUM isn’t some sort of fucking genius.
          The fact that “believing” Choprah’s fucking speculative crap makes people FEEL BETTER is NO REASON to go about presuming it’s true – no more than happy Catholics convince me of virgin births and talking fucking snakes.

          And the statement “There are molecules everywhere” is NOT a new idea. It it doesn’t have to filter through a fucking thing. It is no more profound than “Water is wet.”

        • I’ll quote Bluomni now “Quantum mechanics string theory has theorized through a complex formula and also through experiments that every thing that exists is energy. Matter is a dense form of energy. Manifestations are suns, and even blades of grass… oxygen is also a manifestation or a form of energy.” Conciousness too, is energy- Energy and matter cannot be destroyed only transfered from one to another- these ARE new ideas and have vast implications. Again we come to YOUR opinion about what is and is not deep understanding. I agree with you that Deepak probably makes unproven (perhaps unproveable) claims extrapolated from simple scientific understandings, and I think it borders on criminal that he would encourage healing of severe diseases like cancer based on meditation or wishful thinking, however, the point at which I think you are being needlessly stubborn is by not appreciating that there can be SOME truth in what he promotes, resulting in SOME positive good- not a soft self-affirmation of ignorance but a expansion of awareness of understanding on one’s true state in the universe- fleeting, yet connected- often needlessly conditioned by fears of that self-same fleetingness. Again, if Deepak’s writing makes some progress in diseminating that enormous truth, I applaud it. It seems like the damage he causes is actually quite minimal. This is not a matter of creationism being taught in a science classroom, or homeopathy being prescribed to cure serious illness. This is a matter of one guy sharing his thoughts about the universe, speaking speculatively and positively about areas of cosmology and physics which are, quite frankly, unknown, in terms of scientific method. Why feel threatened? What is it to you? Are you the defender of the frontiers of conciousness? As an aside, so much about conciousness is not understood by science- what is the necessity for sleep? Science doesn’t know. Why do we dream? Science doesn’t know. However, YOU have experience of sleep, in all it’s forms, and YOU have an experience of dreams. Your assertions about sleep and dreams would be as valid as whatever PHD sleepologist or PHD Dreamologist you could quote. As a further aside, I’d like to actually hear your opinions on those things. You’re a pretty clever and knowledgable guy- an have lots of people’s respect for that- including Dianne on this post-list, who also asked for your opinions, your ideas on these vast topics- which you consistently do not write.

        • to clarify, “and I think it borders on criminal that he (deepak) would encourage healing of severe diseases like cancer based on meditation or wishful thinking,”

          I am not aware he has ever encourged that course of action.

        • He has. He does. And it pisses me off.

        • People who have cancer are known to live longer and have less symptoms when they explore the spiritual domain and also have social support. That is a scientific fact. Spirituality does something to the brain and released chemicals. Meditation practices is a part of this domain. You can’t deny the scientific evidence that supports the efficacy of spiritual practices. What of the evidence that supports prayer? There are so many unknowns as to what exactly is happening and causing the outcomes but something is happening. Why be pissed of at that?

          He does not claim to do one thing alone. He has stated a holistic approach, a pairing of Eastern and Western methods when combating terminal illnesses. If it help the person cope and there is a chance that it makes them feel better and that may even release the body’s healing properties, why would that piss you off so much?

          Again your anger and being pissy is going no where not even along the lines of logic.

        • I hate it when you ignorant buffoons trot out that bit of bullshit. Prayer does nothing. It is NOT a “scientific fact”…but that never stops you crystal grippers from SAYING it is. Like Choprah, you just lie.

        • Speculating about what MIGHT BE is not the same as asserting that there IS life after death, and all forms of illness are merely manifestations of mind – that if one changes one’s thinking, one can rid oneself of cancer (no need for nasty chemo or radiation…THOSE are just the quack treatments of the old school thinkers who are stuck in a materialistic paradigm!).

