Subbing for Dickheads

I accepting a sub gig recently – just finished today. Nice kids, easy curriculum, sweet Chinese co-teacher…pretty sweet gig. I’ll never go back.
For one thing, it was a rather lengthy commute from my mountain fortress of solitude, but I would leave early enough to ensure that I always arrived ahead of time. This is confirmed by the time card which I always punched at least 15 minutes before my scheduled start.
After punching the card, I would go to the classroom and spend that extra time chatting with the students and preparing the lesson for the day. I was never paid any extra money for this time, nor did I expect to be paid for this time.
Each day I began the lesson on time and spent the next 2.5 hours teaching the kids. When the clock in the classroom said it was time to go, I left. I never noticed that the clock in the classroom and the clock on the time card machine were not synchronized. It didn’t matter because I consistently punched out between two and five minutes after my scheduled finish. Except for one day. Yesterday.
Yesterday I must have walked down the stairs at a brisk pace. I punched out one (1) minute early. Today I was advised that I would be docked one (1) minutes pay. 1/60th of my hourly wage would be withheld. A trivial amount but, let me tell you, I was fucking well ready to pop someone’s eyeballs out of their sockets.
No one pays me for the extra time prior to class. No one offers to compensate me for any time I spend after class. In point of fact, I work AT LEAST the contracted number of hours according to the clock in the classroom. But fucking well punch that cunting time card ONE MINUTE early, and these ignorant, myopic assholes start stealing nickles.
She tried to explain how it was “school policy” and that I would know better next time. I told her there wouldn’t be any next time. I have no interest whatsoever in having any association with thieves who inflict rules despite the facts in order to steal pennies from my pocket.
Brainless, incompetent fuckwits.


3 Responses

  1. I find it vaguely reassuring that education bureaucrats are just as dumbassed in other countries as they are here in the US.
    My wife occasionally subs. At some of the schools in ghetto neighborhoods, the idiot teachers scream at the students, call the girls sluts and assure them they’ll never amount to anything. Later, in the teachers’ lounge, they wonder aloud why the kids have no enthusiasm for doing their schoolwork.
    Only the Gun-Free school law stops my wife from shooting them in their fucking heads.

  2. Gun Free School Law? I’m surprised the NRA hasn’t gotten rid of that. Just imagine how safe a school would be if every class had 30 kids with guns in it.

    It sure would stop the teachers from berating their students.

  3. I’m no NRA fan, but I think they have a point when they say nothing gladdens an armed criminal’s heart more than a big sign reading “Gun Free Zone.”
    And I realize you’re kidding, but US federal law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from buying or carrying a gun anywhere. It ain’t the kids who might be armed (legally, at least).
    As the survivor of a murder attempt (the bad guys had a baseball bat – no permit required), I’m all for guys like me being allowed to carry guns.
    I’m responsible, professionally trained, and I hit what I aim at.
    Unfortunately, too many American gun owners don’t fit that profile.

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