Typical Chinese New Year Weather

Winter in Taiwan is something the folks back home in Canada cannot understand.
I was chatting with my brother online a few weeks ago – told him it was goddamn cold here. He asked what the temp was: 10 degrees Celsius.
He laughed. It was -20 back home.
I asked what he was wearing. T-shirt and jeans.
I had on long johns and sweat pants under my jeans, two shirts, a sweater, a hat and scarf, two pairs of socks and I was still cold.
The difference is that everything in Taiwan is constructed out of marble, concrete and tile, and there’s no interior heating. When it gets chilly outside, it gets chilly inside and there’s no good way to warm up. Your bones get cold.
In any case, this past week was a flash of summer. Temps were in the high 20’s, the sun was shining…it was gorgeous. Everyone was wondering where the Chinese New Year weather was hiding. It’s here now. Gray skies, rain, wind and temperatures in the low teens.
Something about the weather here: In the summer, I complain because it’s too damn hot and sticky. With the exception of about 30 minutes just before sunrise, it’s like living in a sauna. Then, without any warning, it’s winter. About a month of dressing like the Michelin Man and never being warm except in the shower.
Come closer, little space heater. Closer.


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