          Deepak does not speak speculatively. Not at all. He speaks certainly. He makes unwarranted, unsupported ASSERTIONS about the NATURE OF REALITY in the absence of ANY EVIDENCE. (How many times do I have to fucking repeat that sentence?)
          Further, he drags names like Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg and others into his woo bullshit…claiming that the work they did PROVES that what he (Choprah) says must be true. Now, I believe I know more about physics than Choprah…but let’s leave me out of it. When MURRAY GELL-MANN scoffs at Choprah; when the people involved in the Large Hadron Collider project LAUGH at Choprah; when the greatest minds in theoretical and experiment physics ON EARTH say “Deepak Choprah doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about!”, I pay attention to that. CHOPRAH, on the other hand, says (again), “They are old school materialistic thinkers trapped in a dead paradigm.”
          Yeah…a dead paradigm. Bacon, Hume, Voltaire, Gell-Mann…the entire Enlightenment: The germ-theory of disease (a dead way of thinking); electricity (a dead way of thinking); chemistry, biology, MATH for fuck sakes…dead ways of thinking. Choprah is not only a charlatan, HE’S AN ARROGANT CHARLATAN.
          If you think Choprah is not the same as, or worse than a homeopath selling water to cure disease, YOU DON’T KNOW THE FIRST FUCKING THING ABOUT DEEPAK CHOPRAH, and you can damn well stop yammering at me until you do. Deepak Choprah tells very, very sick people that their illness stems from guilt and their own psychological obstacles; that through meditation and connection with their own universal nature, they can cure their own cancers!!!
          This does not “threaten” me. It OFFENDS ME. It makes me angry.

          AND, you KEEP coming back to “Science doesn’t know everything!” Well, maybe it fucking well doesn’t…but the LACK of a perfect explanation for consciousness and sleep IS NO GODDAMN REASON TO ACCEPT THAT DEEPAK CHOPRAH IS TELLING THE TRUTH. Your repeated (again and again and again) argument that “science doesn’t have an answer for THIS”, and “science can’t explain THAT” is nothing more than another version of substituting GOD as the cause of earthquakes…until someone figures out tectonic plates. It’s poor reasoning…VERY poor reasoning.

          YOU already BELIEVE that everything and everyone in the universe – every little atom – is profoundly and specially interconnected. So when you hear Choprah speak that nugget of nonsense for which there IS NO EVIDENCE, YOU’RE ALREADY NODDING – bobbing your new age head up and down and chanting, “Yeah, man…preach the truth!”

          “Everything is energy.” This trite fact has been known for about 100 years now. Longer. You do realize that the General Theory of Relativity was done about the time of the FIRST World War, eh?
          “Consciousness is energy.” You have no basis to make this unwarranted assertion. YOU DON’T know what consciousness IS. On this score, you and Deepak Choprah are equals. But when Murray Gell-Mann talks about it in terms of an emergent property, that makes one whole metric assload of more sense (given what we DO know about the nature of the experience of consciousness, and the research into brain function and activity, than does some bullshit, purely SPECULATIVE extrapolation cooked up in the mind of a man who groks the power of healing crystals!
          Quoting the ridiculous, facile, trite, unrelated crap posted here by Bluomni ain’t SUPPORTING a damn thing. “There are many manifestations of energy.” Oh, for fuck sakes. So? SO??? Please explain how you get from there to the profound interconnectedness of all things, life after death, and that all science done since the dawn of the age of reason IS WHAT’S HOLDING US BACK FROM ACHIEVING A HIGHER FORM OF BEING? (another one of Choprah’s assertions).

