CNN Affiliate?

CNN, the languishing 24-hour news flogger where you can watch endless loops of Wolf Blitzer blithering unpunctuated run-on sentences, seems to be a little confused about the nature of television broadcasting north of the 49th.

“I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life as will all Canadians who are here tonight,” one fan at a Vancouver viewing told CNN affiliate CTV in Canada.

CTV began as a loose gang of independently owned stations, created as an alternative to the government owned and operated CBC, around 1961 (some of the stations were broadcasting as early as 1958).
CNN, on the other hand, appeared on the screen in 1980. Of course, being a four-hour news channel that loops the same clips endlessly and was responsible for inflicting Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs on America doesn’t stop them from condescending to a real television network by calling it an affiliate. It’s as if Canadian broadcasters are sitting in the snow just waiting for an opportunity to send a clip to Atlanta and get some time in the bigs.
Personally, I think any news network that can’t keep up with the blithering imbecility that is Fox News would do well to turn the tables. Take a lesson in broadcasting from their more experienced neighbours. Try following Jack Cafferty with an episode of two of The Littlest Hobo or The Red Green Show. Send Jim Clancy for some lessons with Lloyd Robertson. Stop calling yourselves “the best political panel on television” and STOP calling CTV “an affiliate.” They’re not your pal, buddy…and they ain’t your buddy, guy.


3 Responses

  1. But that’s the American attitude for ya. All of Canada is just an American affiliate.

    To most Americans, the world starts in Boston and ends in LA. Except for during the Olympics or when America goes to war with a country, anything beyond that is uncharted space. Something for The Hubble telescope to be pointed at.

    CTV is not only a TV network, it is part of a huge media conglomerate. It’s owners dominate the TV dial, the radio, some major newspapers. It owns the biggest phone company and probably a lot of other shit I’ve forgotten about (aka The Maple Leafs).

    Canada is America’s neighbour, CNN (and American news in general) has employed more than its fair share of Canadians, Blitzer has no doubt worked with many. It’s not like he’s talking about the Mongolia Broadcasting System here. Blitzer fucking this up would be like a reporter at CBC declaring that NBC Universal is an offshoot of the Ottawa Citizen.

    • Of course, CNN’s studly John Roberts is none other than J.D. Roberts, formerly the premier host on MuchMusic. Apparently interviewing such musical luminaries as The Parachute Club, Carol Pope and Platinum Blonde is precisely the sort of journalistic experience CNN requires in order to hold forth on the geopolitical issues of the day.

  2. Yeah, I piss myself laughing every time I see a clip of him doing news. He did work for City TV news for a little while, but it was a very short trip from Much Music to part-time anchor at CBS then CNN.

    J.D. was another Frank Magazine favourite (Central Canada). They once ran a disco era photo of him as a prematurely balding young man. I wish I could find it.

    I did find a link to some 80’s picks of the original Much VJ’s, but I couldn’t post the link kept rejecting my post…

    Anyway, it’s amazing how pathetic Much Music has become.

    And, for the record, I want to bone Erica Ehm. She’s probably hotter today than she was then.

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