Republican Hypocrisy – GOPSOP


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  1. Great demonstration of how Washington works.

    The partisanship is so strong that it can cause Republicans to attack policy some of them actually see merit in (if not outright favour) just because it was proposed by Democrats and they use every method possible to stall it.

    It also shows another driving force in Washington. The desire to take credit is so strong, it will make you talk positive of a bill you opposed and still oppose. Thus you can take credit for opposing it AND take credit for its effects. Maybe those Republicans ain’t as dumb as they look.

    It’s not like this is limited to Republicans. It’s just that they are a tighter disciplined and a more uniform party. They’re more likely to do it as a group. If the circumstances were right in the reverse, some Democrats would do the same. However, because they’re so much looser a party, it would be done on a more individual basis and wouldn’t be as noticeable..although I’m sure the Republicans would spin it so it looked like every Democrat was doing it.

    And don’t forget the recipients of those cheques. I wonder how many of those folks getting the cheques in the pictures opposed the stimulus bill too, but are gladly taking the cash! How many people who opposed the spending will take advantage of it.

    What a truly awful game.

  2. Rachel Maddow rocks.

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