          I don’t need to have an opinion on the nature of consciousness in order to recognize horseshit when I see it. I don’t NEED to have a perfect explanation for The girl, the gold watch and everything not to fall into bias confirmation and wish thinking CRAP. Like Richard Feynman, I am perfectly content with the statement, “I don’t know.” I don’t require an answer for every fucking thing or the existence thereof. I am fascinated by the unknown, but I don’t resort to substituting God, or any other fantastic invention of my mind, in the place of rational explanation. And THAT is exactly what Deepak Choprah does. HE jumps EAGERLY into your “Science doesn’t know” and “Science can’t explain” and offers ANSWERS – COMFORTING, FEEL GOOD, “YOU HAVE INFINITE POWER WITHIN YOU” answers. Answers that cannot be DISproven, but for which THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.
          There being NO EVIDENCE FOR ANY OF IT would be bad enough…but Choprah goes further than that. HE BASTARDIZES, MISAPPLIES, AND NAME DROPS the scientists and their work – the very people who made computers, space flight and a million other advances possible. Choprah says, “The work of Heisenberg PROVES what I say must be true!” It does nothing of the sort, and Deepak Choprah demonstrates plainly almost every fucking time he opens his mealy cunting mouth that HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HEISENBERG WAS DOING!

          Your words: “…but a expansion of awareness of understanding on one’s true state in the universe- fleeting, yet connected- often needlessly conditioned by fears of that self-same fleetingness.”
          Book yourself on Oprah. One’s true state in the universe, indeed. What the fuck do you know about it? You’re entitled to your opinion, but you ain’t entitled to assert it’s TRUE without some evidence. And Deepak Fuckwit Choprah ain’t permitted to invent fastasies about the nature of reality and assert that HE HAS IT ALL FIGGERED OUT in the total absence of ANY evidence whatsoever to support his wild, very specific claims. Further, he goddamn well ain’t permitted to tell very, very sick people that they can fucking well mediate their way out of stage four carcinoma and that if they FAIL to do so, it’s because they just ain’t gettin’ it – they aren’t properly connecting with their “universality.”

          “..Which (I) consistently do not write.”

          I’m growing rather tired of this one, as well. Yeah…like science…I have no explanation for everything. Not only that, I am not obligated to provide an alternative explanation that is better than Choprah’s lying, fantasy bullshit. I happen to be, as I said above, perfectly okay with “I DON’T KNOW.” But don’t think for one second that NOT having a better answer forces me to accept that any woo-selling hippy freak with some vapid speculation has figured something out, and I NEED to respect his thinking, his effort, his attempt to investigate. Deepak Choprah sells BULLSHIT to stupid people – stupid people who want answers and comfort and to feel like they are an important part of creation (rather than an insignificant speck). I don’t MIND being an insignificant speck. I don’t need to feel like the universe revolves around ME. And I know a fucking snake-oil pushing fantasist when I see one.

        • “Deepak does not speak speculatively. Not at all. He speaks certainly.”

          To me, THAT is the biggest problem. Even IF he’s 100% right, he’s still WAY too certain of himself given the levels of evidence.

        • Sorry for the tone of my reply. I get impatient and frustrated with what I perceive to be largely circular, and frequently obtuse, objections.

          The fact that science has not provided perfect answers to everything IS SIMPLY NOT evidence in support of Choprah’s wild speculations. What Choprah OFFERS as evidence IS NOT evidence, but merely name dropping and a public demonstration of the depth and breadth of both his ignorance AND his craven willingness to exploit REAL THINKERS to his very profitable ends.
          He does more harm than good – ESPECIALLY when he makes stupid, bullshit, ignorant, backward, self-serving claims like “The scientific method is a dead way of thinking trapped in a materialistic paradigm that holds us back from comprehending our true nature.” AND he says this shit while wearing the ugliest, gayest, gold bowed fucking Chanel sunglasses that run about $1200 a pair.

