Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Stupid

Is there some theoretical limit to how fucking stupid Sarah Palin can be?
You know…some mathematical formula which describes the absolute limit of stupid, beyond which not even thought can escape…the event horizon of brainlessness. If there is, I have little doubt that Sarah Palin would laugh as she demonstrated that she can shrink her brain beyond infinitely small and infinitely dense, and utter a new string of blithering batshit imbecility that would make drool seem smart.

After her moronic metric assload of stupid regarding “Death panels” was called the biggest lie of 2009, Palin told Sean Hannity (who’s always good for an extra plate or three at the brain dead all-you-can-eat buffet) that she was not backing off the claim.

“If the health care bill goes the way Obama wants it, we’re gonna have something very much like foreign countries’ systems of health care like the British, and it’s the American people — if we have our health care paid for by the bureaucracy, by government — depending on our health condition, depending on our age — we’re gonna be subject to bureaucrats deciding, panels and commissions deciding — just like they do overseas — who will be worthy of receiving the health care that government is going to provide.”

“So that is the death panel that I referred to, and I won’t back off on criticizing that aspect of the health care bill.”


Ignorant, brainless, imbecilic, moronic, fuckwit, blithering…SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID LYING BITCH!

Apologies for the scaled down version…but the graph shows just how well served Americans are by the current health care system. They spend FAR more than any other country and yet somehow manage to die sooner than just about every fucking country on the planet with indoor plumbing.
The British are not only well served and generally happy with the health care they receive from their free, socialized health care system, there ARE NO PANELS – none, zero – sitting around deciding who is worthy of getting health care. That decision is made solely by the attending physician…and there’s goddamn well no lousy, thieving, profit driven motherbitching insurance company denying coverage and telling the doctor what he can and cannot do…what will and will not be paid for.
Sarah Palin, you uneducated, untraveled, unread, unthinking, blithering, lying, exploitative, winking piece of shit.


15 Responses

  1. Hello- as a Canadian living in Britain I have had the pleasure of living in two countries that have national healthcare. I can tell you that I have never had a moments concern in my entire life about my health coverage and I, my family and everyone I know have used it extensively and effectively. I do not understand what Sarah Palin or other Republicans are talking about. What we enjoy is free, world-class healthcare and our proof is that both countries have a higher life expectancy than the U.S.. There are no ‘death panels’: my family has four doctors in it in both countries in a variety of fields from cancer oncology to ER (called A&E in Britain, for Accident and Emergency) to a family practitioner to the head of Psychiatry at a large hospital. I agree with the writer of this blog that the suggestion by anyone that there are such things as ‘death panels’ in Britain or Canada is a boldface lie. Such people should be ashamed of themselves for actively blocking something that is so good for everyone (everyone except insurance companies).

  2. Sarah Palin-Fabio 2012!
    One special kind of stupid!

  3. Who needs Palin’s theoretical government run bogey-panel when real death panels have existed for a long time?The real death panels are run by PRIVATE insurance bureaucrats who set policies that routinely (and often randomly) deny coverage, limit payouts and disqualify people for “pre-existing” conditions like “being sick”, etc.

    They are the ones who decide who lives and who dies and they do it purely with profit maximization in mind. At least a government run death panel might be motivated, at least in part, by either patient/voter well being or the public purse’s well being. As it stands, all that matters is the amount of profit the death panel will generate for the corporation by letting you die.

    It astounds me how willingly Americans hand over their money and rights to the government war machine so the the menacing Muslim hoards won’t murder them in their sleep, yet they don’t trust the government with their broken ankles.

  4. Regarding: “Is there some theoretical limit to how “fucking”: stupid Sarah Palin can be? ”

    See Quoted word!
    Anyone who has to use such language, can they really be taken seriously??
    People let’s try to be civil in our speech. Disagree or not, let us all be professionals, learn to use a thesaurus or dictionary and use appropriate words. We don’t need to use words like that!

    Show some intelligence!

