Paul Slansky – Good Question

Paul Slansky, writing in HuffPo about Sarah Palin, formulates the question:

After a year and a half of exposure to this virulently toxic presence, the question on the table is: In our lifetime, has there ever been a worse human being in American politics than Sarah Palin? For all the morons and criminals and bigots we’ve been subjected to, has there been anyone else who has combined all of the fetid qualities — the proud ignorance, the sadistic viciousness, the shameless hypocrisy, the arrogant laziness, the congenital dishonesty, the unctuous sanctimony, the bilious resentment, and whichever others I’m forgetting for the moment — that this morals-free harridan so relentlessly displays?


3 Responses

  1. That’s easy: (checks crib notes on hand) No.

  2. beautiful, but i’m going to have to look up ‘unctuous’, ‘sanctimony’ and ‘bilious’ for a fuller appreciation. Learning is fun! Gotcha media!

  3. unctuous = greasy (metaphorically, as a car salesman)
    sanctimony = acting holier than thou
    bilious = related to bile, that brownish-green slime you vomit up after drinking too much.
    Wonderful words all. I try to work them into all my conversations, especially at mealtime.

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