        • Hi Avi, Thanks for the extensive reply- I appreciate it.
          I think we always arrive at this point, where I respect
          the plainness and coherence of your attitude. “I don’t know”
          is a great state of mind. It is with one’s own individual
          experience that I am wholely interested in, whereas you are looking at comprehensive objective mechanisms of the universe. I am looking at the transformation of the individual,, in a way a unique experience for each person, yet in a way the same for everyone. I actually like and agree with everything you said in your above post and yet still agree with some aspects of your final quote from Deepak, ““The scientific method is a dead way of thinking trapped in a materialistic paradigm that holds us back from comprehending our true nature.” – It’s NOT a dead way of thinking, very much not dead, but it can, on an individual level, hold us back, within one’s own subjective experience, from comphrending our true nature.
          For at least 2500 years this topic of ‘comprehending our true nature’ has been explored, using whatever means necessary- logic, reason, but also experience. I have gained great benefit from personally exploring this greast of questions- and clearly others throughout history have felt it was important too. “I don’t know” is a great start to this most important of questions, but your ‘I don’t know” also abdicates your responsibility to finding some understanding for yourself to others. It’s as if one day when you are old and grey an issue of ‘Scientific American” will arrive at your door, and with quavering fingers you’ll finally read the article that explains that through decades of dilligence they’ve finally discovered exactly how everything in the universe works, what it is, what we are, what those stupid dreams you’ve been having actually mean, and you’ll look up from your magazine and say to yourself, “Oh!, That’s how it works!”, smile for a bit and then slump over dead and happy. Not likely my friend, not the magazine article, or your reaction to it!- You’d be meaninglly obsessed about how your paper didn’t come on time, because that is what you’d have spent the previous 50 years conditioning yourself to care about!! (sorry, not trying to get personal, just fancifully illustrative!)

          All I’m saying is we have personally some responsibility to explore these questions of reality for ourselves, based on OUR OWN observations, our own experiences. Whew, enough for now, can we start a new thread, this one is too skinny!

  13. Ha ha- though I can’t help it, grammar wise- hopefully the quote is actually ““There ARE abundant manifestations of energy.” !!!! xxx

    • Yes…new thread. Skinniness is next to godliness, so we’ll have none of that thin shit ’round here.

      I deny that there is any “responsibility” or “duty” to investigate, explore, understand or any other thing with regard to our true nature or place in the grand scheme of things.
      IF such questions intrigue you, by all means fill your boots.
      They certainly intrigue me. But in the absence of GOOD answers, I have absolutely no need whatsoever to substitute hopeful speculation, what ifs, could be’s and/or wouldn’t it be lovelies…
      I do not take what I already know and construct giant piles of fairy tale crap atop it with the goal of imagining a universe that suits me, pleases me, makes me happier, settles whatever paranoid fear to which I may be subject, or anything else.
      I am VERY interested in TRUTH. I am perfectly well aware that my personal experience is no measure of that quality – I have been deceived, wrong, hallucinatory, delusional and biased on far too many occasions to possibly trust something so capricious as my own perception of reality (absent other confirming data) as somehow (or perhaps in ANY way) striking at anything remotely resembling an accurate assessment of the nature of reality.
      It’s true that many – very many – people have dug deep into the pudding; conducted their very own inner experiments on perceiving their place in the grand machine. From Aristotle to Aquinas, some of them have had some interesting ideas. Of course, there were also a few Jim Jones and David Koreshes along the way, n’est pas?
      As for Deepak Fucking Choprah….
      He’s a goddamn liar, a thief, a con artist, a woo salesman and an exploiter of the gaps. WHEREVER there is no scientific answer; wherever there is a question without YET a good answer, THAT’S where you’ll find Deepak hawking his fuzzy books and outright fucking LYING about what “Quantum Mechanics” does and does not prove.

      The scientific method is ANYTHING but dead, and it holds no one back EXCEPT those who don’t like having their ridiculous ideas – notions with absolutely NOTHING to support them – flicked aside as so much blithering and a waste of time.
      Do yourself a favour: YouTube up some Sam Harris and spend about a week listening to him.
      The scientific method brings light to the dark, and will bring further and greater light in the future. The problem is that the human population – generally speaking – just doesn’t understand enough about science (any of it) NOT to be afraid of it. Much of the blowback comes from very simple things like demonstrating that Genesis and Noah’s Ark are so much twaddling crap. This goes to the very core of that comforting Jesus blanket in which so many have long wrapped themselves. Rather than open their fucking eyes, they determine to hate science – to oppose it. And then along comes Deepak…who FEEDS on that fearful and cranky shit while at the same time claiming to understand it, believe it and draw support from it.
      He gives the same ignorant blanket, but stitched with the jargon of science. It’s a con, and a disgusting one.
      He says all the right things ABOUT science – how it holds us back, leads us down a materialistic path, blinds us to the truth…then yammers his nonsense about how Heisenberg and Einstein PROVED what he says about having INFINITE POWER WITHIN EACH OF US. And all you have to do is meditate your way to your true universal self.
      Bullshit. Just slithering, disgusting, ignorant bullshit…no different than the goddamn Book of Job or all the rest of the religious, pseudo-religious, nonsensical shit people have been feeding each other since we crawled out of the slime.

