Genetically Hardwired for Fraud

What in the sweet liftin’ fuck is wrong with people? It seems as though people, despite the incredible advances in our knowledge and understanding of how things work and, if hours spent studying something count for anything, our understanding of how people think and behave, are still outstripped by the sheer depth and breadth of human gullibility…an almost eager willingness to be lied to coupled with a severe blind spot for outright fraud.
Homeopathy, various and sundry god claims, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Obama is a Kenyan socialist fascist commie baby killer who’s soft on terrorism and will take your guns away, Sarah Palin, Kent Hovind, Nigerian bankers, truthers, Michelle Malkin, creationists, Glenn Beck, teabaggers…the list goes on.
At the CPAC gathering in D.C the argument that people do not have a right to health care was met with a standing ovation. Roll that around in your noggin for a minute. The people do not have a right to health care. It is a privilege for those who can pay out of pocket or afford insurance.
It’s as if the more outrageous and ridiculous the claim – the more reason and evidence that stands in lockstep against it – the more people will believe it.


6 Responses

  1. And all that Stupid could be cured so easily. Just sleep with my patented pyramid on your head, like I do.

  2. Thanks for the laughs I got looking up who Kent Hovind is, a fraudster promoting The Flintstones as actual history.

    But CPAC in Washington? What the hell is Canada’s version of C-SPAN doing attacking Medicare in Washington?

  3. Hah! Hovind! Dr. Dino.
    If you find him entertaining (and who doesn’t?), you might want to bookmark PZ Myers’ site, Pharyngula. Myers is the anti-Hovind.
    You gotta love a triceratops fitted with a saddle.

    • The saddled triceratops was at Ken Ham’s creation museum. Hovind is just as stupid, but with the addition of a bogus PhD purchased from a trailer in Arizona somewhere. His doctoral dissertation is available online – it’s fucking hilarious.
      I check Pharyngula daily. PZ once linked to Close Encounters of the Mormon Kind. Talk about a spike in traffic.

  4. I stand corrected! How could I possibly have mixed Hovind and Ham? One’s an imbecile and one’s a moron. I’ve read the dissertation. I believe it starts out: “My name is Kent Hovind….”

  5. Just read your Mormon post. Lots of fun.
    Coincidentally, I’m halfway through “Under the Banner of Heaven,” which seems to be pretty much the definitive work on Mormon history and its assorted scandals.
    I just love it when those 18-year-old Mormon “elders” show up at my door to tell me how wrong I am. Not only am I old enough to be their grandfather (I’m tempted to ask how slutty their grannies were – I actually might be their grandfather), but I’ve actually gotten an education, something they apparently aren’t doing if they can waste their teen years annoying people.
    It’s impossible to reason with those pasty-faced children, but trust me, I can scare the absolute dogshit out of them. I should charge admission.

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