CNY Plans

Nine days – two weekends with the week in the middle. What to do?
Travel is out of the question. Every seat on every bus, train and plane has already been sold to two people. Trains aren’t even SRO…there’s no standing room. It’s ass to elbow for the duration. The highways will be bumper to bumper – literally. For that matter, there’s nowhere to go. Any place worth visiting will be so goddamn jam packed full of people you can’t get a room in a hotel, a seat in a restaurant…the 7/11’s will be sold out of tea eggs assuming you’re willing to stand in line to get in.
This has always struck me as an odd quality about the Taiwanese. They absolutely are not interested in going anywhere to find solitude. If, they reason, it were a place worth visiting, then other people would go there. If there are no people there, then it cannot be a good place to visit. Conversely, the more people that go there, the better a place it must be.
Consequently, on all holidays, Sun Moon Lake, Kending, Alishan and Taroko Gorge are jammed to the tits full of people. No place to move, park or breath – can’t get in, can’t get out.
And so, I have developed my very own holiday strategy:

Happy New Year!


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, in cases like that it’s always best to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing and go in the opposite direction of where everybody is going. Case in point, if there was a CNY block party at the mountain complex, I’d be there! Show the locals how to do a real BBQ…. I know- ROAST A WHOLE PIG!!!! That would be a CNY party to remember- bands, food booze, lawless mountain antics…The best! I miss it already

  2. You’ll find that’s also a good strategy for dealing with the cold weather.

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