      I am NOT waiting for someone to deliver me the answers to how it all works. I suspect we shall never know that…
      But THAT is no reason to EITHER give up looking, OR to start gobbling happy crap in place of answers.

  14. I want to point out that Sam Harris is into meditation and other Eastern religion oriented practices (Hindu and Buddhism). However he is against the myths that surround the practices. So maybe you should read a little more about what he thinks. Deepak Chopra is Eastern oriented.

    What is truth to you? Science? It is all theory. So what is truth?

    Is truth reality? Well which reality? Physical? Cognitive/intellectual/wisdom reality? If you are only interested in physical truth, than you won’t find it. Paying attention only to physical reality or physical truth is like going through life like a robot unable to intellectualize or experience life at a deeper level using cognition. Then there is the kind of truth that comes from cognitive/intellectual/wisdom reality. For instance what you write on your blog would be cognitive/intellectual/wisdom reality or truth. It is truth to you because whatever you believe whether it is against or for spirituality or deepak chopra it is based on your experience. It is relative. What you believe is not necessarily the experience of all. Meaning, just because you believe these things about Deepak Chopra does not make them a reality to everyone.

    Then there is absolute truth that is true for everyone and it is basically the end of discovery. There is no room for change in absolutism. It cannot exist because we are still discovering so much. And what we know scientifically will be completely different in about 10, 20, 30 years and beyond. Everything is in flux and is changing. Not one person knows absolute truth.

    What brand of truth are you interested in? You stated you were very interested in TRUTH. Absolute truth cannot happen so what else is there beside relativism?

    My point? Everything is relative and subjective. Nothing is absolute.

    Your truth is different from mine. That is how it is meant to be. It doesn’t mean we can’t have fun discussing things. It does take on a tyranical, madness though when you don’t blog or discuss for fun but instead to insult, badger, abuse, etc.

    When all is said and done, no one knows for sure but truth is based on experience. If you have no experienced what spiritually oriented people have experienced, then that is ok. Don’t call them all these insulting things just because your brain is missing the spiritual connection.

    Can you understand that some people have had experiences that you have not that have led them on a different path then yours? If they write about it and sell a lot of books, it doesn’t make them liars or some other insult. You basically ignore what does not match up to your experience or reality. Why so much hatred and anger?

    People have a right to believe whatever they want. In the domain of spirituality which is not the domain of religion, is open for discussion and other people’s thoughts, ideas and experiences. What is wrong with that? That is how people navigate through life.. it is by using their experience and what they have learned from it.

    • Listen dipshit…I’m tired of your rambling, bullshit comments. Choprah claims that the work of Werner Heisenberg stands for propositions to which it is totally unrelated. He makes similar bullshit claims about Einstein and other physicists that demonstrate he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. He LIES…or he’s dumber than a stump – take your pick.
      But FUCK OFF with the Shirley McClane blithering crap. You bore me.
      I never said people do not “have the right to believe what they want”. Go ahead. Believe. Now fuck off somewhere, you stunted moron.
      You don’t know what the word THEORY means in scientific terms. You don’t know much of anything. You’re just another ignorant, yammering, hope-head.
      There’s nothing subjective about the scientific method, you stupid dip…
      If you were just a little brighter, you’d be embarrassed about how fucking stupid you sound.

