Boston Paul’s Militant Hippi Taiwan Blog

Boston Paul has fired up a blog on WordPress – a place for him to spout his holisitic health, political ranting and vicious conspiracy theories.
He’s a fun guy with a strange and mostly shadowy story. Always nice to have another Taiwan ex-pat with whom to trade comments.
See you at the Refuge, BP.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for pointing me there. He shows some promise. Is he an actual pal or just an on-line one?

    The other blog I used to follow has bitten the dust, which was a shame because it was very well written and served as a kinder, gentler, counterbalance to yours, so I’ve been auditioning for a backup to occupy me when your production levels slip.

    Dude sounds like a very interesting guy. I hope the website works for him. You don’t stumble across stripper-teacher-military-hippie-musicians every day, even on the Internet.

  2. Is there a picture of you and him sitting together and holding a newspaper?

    Held hostage by angry Betel Nut Girls?

    Next time that happens, maybe I could play “hero” and negotiate with them to swap places with one of you.

    ( I got my own imagination, don’t you know.)

  3. So you want me to leave you tied up and held hostage by angry Betel Nut girls? How many times does that have to happen to you before it gets boring?

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