One Solid Week of Cold Miserable Rain

Same thing every Chinese New Year. It has now been raining and goddamn cold for seven consecutive days. Non-stop rain and cold that gets in your bones. Back to work on Monday. Expect the sun to reappear then.


3 Responses

  1. Hit the sauna.

    • They close the sauna along with the pool for the winter months. Idiots!
      That being the case, in order to do the spa, gotta gear up for Everest plus rain gear and drive down the mountain. Fuck that. Just have to drive back up the frigid hill afterward. Got hot shower, longjohns and sweats. I’ll live.

  2. Off topic, but douchebag golfer and poontang enthusiast Tiger Woods just gave a speech here in the US. You’d think it was the fucking president explaining why we just declared war or something. He got caught cheating on his wife. Stop the fucking presses.
    Sorry. All done now. Carry on.

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