    • WTF is with you? SAM HARRIS is “into” Buddhism and Hinduism? Are you out of your fucking tree? Are you completely mad, addicted to lying, or just so fucking stupid you think you can say whatever the fuck you want and no one will ever call you on it?
      SAM HARRIS has written books calling for the end of religious faith, you blithering fucktard, AND asserting that SCIENCE – you know, that crap you call subjective and just theories – holds the answers to MORAL questions. You goddamned stupid, ignorant, lying craptastic imbecile.
      You are perfectly welcome to go yammering through life saying idiotic shit like “Truth is subjective”, but it’s not only not true, it reveals you as dumber than a bag of rocks to anyone who ISN’T chanting and fondling a rain stick.

      “When all is said and done, no one knows for sure but truth is based on experience.”

      Get it through your stunned head, you stubborn, petulant child…just because you can string words together like “cognitive, intellectual, wisdom, reality” DOESN’T mean you’re clever, educated, understand what the fuck they mean, OR imparting some great insight. You, like your hero Deepak, just love yammering jargon – using words you don’t understand to impress simpletons who want answers, don’t think, and are impressed by your ability to SOUND like you know what you’re talking about.
      To ANYONE with even the slightest bit of education, you’re just a blithering pile of crap who plainly hasn’t got the foggiest fucking idea what you’re talking about but is, for some strange reason, utterly convinced that the words alone amount to deep thinking.

      Save yourself the trouble of typing, kid. That shit ain’t gonna get you anywhere around here.
      Sam Harris is into Hinduism, eh? You lying fucktard.

  15. Why don’t you look it up about Sam Harris and his views on Meditation of Eastern religions? Why did that provoke such a disgusted response along with an insult spewing tantrum?

    I find it very amusing that you of all people call me unintelligent when you spew every middle school play yard insult your mind and tantrum can muster. I find your assessments to be middle school gangsta. It isn’t intelligent to use your tantrum words instead of coherent intelligent words? Hasn’t anyone taught you about curse words? Most of us decided it wasn’t a reflection of an intelligent mind to use tantrum words early in life. There is no use trying to have a debate with you. I don’t think you want people to debate with you or have a discussion.

    I think I am done with your silly blog full of incoherent tantrum words. Your opinion means nothing when you cuss at everyone who has different opinions.

    Again there is no truth other than reality and reality is subjective. There are no absolutes.

    • If you aren’t ready to play with adults, and peppery language offends your sensitive ears, then stay in the fuckin sandbox, junior.
      What offends ME is you coming in here and lying – just making shit up left, right and center. You didn’t say Sam Harris had views on meditation (why DO you capitalize that?)…you SAID he was INTO Buddhism and Hinduism. Now, when called on it, you change your tune. Pathetic.

      Reality IS NOT SUBJECTIVE, you blithering fuckwit. See the speed of light, for ONE example. I don’t care what you THINK it is, or how it SEEMS TO YOU. Asshole.
      You don’t debate, you incompetent shit stain. You just yammer nonsense, lies, crap and stunned imbecilic horseshit.
      Go suck some more Choprah cock, and stay the fuck outta here, you aura gobbling twit.

    • @bluomni…

      I’m troubled by the deception in your argument.
      You make the assured claim of “no absolutes”; yet you then insist that your religious belief is an absolution?

      I’m sorry but reality is independent of us…it existed before us, and will continue well after our demise. It is not in anyway “subjective” it is what it is. I’m very sorry to dismantle your disguised treachery, but your religious philosophical views do not equal reality whatsoever.

  16. Reality IS NOT SUBJECTIVE, you blithering fuckwit. -Cousinavi

    I have to disagree with you…somewhat. Reality itself may not be subjective, but human beings are ALL about subjectivity.

    The human ego (both individually and collectively) is so big that it routinely prevents humans from recognizing reality. I mean, we call Reality TV “Reality TV” for fucks sakes, when it’s actually highly orchestrated in order to present itself in a recognizable entertainment format.