    • It’s as predictable as sun-up – some fucking panty waist can’t get their head around the message because they fall into shakes and trembles over the language. “Oh, please~! Can’t we express ourselves without recourse to such gutter speak?!”
      Fuck you. Anyone who gets their shit in a knot because they’re too fucking sensitive to handle the word fuck is an effete fuckwit whose concept of intellectual analysis stalls in cold weather or the slightest bit of rain.

  5. I do believe you have tripled down on stupid, if such a thing is possible. The idea of government employees, most of them as stupid as you,. making decisions concerning my health care makes me shiver.

    You should stay away from graphs. You’re apt to hurt yourself with them.

    • Speaking of idiots…Gunner Sykes, who has the idea that “government employee” = incompetent.
      Well, moron, in countries where health care is free…and where people outlive Americans…DOCTORS are government employees. And DOCTORS make the decisions about patient care. Where you live, you blithering, teabag imbecile, some profit motivated insurance bureaucrat decides what treatment you can and cannot have. Apparently you’re too muddled and ignorant to read the graph, so you dismiss the simple fact of what it shows: For over TWICE the money, you won’t live as long…and your doctor IS NOT the one making the decisions. Compare that to…oh, let me see…Canada, Britain, France, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela…where DOCTORS decide on treatment and it costs the patient NOTHING.
      Keep up the good thinking, there Gunner. You’re doing great. Idiot.

  6. you forgot Italy, Germany, Israel, Austria, Portugal, Denmark and Japan! They have nationalised healthcare (and a longer life expectancy than the U.S.) too!

  7. …and Italy!

    …and at Genvar- you’re so concerned about someone on his own blog swearing when Sarah Palin actually lies- says untruths- promotes fear based on lies. Who is more unintelligent, someone who uses a bit of colourful language to emphasise some logical points – the writer of this blog- or someone who willingly believes in lies- you.

    • I dunno…I can pretty fucking stupid. But I gotta grant your point…imbecilic cunts who can’t get past a bit of salty fucking language ought to have a frozen pipe jammed up their ass, a few gallons of hot honey pumped up inside and be mounted on an ant hill.

  8. The idea of government employees, most of them as stupid as you,. making decisions concerning my health care makes me shiver. -Gunner Sykes

    Well, genius. You better start shivering and keep shivering. Exactly who do you think is making those decisions right now? Those very same stupid Americans who would be “making decisions about my health care” in a public system are making those decisions today in private bureaucracies. Many of them can’t tell a thigh bone from a knee bone, yet they are making the calls regarding what your insurance will/won’t pay for. If you don’t have a problem with that now, you won’t have one under a public system.

    Are we to believe that if you moved the same worker from a private bureaucracy to a public one they instantly transform from skilled professionals looking out for your best interests into idiots who just want to make you suffer for no good reason? It seems you do.

    The only real difference is the motivation of their bosses. At private insurance companies, the goal is deny as much coverage as possible in order to maximize profit. That’s the BEST motive there is to give you shitty care. About the worst a public insurance system can do is mimic this, putting the squeeze on patients so the politicians don’t pay a political price if they have to raise taxes to pay for care.

    In either case, the system adjusts to reflect the desires of the owner. In a private system, the owners only care about profit, so screwing customers is the best way to ring out more money. In a public system, the owners are the clients, so the only people they will be screwing are themselves.

  9. Hey there…

    Are you done with the histrionic Palin-bashing, now that your buddy Krugman just copped to “death panels?”

    Or are you still seething with rage at the fact that not enough of your loser buddies could get up off their asses long enough to vote?


    • I look forward to watching the cadre of brainless liars elected by simpering uncaged rage monkeys now being forced to own up to the sheer stupidity that managed to get them elected.

      Nothing histrionic about bashing Palin. She’s the vapid gift that keeps on sucking.

    • have you even read this thread?

  10. I was getting worried about America and this whole Sarah Palin thing but with the comments I read here you have outed that simple minded fraud and knowledge is power

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