    As a species, we routinely impose our human ego on the world around us. We believe that we are in control of the planet and that it is here to serve us. The only valid activity is human activity, or activity that serves human purposes. While we may currently be a dominant species, (I’m sure dolphins and rats make a legitimate case for dominance in their minds.) this is still clearly not the truth. Yet it is the general human consensus, because we warp reality to conform to our opinions,even if it doesn’t bend.

    I could blather on (because my human ego would let me) but, but we ain’t much more than just another species of damn dirty apes that occupies only the land mass of one insignificant planet out of potentially billions. We know this to be true, but yet we still think the sun shines out of our assholes. (And in my case, it does.)

    We are so egocentric, even centuries after it was proven to be wrong, we still think the planet we “control” is the centre of the universe. Not only that, within our own species, individuals think they, their thoughts, desires, wants are the most important things and that they are right, even when there is little or no good evidence to believe it.

    So, in this way, all of human existence is subjective, even if it isn’t.

    OK, where did I leave my bong?

  17. I want to point out that Deepak is majority owner in the bodyscanner company the former head of DHS (Chertoff) recommended. Then he (Chertoff) was hired by Chopra and his body scanner company to oversee the sale to the US government.

    In my book Deepak Chopra is a crimminal and belongs in jail. He is a thief and a liar. People believe scum like him because they act prim and proper, but the lack any real substance or soul.

    This is not a well known fact or perhaps more people would see the conflict of interest on every level. These people are all scum and belong in jail.

  18. Thank you for this. I hate these piece of shit con men. (and the morons that finance this horseshit)

  19. fuck deepak chopra

  20. cousinavi you are a total idiot

    • Coming from a Deepak fan, there can be no higher compliment. Now run along and play with your quantum consciousness.

      • You know…with the critical shortage of Cousinavi philosophy spouted here in the last -oh- couple years, I’m seriously considering becoming a believer in….uh…whatever the fuck Deepak Chopra is pushing.

        He has no trouble producing content and it makes me want to get high. In fact, it helps me to understand.

        • Gee, maybe I’ve been in too much of a rush to condemn quantum consciousness…Maybe there’s something to this…I wish there was some drunken old wise man who would come down from the mountaintop and sort this out for me and all the lost sheep out there.

  21. Chopra to me is stereotype. Visit India and you will find many such charlatans posing to be ‘experts’ in various fields.

    To his devout followers. I believe you are falling for the classic ’emperor has no clothes’ routine.

    This man is clearly out of his depth intellectually and has no business in the company of many great minds he has been lucky enough to interview/debate.

    His weapon is confusion. His victims the gullible.

  22. How deep is Deepak Chopra’s understanding of quantum physics?

    Deep? I would say that it’s a stretch to even call Deepak Chopra’s understanding of quantum physics shallow. Anybody who’s actually studied quantum physics at a university or college will instantly see through Deepak Chopra’s new-age “science-base…

    • The problem in working with things that cannot be seen is that anybody can come along at any time, point to something that isn’t there and say “Wow, look at that, man!”

      Much of this Quantum Mechanics & Theoretical Physics stuff is already halfway to “snake-oil” before you even start. The further you take it, the further down this rabbit hole you get. So it’s hardly a shock to stumble across a few Mad Hatters sipping “tea”.

      • That’s a rather shallow view of physics.
        Quantum theory makes predictions. Insofar as the predictions have been able to tested by experiment, the predictions have been borne out.
        Deepak doesn’t make predictions – he doesn’t even make fucking sense.
        He doesn’t even understand the words he strings together.
        One ought not slander science one does not understand simply because one doesn’t understand it.
        That’s Deepak’s game – calling people who ask for evidence of his wild claims blinded by materialism of some such blather.

        • Well, there’s almost as many offshoot branches of physics as there is varieties of electronic music. (which, mysteriously, all sound the same) So, I guess it depends what kind of physics you’re talking about.

          I’m fine with the “Force = Mass X Acceleration” kind of physics. That’s because I can see the steaming pile of dogshit I’ve thrown as it accelerates toward Stevie Harper’s face. I can measure the mass of the shit, the speed at which it’s moving…and I can feel the glee when it forces itself all over that fucking asshole’s smirking face.

          I’m just more skeptical of some of these other kinds. It’s my cynical, atheistic, personality kicking in again. Hell, I barely even believe in the things I believe in.

          But once you start getting into stuff like Heisenberg’s (not the badass meth dealer, but the other one) Uncertainty Principle…you really can’t be 100% sure of anything anymore.

          And then there’s Schrödinger’s Cat. That magical pussy manages to be dead AND alive at the very same time! That cat is like Gordon Lightfoot. Just this month, Lightfoot actually got declared dead for the 2nd time while still being very much alive. I think I may launch a Quantum Mechanics “thought experiment” of my own…Schrödinger’s Lightfoot.

          Then there is Hugh Everett’s Relative State theory and the Many Worlds & Many Lives offshoots. That’s some seriously fucked up shit! Parallel universes based upon differing possible outcomes of the same event? And the related Quantum Suicide theory which claims your consciousness moves to the parallel universe in which the outcome is that you continued to live.

          Maybe in one of the billions of parallel universes out there, Deepak Chopra is right. I doubt it, but it’s…(un)certainly possible.

          “Insofar as the predictions have been able to tested by experiment, the predictions have been borne out.” – Cousinavi

          And that “insofar” part is exactly my point. Not to say they aren’t 100% right, but I need more/better evidence than what many theories have before I stop mocking them as “pot derived”. Note: Some of my best theories & predictions are “pot derived”. (See Schrödinger’s Lightfoot) , so I don’t intend this as particularly insulting.

          Where this intersects with the Deepaks & the Natural Law Party’s Flying Yogis of the world is that religious quackery thrives in a lack of evidentiary clarity. Religion fills the void of scientific uncertainty.

          Most people can only relate to stuff they can personally see, or that can be easily measured or demonstrated. They have a FAR harder time relating to “more speculative” evidence. You’re always (correctly) talking about people believing in what they want to believe despite rock solid evidence to the contrary. Imagine what they do with things they can’t personally observe, or that there is a lack of hard evidence for.

          That is…unless it’s presented by an “omnipotent” guy with a funny hat who can send you to a burning hell for all eternity. Or somebody who can legally stick you in a Braising Bull for just asking too many questions. Suddenly, the acceptance of theories with a distinct lack of evidence becomes much easier to agree with.

          Since you can’t (in most jurisdictions) legally stick a person in a Braising Bull anymore, folks promoting theories based upon..let’s say…”subjective evidence” rely more the cherry picking of what evidence there is to advance their own theories of little value that you have to be gullible/high to believe. Usually, the end result is “feel-good tripe” that you want to buy into. Enter Deepak.

          This is how these guys work. They produce “answers” for questions there aren’t sufficient answers for yet, or answers people have trouble understanding the evidence for, or things people just don’t want to believe. They’d much rather believe in stuff like “Doggie Heaven” for people. Because it makes them feel better than the truth.

          Chopra is like listening to a children’s story with a happy ending while high on “anti-stress” brownies. So it doesn’t matter to his audience whether or not he actually understands a single concept in it. Like so much these days, it’s not about facts. It’s about the entertainment value and how it makes you feel.

          And I feel like another “anti-stress” brownie. Hopefully, Justin Trudeau will fulfill his promise to make them legal.

  23. Sometimes it’s a joy to watch other people going nuts (in a good way) deconstructing the poor arguments of others. Thanks for an enjoyable read. He sure does make a lot of money with this woo, doesn’t he? Makes you wonder about all the other stuff that could be sold, both for good and for ill.

    • Excellent point.

      This is the era of Snake Oil. These days, people will eagerly go deeper & deeper into debt to buy whatever product has the right sales pitch, no matter how harmful it is to them in the long run. Religion, tech-toys, consumer products…you name it.

      Hardly anything is real anymore. It’s all “woo”.

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